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Hello. I’m Gloria Constantin, and I’m the owner of this website. I’m a Human Design Specialist. I am also an astrologer, a regression facilitator, and a transformative coach.  I have been a student of the soul’s journey for most of my life.  My approach in our conversations (sessions) is as a life and spiritual counselor. For over 30 years, I have helped many to reconnect with their purpose. *

The Philosophy Behind My Practice

I believe that everyone has a unique dharma, and that your dharma is the sacred purpose for your life.  Each life is extremely intentional, and much time was put into its planning.  Your life is unique because it is specifically designed to meet your soul’s agenda, or the soul intentions for your life. 

Your uniqueness is also the result of your soul’s trajectory, or history.  As a result of that history, each life will have a specific plan because each life is designed to expand on the lives that came before. Fame, money, power, and status are intentionally woven into a life.  They are not accidental allocations of the Universe.  Having extensive visibility as a celebrity has its own dharma and karma, and we do not seek celebrity status for every life.  Each life we have different roles and assignments, and different contributions to make.  No life is more important than another, but it is essential to your well-being that you are living out your soul intentions, or purpose.

I Interweave Different Systems 

To help you discover your soul intentions, or the purpose of your life, I use the modalities of Human Design, Astrology, and 9 Star Ki. Each of these systems (and there are many more — the Enneagram, numerology, Myers-Briggs, to name a few), describe your temperament and yearnings. You can liken them to a costume that you wear that denotes your unique style, but none of these systems is your soul — they are maps and they are tools, and they also serve as a compass that help you identify your purpose by guiding you to that purpose.

You Are Your Core Consciousness 

At the end of life, we are not our Human Design type, our astrology, numerology, etc.  We are our Core Consciousness.  Your Soul is your Core Consciousness, and it anchors you to your purpose.  Each soul is very unique in its makeup; that is, in its frequency, history, needs, and talents, and that makes you very unique, even if you share the same human design type and birth date with others.  As a result, no two paths will be the same.  When we understand and make the best use of the systems we were born into, we are naturally reminded of our goals for our lives, and we are then able to best express what we came here to do. This is because these systems give us specific aptitudes, yearnings, and tools that compel us to live out our purpose.  This is why it’s important to get to know your Human Design, and why I offer sessions that include the insights of other systems as well – you can call these sessions HUMAN DESIGN DELUXE.

My Services Are Priced $100 – $200 Below Market

Why? My reasoning is simple:  I do this to make it easier for you to have a session. Many Human Design Readings do not include the insights of other systems. As a result, my readings are far more researched and comprehensive.

The Just Human Design service, for instance, is an exceptional bargain at $97.

Why have a Human Design session with me?  

  • Because I can help you with making the choices that are correct for you.
  • Because I can counsel you on how to live your most empowered life.
  • Because I will be your Soul’s Cheerleader.

My Human Design Services

A HUMAN DESIGN DELUXE reading is $197 for 90 minutes.  It includes time spent prior to your session for review of your Human Design chart, your natal astrology chart, and current transits and progressions to that chart; noting whether you are inside of a major life cycle shift (Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, Eclipse impacts, etc.), as well as reviewing your questions. Even if you are a seasoned student of astrology or a practitioner, my approach to interpreting your natal chart is not based on traditional Western astrology.  You will receive new insights and information.  Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment prior to purchase.  

Order a HUMAN DESIGN DELUXE reading:

I ALSO OFFER JUST HUMAN DESIGN SESSIONS for $97 for a 75-minute reading. This fee does not include looking at your natal astrology chart or transits and other astrological elements.  It does not include your 9 Star Ki personality or any other modalities. We will explore just your Human Design chart and any questions you have about what’s up for you.  

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment prior to purchase. 

Order a JUST HUMAN DESIGN reading:

COMBINATION READING: Gauquelin Astrology with Human Design (Gauquelin Design) is $267 for the ultimate Human Design package, Human Design Deluxe Plus. This is a two-hour session. This service includes ALL the components of a Human Design Deluxe reading plus Gauquelin Astrology.  Gauquelin Astrology and Human Design, a combination service not found anywhere else, offers new insights into the gifts you brought in to support your life purpose. When you look through the lens of Gauquelin astrology, it will be like seeing your natal astrology chart for the first time. Readings are done over the phone or Zoom, and are recorded. You will receive the audio file of your session.  

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment prior to purchase.  


YOUR SECOND SESSION IS $97. You must have had an Initial Session.  Can be booked any time after your first session.  There is no expiration date.

BOOK TWO OR MORE SESSIONS FOR A GREATER DISCOUNT!  Can be booked any time after your first session.  There is no expiration date.  Contact Me for how to make payment for two or more sessions.

I welcome all your questions. I personally have a lot of experience with navigating some very difficult places, places that I call the trenches. What are the trenches? They are extremely challenging life circumstances. Some examples of these are: death of a loved one – whether a person or a pet; betrayals by those you thought you could trust; loss of a job; loss of your home; divorce; hitting complete bottom financially; when you’re forced by circumstances to fly by the seat of your pants and you just don’t have the energy. You might even think this is the way things are going to be for the rest of your life, and you’ll never recover.

But it’s not true. This isn’t how your story ends. The truth is, no matter how deep the hole you find yourself in, you can get back out. The caveat is that you have to want to live, and that you believe your life is your most sacred birthright.  What you can accomplish in your life is limited only by how willing you are to stand up for it.

In order to believe in yourself again, it is important that you know your life is a gift. It has intention and purpose. In fact, it has many purposes which can be expressed and fulfilled in a variety of ways. I also believe that your most sacred purpose is the life you came to live. 

When you’re working your way through the trenches, it’s helpful to have a guide. It’s really helpful to have someone who believes in you, who doesn’t judge or blame you for the situation you find yourself in. I can be that guide.

Partner up with me for a conversation or a series of conversations. I will help you remember your spiritual warrior. You will be inspired to take a ferocious stand for your life! You’ll look forward to engaging your resilience and reclaiming your power.

I offer pre-session calls (as available) to answer your questions on my approach to readings and sessions.  You can then decide if you want  to work with me.  Please note that this conversation does not include answering questions about your Human Design chart or astrology. Send me an email with the subject heading, Pre-Session Call.  You can do this at Contact Me .

  • * My clients understand that a reading is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. My clients understand that a reading is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical, or other qualified health professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Me and we can arrange a session that is tailor-made just for you!

Are you in the wrong job?  Has life lost its luster?  Did the proverbial wrench come flying out of nowhere and completely upend your life?  Have you hit the end of the road and don’t know where to turn because you don’t know where you want to go or what you want to do?  I can help.

* Gloria is a Level IV Certified Human Design Specialist, the highest level. She is certified through Karen Curry Parker’s school. The fees for her sessions are intentionally below market.

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi

It is helpful to remember that the spectacle of life, with its theatrics and convoluted plot twists, is more about the journey than the individual scenes and associated pitfalls. This does not negate the disappointments and the occasional harshness of the life experience, but it can make life more bearable if the overall arc is considered as an all-encompassing whole. When challenging obstacles cross your path, remember that this is only one point in the arc of your life, and what is NOW is not necessarily what will be tomorrow. The arc of your life proves this. Embrace your journey and ignore the potholes. You may trip over a couple along the way, but keep moving forward. The relentless march of your life continues. Profound joy may be just ahead. ~ Michael channeled by Dave Gregg

All beings, including human beings, have an unquenchable desire to pour forth their gifts. That is why if you are in a situation where your gifts are not valued, not received, or not useful, you will want to leave that situation, that job or relationship. No matter how much you are being paid, no matter how scared you are to leave the relationship, you’re going to want to bust out and develop and express your capacity to give to the world in service of something you care about. ~Charles Eisenstein

Our direction in life is designed to take us where we receive support for the authentic expression of our self. ~ Evolving Consciousness

Our command-and-control culture tells us that we are supposed to take charge of life and tell it who we are, what we need, and where we want to go. I’m not denying that we need to make decisions. But at age 76, it’s very clear to me that by following my life as one would follow a stream, rather than trying to drive it like a machine, I’ve been able to go places in life and work to which I never could have taken myself. ~ Parker J. Palmer

It is useless to try to be something you are not. The Universe cannot be fooled. When you deny who you are, you are battling the Universe in its efforts to be authentic. ~ Evolving Consciousness

Taos, New Mexico