What do you need to have your life be like at this time?

Feel into what that would feel like.

Is it OK for you to be where you are right now?

It is important to honor what aligns with you and to follow what feels right. Even if it doesn’t inspire anyone! What is important is for you to honor your energy. Where you need to be right now is not where you will stay. The most critical thing for you is to be honest about what you need at this time, and what you need to let go of. It is really all right to let go of the pressure to make something happen. In fact, it is necessary. When we push and nothing changes, there is information here for you. What you are doing is not right for you at this time.

First things first: take the time to check in with yourself. Are you feeling emotionally and physically nourished? Are you feeling well rested?

It is paramount for you to stay in touch with the flow of your energy. When we push, we lose power. We lose physical power, and as well, we gradually lose our ability to discern what is correct for us. When we push, we are out of alignment with ourselves and what we need to sustain ourselves. When we push, we lose connection to our center and our self-awareness. In this state it is hard to tell if what we are doing is helping us get to where we want to go and giving us what we need. Worse case, we can start to feel afraid, and that we are losing our grip on life, on our ability to remain in control.

Sometimes it is time to just stop. To retreat, rest, and renew. When you no longer feel joy and excitement, when you are out of ideas or simply cannot get behind them, it is time to re-evaluate what you are doing and how you are doing it. Perhaps it is not so much that what you are doing is not correct for you, as it is a matter of timing, and the availability of your energy.

Only you know how long you need to be in retreat, and what will rejuvenate you. This does not mean that you stop paying your bills. Do what you must to keep yourself together and do not take on any more. Please do not pressure yourself to be amazing or believe that you must do something right now to turn things around, ignoring the fact that you have been spinning your wheels for some time.

Your right plan of action will reveal itself when your vitality is restored and available to you. Your ideas and creativity will flow again.

We must always be our own advocates and allies; we are the highest authority for what is true for us at any time. Only you know what it feels like to be you and what you need. Find the pace that works for you in any given moment. It will shift from time to time, and from project to project. Remember that how you do things and how fast you do them is unique to you, and is influenced by how your energy naturally flows. You are not supposed to look like anyone else’s success or keep up with anyone else.

Please honor how you do things, and how you need to do them. You have a rhythm that is unique to you. How your energy ebbs and flows is unique to you. It takes time and trial and error to truly know ourselves. Be patient with your process of discovering how you work and what works best for you. You will eventually find your personal rhythm of sustainability. You want to be in that flow, the one that is unique to you, because that is where you feel really good and where you are the most creative and productive. It is here that you are also at your most magnetic and radiant.

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