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When I was a very little girl, I would look in the mirror and think about the person I saw there. I had this core knowing that the reflection I saw wasn’t me in the sense that it truly captured all of who I was. As I looked into the mirror, I asked: who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? I would get very eerie sensations when I asked those questions – they made me uneasy, and a vast sense of timelessness would overwhelm my four-year-old self.  I eventually stopped visiting the mirror, but I never forgot my questions, nor did the driving need to have those answered go away.

Thus began my exploration of self and soul. The yearning I felt from very young to understand the essence of who we are led me to study The Michael Teachings, Gauquelin Astrology, hypnosis, Reiki, transformational coaching, reincarnation, shamanism, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives regression, and Human Design. I studied regression therapies with Dr. Linda Backman. Linda studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, author of the seminal books on Life Between Lives regression therapy. I am certified in Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, Transformative Coaching, Hypnosis and Human Design. I am a member of The International Between Lives Regression Network.

I grew up in the South Bronx, in New York City. This inner city environment, where so many lived at the edge of survival in the midst of violence, compelled me to seek out the ways in which we can push back despair and reclaim personal power. I was deeply moved by the extreme spectrum that pervades the experience of being human – why some lives are so difficult, and others so masterful. Over time, I became more and more informed by the connection between soul and body, and the capacity of consciousness to create how life is experienced.

In addition to applying the counseling tools I learned in transformation of identity, I use my intuitive gifts as well my understanding of human design, astrology, and the soul’s journey to help you identify your original soul intentions.  I have been doing readings and counseling sessions for 28 years.

Also: After graduating with a degree in English, I pursued additional studies and performance in opera and theatre between cameo appearances as a high school teacher. Then I went to the Denver Paralegal Institute and graduated with honors. Thereafter, I worked with lawyers as a paralegal for fifteen years, focusing primarily on corporate and securities law. My straight-up corporate work experience includes seven years as an investor relations specialist for a publicly traded company.

Current Caretaking Activities: Cat rescuer, City Shelter Volunteer, Board of Directors for a Non-Profit

Why have a session with Gloria?

No matter our level of professionalism, education or expertise, we all need someone who sees us. More importantly, we all need someone who has a life task of seeing and understanding others. That is my life task and spiritual mandate. Partner up with me and you will be able to see yourself more clearly, and reach a deeper understanding of who you are. Together, we can clarify your next step.

When you live a life that is in alignment with who you are and make decisions and choices that support that, you will attract what you need, and the trails that lead you to your right places, teachers, and opportunities will find you. You will be supported to live your most joyful life. When you live in alignment with your original intentions, you are truly on the way to fully expressing your dharma – the reason you are here – and you will be living from your essence.

Sessions are by phone or Skype. I will send you the link to the audio file of your recorded session.

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