At the still point of the turning world we are still,

Shooting threads of light, finer than rainbow gossamer,
diaphanous and delicate beyond measure,
yet stronger than this life we know–
by far.
And these threads are a matrix of interwoven endless

that breathe and move and dance,

twining themselves through and beyond
universes beyond our imaginings.

But there is so much more that we cannot begin to grasp.
There are worlds beyond our knowing.

There are mysteries
beyond our ability to experience.

And if we were to experience those mysteries,
we could not,
as we currently are,
grasp them.

It is important to live in the here and now,
in the moment.

For it is in the moment that infinity speaks,
and we hear our own god voices.

In the cracks and interstices of no past, no present,
and no future,

we come to know ourselves.

Coming into the zone of time, we then forget.

We are defined, described, prescribed and re-scribed as we
make our way through the palpable form of living days.

We breathe the dust.
We are the earth.

We lose our trust in things eternal
mesmerized into believing
this is what we are,
this is all that is.

Even so –
we are shaped and formed into palpable,
dimensional existence. And then,
waves and vectors sweep our way, casting us out, drawing us in.

Probabilities come and go.

The pending sometimes never arrives.

We are ordered from chaos,
made up in part by
soul age,
essence role,
and so on,
and so on.

Each of these bring us to our lessons; they give us our unique
perspectives and our talents.

These energies humble us, shake us up, and wake us up.
We can remember who we are because of them.


They are the props in our personal play.
They cast us in a special role;
one we’ve longed to play, one we’ve died again and again to play,
so that we could re-unite with our ultimate selves.

But they are only our lessons, our path for the now, and our glory for
and through

the Zone of Incarnation.

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At the risk of sounding like a complete heretic of the prevailing cultural paradigm (the one that says you aren’t somebody unless you look like this and have measurable status, money, and power and have achieved so much and so many laud you and confetti you with accolades and seek your mentorship and particular brand of wisdom and counsel and wish to step into your path, if not your shoes), let me share with you some of the observations and explorations I have made concerning life purpose – or – a life with purpose.

First and foremost, this is a place, a plane (dimensionally speaking) of limitation. L I M I T A T I O N. Because things are palpable here, and because actions have consequences, and choice always has results, the tendency for consciousness-in-a-body is to seek the most supportive ways of receiving positive recognition, safety and security. And because things are palpable here, it is easy to be seduced by the illusion that only palpable things matter. That is, what can be materially touched, tasted, felt, (and worn and displayed), is what matters, and what will save us.

Being physical can be wonderful if our physical needs are met – when we do not have to concern ourselves with having plenty of money, all the education we wish, the best place to live, the best job to have, the most compelling relationships and connections and vacations…it is most often when our needs are NOT met that we are thrown into a process of self-review and self-rebuke, wondering how it is that we do not yet have enough of any of these things to support us so that we can participate dynamically in the external world. And yet, it is this fork in the road, where we are by circumstances forced to pause, that leads to tremendous potential for inner wealth.

Some say the world is incontrovertibly made up of winners and losers. And if you’re a loser, well…make better choices next time, honey. (And if you want to get right down to it, why did you pick that weak body? Did you think you’d get more sympathy that way, or maybe just get out of some of the really hard work the rest of us have had to put in to get where we are, or WHAT?) What WERE you thinking? Well, good luck to you. Or better luck next time, but I have a life to live, a yacht to sail, and some VIPs to gladhand. Well, have a good one. Get some beauty rest or treatments. Or something!

Wait a minute. Are you saying that I have to earn my worthiness or right to be here, and that the only way to do this is to go to the same schools, wear the same clothes, frame the same diplomas, and have exquisite cash flow? Are you saying that if I don’t have the same physical prowess or constitution or material support that I might as well leave now and hope for a better start later?

If this is the truth that many are working with, then perhaps that is their personal truth. But it is not mine. I have a different take on things. The life I have lived veers from the mainstream because my life task and soul agenda have led me on an exploration of a lesser traveled path, yet I am far from alone in this.

Everyone has limitations. These may be material, these may be the expectations of others, and these may be pronounced pressure from family and other influential beings to carve out a certain life. It is just that the limitations differ, and they can differ so vastly as to create confusion and cause real angst-driven issues of viability, survivability, and worthiness so that we are compelled to either stand up or fall down.

What is apparent via the givenness of things is not necessarily what is. What is – is your experience of life. How you live it, what you make of it. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. And how you interpret your life and the actions you take as a result, are the gifts, the insights and the meanings that you make for yourself and for others.

While we are connected, we are also diverse. We are none of us the same. We are deeply unique and individual as souls, and what we have to offer is unique. Not everyone came here to get an MBA or PhD or become an Olympian athlete. Not everyone came here to invest in real estate or to facilitate corporate mergers or lead tours in Europe. Not everyone can sing opera. Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone expresses fluently. Not everyone gets, or seeks, attention. Some of are gardeners. Some of us save cats. Some of us just live quiet lives and lend a hand when we can. But all of us are invited – no, compelled – to engage the journey of our soul. Some of us will take that to places far and astonishing and deep. And the treasures that we find there are the treasures that will leave an indelible marker for all.

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Heaven will let me know!

Heaven will let me know!

I lived with this question for years, but I didn’t know I was actually asking it. Later, in my studies of transformational tools and principles, I was told that “Something unique wants to express itself through you – something that only you can give birth to.”  I thought this was, at best, a nice sentiment. It was very egalitarian as it left no one out, and it even made everyone special.  But I had also heard the phrase often enough, expressed somewhat less loftily: You are special. There is no one like you. By the time I heard it again I was already seriously inured to it, and perhaps even a bit cynical.  Of course we’re unique, but who isn’t? And that’s where, for me, the whole concept of personal uniqueness distilled itself down into not having any significant meaning.

So, for quite a while I succumbed to the enervating perception that uniqueness in and of itself is not unique, that it contributes nothing. Since we are all uniquely distinguished from each other, what’s the big deal? You’re tall; I’m short. You’re muscular; I lack definition. You have red hair; I have black hair. Your eyes are green, and mine are brown. You excel in tennis, but I can sing. You’re great at math and I write more clearly than you. What’s to get excited about? Now, if you’re handy, I’m feeling some excitement. But I digress.

At some point it occurred to me that I was focused in the wrong direction, or rather, on the wrong concept, and that I was being rather obstinately myopic about that concept.  I decided to challenge my habitual perception of uniqueness as being no better than just another pretty face by advocating against my original stance that uniqueness is a boringly common attribute with no benefits.  In a departure from my earlier pronounced state of jadedness, I asked: What exactly is it that is unique to each of us? In no time, a realization asserted itself with incontrovertible clarity: It is our inner uniqueness that identifies our soul’s longing and leads us to our soul’s purpose. The longings that are unique and specific to us show us what paths we should be taking, and who we can become. So what makes us unique? What makes us who are we?

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV. 4.5 tells us that it is our deep, driving desire.

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

This is the beginning of knowing your soul’s purpose: identifying your deeper truths via your deep desires, and opening to them.  Therein lies our uniqueness, and our destiny. In our desires.  In what we are passionate about. What comes of following our desires? Everything.  When our actions are based in authentically following our very own unique deep desires, we will be naturally compelled to seek out those things that are appropriate for us. And there is an additional boon in that what is appropriate for us also nourishes us. Likewise, when we are are acting from our unique desires, we will attract what we need.  But the best thing of all is – by following our soul’s longing, we will inevitably express our soul’s purpose, and become who we are meant to be.

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Father Mother God, Creator of all beings

Unparalleled Lover from Whom emanates boundless capacity for love,

for eternal care;

from Whom issues all balms to soothe and heal all wounds,

Who has known and suffered through us and with us all wounds that are possible –

that have ever been –

and Who has received these many hurts into His-Her Heart, speaking peace to them

holding them

caressing them

acknowledging them

accepting them

feeling their pain with them

suffering the deepest of nameless agonies with them.

Father Mother God, Creator of all beings, release us to our deeper truths, and to our highest, most majestic expression of all that is good, and right, and beautiful.

In the name of Father Mother God, we pray that all that is wounded is healed, now and forever.


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lonely shore

No matter how much we live our lives with integrity, we are going to take hits. No matter how self-actualized we are, and how many tools we have to get us back to center, we still need to slog through pain from time to time. It’s part of life here. We can’t avoid it. So I’ve put together a process for navigating pain. I hope you find it helpful.

* * * * * * *

While we understand that our access to power and transformation comes from truly loving ourselves and having healthy boundaries, taking a stand for our right to exist and to co-create with all of life will not in and of itself eliminate life’s painful experiences, or quickly sweep away the pain that we must then process, as a result. Here are some suggestions for getting through the intense emotional pain that will, from time to time, invite itself into our lives for an often undetermined stay:

• Stand before the pain; see it and feel it without resistance and create a container that is deeper and wider than the pain itself so that you encompass it. From here, embrace it, pulling it deeply into yourself. Allow yourself to fully experience the pain.

• Acknowledge the pain as an entity separate from yourself which also has a vital, energetic existence with its own purpose and its own evolutionary process.

• Do not judge the pain; have compassion for it, if you can. If you can, express love to it.

• Do not judge yourself for having the experience of deep, and seemingly endless, pain.

• Understand that pain has a purpose higher than itself, and than your self.

• Expect a breakthrough of insights as a result of allowing intimacy with the pain.

• Believe that Divine Grace is a big enough container to hold all of you and your pain.

• Open to the creative possibilities that can be generated from deep disappointment.

• Believe that life is on your side; that you are loved by all of creation; from here, begin to gently anchor yourself into a sense of a bright and happy future.

You are encouraged to develop

• a self big enough to contain the pain; try stretching your personal energy body (field) to the parameters of the room you’re in, and even outside into the world as much as you are comfortable. Your field will stretch as far as you command it to. There are no limits here.

• a profound connection to the Source Mother/Father/God that birthed you; you can begin with prayer. Talk to God/ Tao/ Highest Source. Open the line of communication with audible conversation. This is easier than quieting the mind.

• a sense of your own Divinity.

• a sense of how expansive and big you really are inside the context of your past, present and future.

• a deeper connection to all of life.

• your unique place in the web of life.

• a deepening sense of the fragility, tenderness, and profound beauty of life.

• a connection to the remarkable capacity of life to remake itself, and to transform any experience into something more/ higher.

• a capacity to see pain as the spice among the many ingredients of which the delicious soup of your life is made.

• your capacity to see the fruits that can be harvested from the pain.

• the skills and capacities that will keep your life aligned with your North Star (that is, your highest, overarching intention for love and service).

• the capacity to be still, and to be silent.

* * * * * * *

It is also important to talk to your trusted friends. They see you and love you, and they will witness your pain with you.

You might consider engaging a professional counselor, therapist or coach.

Know that devas, elementals and spirit guides are available to you; they are energy masters and can transmute energy. Give them permission to assist your transmutation with their particular expertise. You can talk out loud to them, letting them know you appreciate them. Tell them of your troubles, and ask them to help you, using their unique resources. From here, listen to your intuition, and watch for signs and messages. These come from everywhere, and from unexpected sources.

Soul retrieval can return those pieces of you that have fragmented off or been stolen. If you do not know how to journey, a Shaman can do this for you. In fact, I recommend this.

Energy work (chi gong, Reiki, massage, etc.) can break the stagnation of stuck energy; movement and flow will restore happiness.

Focus on deliberately creating happy experiences – spending time with those who see you and love you; doing things that bring you joy, such as your personal forms of creative expression, your fun activities, and your service to others.

Repeat to yourself this healing HO’OPONOPONO mantra:

I’m sorry, [your name] Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you


I’m sorry, [the name of another person, others, or situation] Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

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