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Imagine a world where everyone is living the life they came to live. Imagine what your world would be like if you were expressing, creating, and contributing from your heart — from your full palette of gifts, passions and knowledge. This is possible when you align yourself with your soul.

Welcome! Who are you? What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Your skills, talents and interests are the key to the reason you are here! The information on these pages is designed to help you remember who you really are, and what you came here to experience and express. Let me help you identify your soul purpose with the tools and insights of new
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Not only do you have to be expressing your gift, but also it has to be going toward a purpose that you care about, that is beautiful to you. And no matter how much money you’re paid, you won’t be happy if you’re not doing that.
~ Charles Eisenstein


It is your soul intentions that lead to your evolution. Your soul intentions are your guidebook and your pathway. When you are attuned to your soul intentions, you will follow the trail that leads you to the environments and teachers that will enable you to fulfill those intentions.
~ Evolving Consciousness


Our command-and-control culture tells us that we are supposed to take charge of life and tell it who we are, what we need, and where we want to go. I’m not denying that we need to make decisions. But at age 76, it’s very clear to me that by following my life as one would follow a stream, rather than trying to drive it like a machine, I’ve been able to go places in life and work to which I never could have taken myself.
~ Parker J. Palmer


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