The Human Design Projector: Guides and Directors

Projectors are non-energy types. Projectors have power (knowledge, skills, expertise) but no energy.  As a non-energy type, their Sacral Center is undefined, and they do not have a motor to the throat.  This means that accessing energy can be a real challenge for Projectors, and when they are not living their strategy, they can quickly burn out their bodies and their emotions.

Projectors comprise about 20% of the population. Projectors have innate wisdom about what others need and they have an innate impulse to use this wisdom to make the world a better place to alleviate pain and suffering.  Projectors are designed to guide and direct energy, especially Generator energy. Their life purpose is to guide others.

Because a Projector has no motor to the Throat and no Sacral, they will struggle with being heard and recognized, and as well with getting things started. Projectors can address a crowd and talk up a storm but if no one asked them to talk, they run the risk of either not being heard, having their ideas stolen, or inadvertently insulting or criticizing the people around them.

A Projector who initiates conversations may be misunderstood or ignored. A lifetime of this kind of reaction from others can damage self-esteem or make a Projector seem bitter. It seems counterintuitive as most of us are raised to speak up, be bold and “just do it” but truly, for the Projector, this is just not natural or easy. However, a Projector who waits to be asked, recognized or invited has an enormous amount of wisdom to share with the world. A Projector is here to be wise about energy, particularly work force and life force energy.

Projector energy is not sustainable.  As a result, they are often thought of as lazy. A regular Monday through Friday, eight-to-five job is exhausting for a Projector and most Projectors, when faced with only those work options will eventually feel deeply bitter. At the same time, because they take in Sacral energy and amplify it, they can be super-generators for a time.  Projectors are often out of touch with knowing when enough is enough! Because working hard and putting in long hours every day don’t work for the Projector, learning how to leverage their energy is important.  Unlike Generators, they cannot be “on” all the time. Because the open Sacral takes in work force energy and amplifies it, Projectors can work intensively for a short period of time, but not for a long period of time.  The open Sacral is not here to work in the traditional way.  The open Sacral types are not here to work sustainably. They cannot maintain the traditional work schedule forever.  Projectors usually burn out completely at 40 if they are minding a corporate schedule.

Therefore, the Projector’s way of creating has to be very intentional. One of the keys to sustaining your energy as a Projector is to leverage knowledge by mastering a system, i.e., become a specialist. You will benefit by having specific tools through which you offer guidance and direction.  As a Projector, you also need time alone and lots of breaks. After being around others, it is important for you discharge that energy and get back into your own auric field.

For tips on how to preserve and revitalize your Projector energy, go here. Tips on Preserving and Revitalizing your Projector Energy

The Projector strategy is to wait to be invited, but they can also invite others.  An invitation for a projector is going to be about big life events.  The big events are: job/ career, romance/ marriage, where to move to, and where to live.  These must come by invitation. When those invitations come, it’s almost as if time slows down.  The invitation seems to ripple through the time-space continuum.  The invitation will be clearly recognizable as an invitation.  However — just because you are invited doesn’t mean that you have to be grateful and say yes. It’s essential that it’s the right invitation, that the invitation feels delicious — because if it’s not, the invitation won’t work for you.

Timing between the invitations can take a long while. Society tells Projectors they can’t just sit there and wait. They have to go out and go for it.  But Projectors have no energy to the Throat, so they can’t initiate. And they will not be heard if they offer their insights before they’re asked. They cannot artificially stimulate an invitation. That is why you struggle.  You have no sacral energy.  There’s nothing for you to respond with and nothing for others to respond to in you.  Before you despair, keep in mind that you as a Projector are not here for everyone. You might know how to help everyone, but  you are here only for a specific group of people.  They will recognize you and invite you into sharing your wisdom with them.  Your people will recognize you by your aura.  That is how the Projector gets invited to the big things.  But you have to wait.  While you’re waiting, follow your bliss.  Study what intrigues you. You are adding knowledge to your toolbox and getting ready for your next invitation.

The not-self emotional theme for the Projector is bitterness. Bitterness is very repulsive energy.  Nothing pushes an invitation away faster than bitterness. It’s not a Projector world. Projectors cannot manifest their destiny.  A Projector cannot just go do it.  They must wait to offer their wisdom to those who ask for it.  Otherwise, they will not be heard and they will be rejected. In the short run Projectors can work very, very hard with few results.  While you’re waiting for the invitation, focus on your gifts, not your problems. Focus on what you are grateful for.

The Projector Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction.  Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others. The Projector aura is penetrating and focused. It is the Projector’s specific gift to be able to recognize the other. Their aura penetrates the G-center of the other, and that is how the Projector is able to read others. Because of this deep and focused penetrating ability, the Projector is also vulnerable to being conditioned by the other.

Projectors and sleep. Projectors have to go to bed and lie down before they’re tired.  This is because of the nature of how your energy works; you need time to discharge the energy you’ve picked up during the day.  You have to lie down to do this.  If you wait to go to bed until you’re exhausted, you will not sleep well.  Sleep alone if you can.  Or with another Projector or Manifestor, provided you don’t create a defined sacral center in your composite chart.

Projector key words:  • Intuition • Guidance • Wisdom • Insight • Healing

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39 Responses to The Human Design Projector: Guides and Directors

  1. Marie says:

    Sometimes, being a Projector feels like a punishment 🙁

    • gloria says:

      I hear you, Marie. It’s not an easy road — it’s not a Projector world. You made the choice to be a Projector because you wanted the sensitivities and insights that are unique to Projectors. You wanted to be a Guide in the way that you are uniquely designed to guide. You wanted the challenges as well, so that you could test your personal resources and grow your spiritual muscle.

      There’s no question that if you accept what it will take to develop depth and resilience, you will become a powerful Projector who will carry out what she came here to do — with fierce determination in the face of fear, grief, not knowing what’s ahead, and not always knowing what to do, or how to do it. Wait for the invitation, wait for the recognition, wait for the inspiration, and in the meantime, pursue what calls you. Follow your heart and stay out of your head!

  2. Ana says:

    Not being heard is so painful, when there is so much wisdom to share. Those who are not Projectors simply can’t get Projectors, no matter how hard you try to make them understand.

    On top of being a projector, I am Server (5/2/3) with an Artisan ET and a Sage task companion. It really has been a very trying lifetime.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Ana. There is a method and a strategy for the precious Projector to be heard. It is so very important to wait to be asked to share your wisdom. The most insightful and healing advice will not be heard when it is not asked for. You will be asked to share what you have to offer when you are seen and recognized. The best way to be recognized is to allow your aura to speak for you. Your aura needs no words to be felt. Projectors naturally have penetrating auras that are felt by the other. If you are the right Projector for them, that is, if you have the information and guidance they are specifically seeking, you will be asked for it. Projectors are not here to guide everyone. Each Projector is uniquely endowed with their own special gifts, and these gifts will be called on by those they are meant to guide. Be patient with the process of waiting for the right invitation to share. Your pearls of wisdom will be sought after by your tribe. How will your tribe find you? Go out there, and be seen. As you are an expressive Projector, you will be seen that much more easily.

      Warm regards,

      • Renate (Koko) says:

        I just recently came in contact with human design. I am a 5/1 Projector and what I am reading is making sense. In response to feeling the frustration of not being heard in my knowledge, l like to say, that I have shifted in an understanding where I started to realise that I don’t have to give advise to those that don’t want te know. It means for them, that they are not ready and for me, that I have save my energy, I so readily would have drained into the ones that are not ready to hear.
        4 moths ago I read somewhere; for those with ears, hear. For those with eyes, see. Just like that. Those that are ready, will present themselves to me. My life is easier, I am no longer frustrated and feel blessed to carry knowledge that is not mine, which I am here to share.
        To read yesterday about human design, to find what type I am, resonated to my core. It is like coming home..

    • Goda Lemnickyte says:

      I am an emotional projector (6/2). I’m almost an 18 year old. I will be finishing school soon and I will need to get a job for the summer, I don’t know what to do now should I wait for an invitation to get a job or should I just give out my CV.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Goda. Thanks for commenting.

        I would go ahead and apply to jobs that you are suitable for you/ that you can do reasonably well AND that are looking to hire. Many Projectors find their jobs through advertised job openings as opposed to invitations which are specific to them. Since this is just a short-term summer job, I would not get too contemplative about whether or not the job is perfect for you.

      • Copperpot says:

        Hi Perhaps, Intern to be a agent for the movie stars, there hiring. It be a fun job, good cash, and allow you to become an expert in who’s who and who fits best with what project and people! Live The Good Life!

  3. Solnce says:

    Hello and thank you for this article!

    I am struggling right now with kind of beating myself up for being “lazy”.
    I am having such a hard time getting off the couch. It’s been a couple of months. Prior to that I was very active. It comes in waves. I feel guilty as people that I admire are always active and getting things done. How can I understand myself better and get going?
    I really appreciate any response. Thank you.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Solnce. Thank you for your comment. There’s a reason (or reasons) you find yourself on the couch at this time. The primary one, regardless of the circumstances that got you on the couch, is likely that you are preserving and rebuilding your energy. Projectors are notorious for over-extending themselves because of their ability to take energy into their Sacral and amplify it. It will keep you going for a time, but the crash is always inevitable. Projectors need regular down time — continuous interface with a job or with people is draining because the energy to sustain those connections is not available 24/7. You might also have emotional authority – I can’t tell without seeing your design, but if you do, emotional authority will also put you on an energetic roller coaster. Emotions that ride high and low waves are exhausting. If you are open emotionally, then it’s easy to take in other people’s emotions and accompanying debris and become exhausted from that. There is also imprinting in which we learn to behave in certain ways that actually undermine our natural way of being. That is exhausting. And not being in the right job, or being heard, or being seen, or being understood are all exhausting. And if you don’t have a support system of at least one other person that believes in you and sees you, being alone in the world is exhausting. Perhaps you got laid off or perhaps you don’t work in the conventional work world. Any way you look at it, being a Projector in a Generator world is very difficult and requires knowing what you need and then being true to that. Ultimately, you need to learn to leverage, or work with your personal cycles of energy. Let me know if I can help you with a session.

      Warm regards,

  4. Shay says:

    Omg! Reading this has literally brought tears to my eyes. On top of being a Projector, I’m a highly sensitive person, an I/ENFJ (I’m equally an E and I LOL) and I take on other’s emotions.

    I feel like no one gets me. I feel like I think differently and I see things so differently than others. After I spend a day with people (and taking on their energy) it’s like I have a hangover and need to do nothing.

    Thank you for sharing this information and for making me feel “normal” especially when I’m so different than others around me.

    Total side note: My husband is a Generator and both of our kids are Manifestors.

    • Jasmine says:

      I see the way you are responding so lovingly to everyone’s comments. Similar to Shay, when I read more about the projector yesterday I had tears in my eyes. Like I felt truly seen! Thank you for all the guidance you are giving to everyone here. I feel your heart.

    • Amira says:

      God love you, Honey! It must be quite an experience dealing with two manifestor children! Keep the faith 🙂

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi, Thank you for this post. I find it very interesting. I’m a projector too, and new to the subject. I’ve been reading multiple articles about this today, and find myself resonating a lot with this one.

    I must admit, I’m confused by this; “They must wait to offer their wisdom to those who ask for it. Otherwise, they will not be heard and they will be rejected.”

    I’m wondering how far the above statement goes.

    For example, I’m considering blogging about things I’m interested in, personally. But after reading about this I feel hesitant. Do I have to be invited to share my thoughts online..? If I choose to write an article about something I’m passionate about, will the article be rejected/ignored or misunderstood because no one invited my insight about the topic? Or is it enough, that, what I choose to write or speak about comes from my heart?

    And, how do I recognize a true invitation? Different people have asked me, “Why don’t you write books about your life” Can I consider that an invitation?

  6. gloria says:

    Hello, Amanda. Welcome, and thank you for your comment.

    Projectors need to be asked for their opinions/insights/wisdom. This is not as restrictive as it sounds. If you are a student in the classroom, if you are a director on a board, if you are a teacher of students, if you are in public where there is an event and everyone is invited to share their opinion at the podium, you as a Projector already have an invitation to speak. The energy has been made available to you. Without the invitation, whether general or specific to you, the Projector has no energy to communicate her ideas. The invitation may not be to you personally, but you have been included/ recognized as part of a group where certain dynamics have been established for interaction and exchange. You will be heard in all of these situations, and all other situations that are similar.

    If you are not part of a group and attempt to offer your insights, they will likely be rejected. Or, if you are not directly rejected, what you have to say will not be taken in. It will not be heard. It will be as if you are not present and never said a word. When a Projector is personally recognized and asked to share their contributions, the impact of that contribution is directly proportional to the profundity and relevance of the Projector’s offering. When a Projector is invited to share her insights, she has been given the energy for manifestation.

    Once you are part of a group setting, as in a classroom, or some type of gathering where people have come together over a common agenda, you do not need an invitation to speak. You may continue to engage without any more invitations. A Projector only needs to be recognized and invited once. However, it is always a good thing to indicate that you have something to say and wait to be recognized before you speak because that is the most natural flow of the energy for the Projector.

    Regarding blogging, writing a book, and other creative pursuits, including academic studies, various explorations, traveling, and generally checking things out — Projectors do not need an invitation to follow their personal bliss and what calls to them. It is actually really important for a Projector to follow her bliss and the call of her talents and interests and to develop them deeply because when the big invitation comes, she will have reached a level of mastery in her unique areas of expertise. She will be that much more valuable.

    Even though your work will ultimately be shared with others, you do not need an invitation to express and develop who you are. It is critical that you do develop who you are. When you put your work out in public, you can simply allow others find that work, but you can also invite others to come and take a look at what you have to offer. The difference is you are not giving advice that has not been asked for. You are stating that you have materials available that focus on your work and your wisdom, and if others are interested, this is where they can go to view it.

    I would consider it an invitation if someone suggests that you take a certain action. Whether or not the invitation resonates for you is another matter. Projectors need only consider invitations that are specific to who they are. Just because an invitation has been given it does not mean that you accept it. It must recognize your specific design — that is, talents, interests, abilities. And it must feel right to you. It must feel delicious to you. You are not under an obligation, in other words, to accept an invitation that is not right for you.

    The significant invitations for Projectors really have to do with those invitations that, if accepted, will be life-changing, such as a major move across the country/ to another country, a wedding proposal, new employment situations, and participation in activities that will force a re-prioritization of your current routine and available energy. And Projectors would do well to wait for invitations for major life events so that the energy flows naturally. However, this does not mean that if you want to move to a particular location and have no invitation to do so that you cannot go there and experience it. Spending a little time in a place or organization that you want to be part of just might get you the invitation you need — straight from someone local. The best way for a Projector to get the invitation she seeks is to get out there and be seen. You don’t have to say anything because the Projector aura is so compelling and powerful that if you show up, eventually someone comes over and invites you to make yourself known.

  7. Marie Thompson says:

    Thank you for this item. My Mum was an Energy Projector, My Dad was a Mental Projector and I’m a Self Projected Projector. Both passed over 28 years ago. So deeply conditioned to work and be the Not Self. And as I learnt about my Projector Self my healing truly began with my parents and the love…wow the love is different. They both really suffered as Projectors in this world and I’m grateful to the Human Design knowledge and Ra. And that I can say this. I’m so wowed out that I had Projector Parents and I feel amazed as these types of Projectors are so amazing especially when they’re in their own Truth and Aroha for my Parents, especially Dad who experienced extreme Bitterness!!! It punched a huge hole in his world and he never gained his breath again. But nonetheless I feel special to have had two Projector parents. But that’s my story and I know others have their stories (might not be so easy to share).

    One thing that strikes me about this guidance as with all the guidance from Human Design for Projectors, is that it really focuses on what is the very truth for and about Projectors. I’m in my 2nd year of the experiment and experimenting with my PHS. And yes I’m really different, in look and feel from 2 years ago. The guidance isn’t as surmountable as the life I lived before the experiment. Yes I’ve got a habit still of not waiting, but it’s getting better as days go by, as I keep recollecting on my S & A and the deconditioning process with my PHS. The guidance for Projectors doesn’t garner guilt or judgement. It doesn’t expect me to climb the mountain and spend all my time pushing for something that for me as a Projector would be unattainable – a motor. However it’s a Generators World and as I keep reading the same wisdom and guidance for the Projector, the more I find myself surrendering to the Projector S & A as I experiment, not just to avoid bitterness, but to also to avoid being swept up in the addiction to Manifest. Dealing with this at present as I decondition.

    I love that all I need do is learn and master a system. Let my Aura do the talking. Don’t panic. Have faith. And best of all – Focus on my gifts and not my problems.
    My best and continued learning is gratitude – and done very softly and lovingly.
    I don’t have to stretch myself to have relationships with the old Seven Centered belief systems, that for me as a Projector was just simply Hell and drove me crazy.
    I’m discovering new relationships and ways of relating. And I acknowledge I have my moments of being a Projector on this planet! And I’ve complained to the Universe about being a light weight in this very dense world. The Education has helped big time. I loved the LYD and the RAVE ABC, I look forward to completing the 3rd foundation course later this year and reading everything I can about Projectors and the Other. Best thing I ever did, coming into the Human Design…Warmth and best to you my fellow Projectors.

  8. Heidi Pendergast says:

    Hello, thank you for the article, very helpful. I am a 5/1 splenic projector. I have been trying to create a traveling puppet theatre for a number of years. I can only work on it for short bursts because of the energy thing. The puppets and performing with them are what I think and dream about all the time. I feel I have a gift for this kind of theatre.

    A little back-story…2 years ago I asked for help in my life in a big way. I was stuck. I knew some of the projector stuff. I felt if I didn’t ask for help I would be stuck for years, unable to help myself. I went to therapy. The therapist sent me to Bureau of Vocational Rehab where I was recognized as being severely disabled due to depression and fatigue…they offered to help me out and asked what I wanted to do (for work) I already knew I wanted to train in TRE, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (I had actually already started but couldn’t afford to finish) so, that was what I submitted! They agreed to pay for the completion of my certification! Bam! Very very exciting. Soon after this BVR invited me to submit a business proposal to see if I could get monies from Ohioans with Disabilities for the startup of my business. It was actually too soon, as they were pushing for me to write this proposal before I even finished my TRE certification. I expressed my feelings of overwhelm and asked if I could wait a while longer before I started it. They said yes (right timing I think!) so, as I finished my training in TRE my resilience increased tremendously, I was able to handle more of everything before becoming overwhelmed. This summer I even came out of a high functioning freeze response I believe I have been in since a terrifying childhood ER experience. The depression abated and fatigue certainly decreased. This fall, almost a year after completing my certification I began writing the 50 page business plan, scary at first but unbelievably, I finished it! I am so proud of myself for waiting for the right timing and for finishing this.

    I feel like a grad student who just finished their dissertation. I don’t feel attached to getting the monies, although it will be incredible to have the equipment, computer, advertising expenses and many other things. As of today’s date the proposal has been submitted to the appropriate agencies for review. I will likely know in the next month about funding. I have accomplished so much just asking for help. So, my question is would that be any different with my creative work. I have literally been trying to manifest this puppet theatre for like 10 years…I am persistent, patient and passionate! And, at the same time I would like to complete the theatre (which is fairly close to being finished) and 3-4 puppets and begin performing. Here is the amazing thing…I am already being asked and invited to perform and I haven’t even finished the theate or the puppets! This excites me to no end, of course! I get stopped in my creative process for many different reasons and am thinking that if I somehow worked with other artists (reaching out and asking for help from designers, sketch artists, sculptors, builders…instead of trying to do ALL aspects myself) could I possibly see results in my artistic life as I have in these other areas of my life? Any feedback would be great!? I am assuming I would only approach those who recognize me?!

    Thank you so much,

  9. gloria says:

    Dear Heidi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story here. You have tremendous courage coupled with an acute and uncompromising awareness of your vulnerability. Beyond that, you have a willingness to share that vulnerability with others. This is actually an indication of both humility and power. The humility comes from your lack of pretentiousness about your life situation and your process in navigating it, and the power comes from your surrender to your circumstances, and your willingness to work with them.

    How wise of you to ask others for help. You have also shown wisdom in asking for help from the right people and organizations. Your instincts have guided you well. It appears you are also able to work through fear very effectively.

    The puppet theater project has been with you consistently. This is an enterprise that seeks completion, and you are right to ask for help. We are all project pals for one thing or another — different pals for different projects — and you are right to not go it alone. There is nothing energetically wrong with you striking up conversations with other artists in your related field, as you share interests in common. It is easiest to have these conversations inside of a setting where others with your interests are gathered. It is natural in these settings to approach others and talk about your shared interests and projects. From that, you can see if it would be appropriate to ask someone to join you in your efforts or give you advice. These settings can be formal or informal. You will recognize when the flow of energy is available for you to approach someone. By the same token, your splenic center will let you know when you are forcing the issue.

    I wish you the best as you fulfill your mission.

    • Heidi Pendergast says:

      Hi Gloria I am just now seeing your response! Thank you so much! I look forward to talking and sharing with others per your suggestion.
      Kindly, Heidi

  10. Noreen says:

    Thanks for this great article, and the interesting comments.
    I’m a 3/5 Emotional Authority Projector.

    Since Ra first got the download on this information, and the ensuing categorization of it by himself and those who refined it, we now know there are so many variations to the different types- especially for Projectors.

    I notice in general Projectors tend to be “conservative” in how they use their energy, as its probably a necessary survival tactic. For generators, they can gamble on certain times that their sacral will energetically protect them, even when the odds are not that good. But even for them, pushing the envelope isn’t always a smart strategy.

    I am intrigued by Projectors who are past 40 yrs old, and still work full time, have families, projects, etc- and have been doing so for decades. I know a few of these. They never complain of lack of energy, or about anything at all really. I wonder if they have great genes, or will someday collapse out of the blue.

    One of these women is now pushing 60 yrs in a few years; she still has the same job she got in her 20’s (a county dispatch job), and raised 2 children on her own (with child support from her ex’s, but one of them is under age, and still in her custody). She seems to still be operating fine. I don’t know her that well since its my good friend’s sister, but I never heard from my friend that her sister, the non stop Projector- is breaking down in any shape or form. In fact, she is more on the go and productive than my friend the Generator. And this has been the case for at least 3 decades for this friend’s sister I know.

    another Projector I know at age 49 yrs old has been at her job full time at a known warehouse store chain for a couple decades now. She is also not only a mother, but a young grandmother (she first became a grandmother at 38 yrs old). A real working family type… just saying again, the whole lifestyle of these Projectors are more like Generators or Manifesting Generators. No major health issues, breakdowns, nothing.

    anyone know of such Projectors?

    but other Projectors seem to follow the typical life course of what is likely for them- finding the right jobs that are not too taxing, not expending themselves too much, etc. A lively and good life can be achieved, but seems like the set up is just a bit more tricky to work with.

  11. gloria says:

    Hello, Noreen. Thank you so much for posting, and for posting on such a provocative topic.

    If you know how a Projector is designed, and you know individual Projectors, you will inevitably run into the anomalous Projector who absolutely defies the expected energetic limits of the Projector.

    The stereotype is that Projectors are going to run out of gas by the time they’re 35 IF they’re working against type. However, as you have observed, Noreen, we do occasionally see a Projector who operates more like a Manifesting Generator or Generator.

    What’s up with THAT?

    Two of your examples noted that in each case, the Projector has been at her current job for two to possibly four decades. I want to point out that we have to assume that these jobs are in alignment with the energy limitations of each Projector. By in alignment, I mean that whatever the particular duties are, they are not draining either of these women. Some kind of dynamic has been established between each Projector and the demands of her job such that she has been able to carry on for such a long time.

    I also want to point out that the longer you have the same job, the more you become a master of that job. You have a routine and you know exactly how to handle the processes and to maximize efficiencies for all them. It is much easier to stay with a job that works for you than find yourself having to switch jobs every few years. Acclimating to new duties, new expectations, bosses and co-workers takes a lot of energy.

    With any of us, regardless of energy Type, what’s most important is that we enjoy the work that we’re doing for a living. It may not be the highest expression of our soul, but beyond that, if we find sufficient satisfaction in our work, we will not suffer an energy drain in the same way as if we are in the completely wrong job and feel like we’re pushing boulders uphill all day long, only to have them come crashing back down.

    Finding satisfaction requires that our work is meaningful, that we feel as though we’re making a contribution, and that our contribution is actually appreciated, and we ourselves can see the positive results of our labors. This depth of satisfaction will go a long way towards sustaining the energy of the Projector.

    Now, when a Projector is actually doing work that she absolutely loves, that she is absolutely designed for (and I’m talking about more than the bodygraph, I’m talking about satisfying the needs of the soul), then she will find that the energy she needs to keep going is available to her, even when human design says we should have hit a wall.

    At the purely physical level, there are limitations. However, as I noted, when soul satisfaction is brought into anything we do, the energy is there to make things happen. It is also true that Projectors vary in their health. And I’m talking about more than genes. I’m referring to health that can be managed by paying attention to basic things — eating foods that are right for you, exercising in the way that is right for you, and emotional health as well. Having people in your life that value you and see you for who you are, and are supportive, will go a long way to sustaining the energy of the Projector. If, however, the Projector is involved in contentious personal relationships, or is not appreciated at her job (boss is unkind, co-workers are unkind), then the energy drain will be deep and rapid.

    It is also true that some Projectors are born stronger. It’s the way of inheritance, what you come in with.

    It is really important for Projectors to surround themselves with people and circumstances that make them feel appreciated and valuable. That means eliminating, as much as possible, unnecessary stress. It may take time to do this, but it can be done.

    There are other factors that contribute to raising energy in a Projector — if they have a dharma that will involve long hours and complex work, then their soul will get behind it, and they will find the energy to accomplish what they came here to do.

    Overall, however, it is very helpful for Projectors to know their type so that they are more conscious of paying attention to fatigue, and not just brush it off as laziness or something they can get over with just a good night’s sleep. That can lead to cumulative fatigue, even chronic fatigue.

    The bottom line is if you’re truly happy with what you’re doing with your life you will have access to the energy you need.

  12. J says:

    I’m a mid-40s emotional authority 1/3 Projector. While I have my career nailed down (and it is solitary work, with a niche expertise that I deeply enjoy sharing), socially I am very alone. I do not blend with local community, and am not received well by groups that seem like they would be more inclusive or supportive than they are. I am divorced, a single parent, and shunned at my child’s school except by one or two families. I do get on well with anyone I work with, and career-wise and in daily minor interactions (service transactions, hello to the neighbors, chitchat with random strangers in stores) I shine. But I do not have a deeper local community system that honestly knows who I am and asks for my time. Sometimes this is ok with me; other times it feels confusing and lonely.

    I am happiest in a dependable intimacy. Who isn’t? But have been dispatched by 5/1 emotional authority Generator partner, and am now having real trouble understanding how to live without that person and relationship.

    I’ve had several long term intimate relationships but this was the most important and most rewarding. I feel I am meant for a marital intimacy, but with the departure of this person and because of my child’s age and my parenting role, I am looking at literally years more of being unpartnered.

    I don’t have the energy or heart to consider even just getting to know a new partner. And I’m scared of this. I need to understand something more of how a Projector (theme of Planning 3) is meant to move through adulthood without the comfort of touch and physical intimacy. We were expected to marry and the loss of that intended shared future is really disorienting. I find I am handling it well, but I am concerned for the future. It isn’t that I need something else to do; it’s that I liked doing that life the best, and felt I was finally in my right place, personally and in love.

    Do other Projectors suffer from lack of true intimate connection? And do they survive adulthood without a marriage or steady partner. I know I can; I’ve survived a lot. But minus the in-home light and warmth of a loved partner, it doesn’t feel like this life is much longer worth doing.

    I don’t mean anything dire by that. Just feeling really dispirited. Any guidance here will help.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, J. Thank you for writing, and for your willingness to be vulnerable.
      A 1/3 Projector does well with solitary work in a niche that is personally and professionally fulfilling. However, the Projector is not meant to be cut off from community 24/7, despite the various benefits of working solo in your own business.

      It’s possible that your lack of success in blending with your local community and certain specific groups is being affected by several factors. One, the community and groups are not really your tribe. If these folks do not share your values or interests, then you cannot hope to have more than a surface connection with them. And you need to ask yourself how interested you really are in getting to know them better and having them know you better, as well. Is it possible that you have reached out only tentatively and given an impression that they need to prove their worthiness to you? Again, check the level of your genuine interest in making a connection with your community. And then be honest about how involved you want to be with them. You may not want much involvement at all, and this can be sensed by others. What creates bonds between individuals, between individuals and groups, and groups and groups is a basic reality. If needs will be mutually met by creating alliances and relationships, then being accepted by a group will not be difficult. Frankly, all of us engage with those who have something of value to offer us. The more value they have for us, the more deeply we want connection. This could be a teacher who has information we seek; it could be an intimate partnership that offers emotional and financial security and who will have our back; it could be participating in an organization that is doing much-needed work in the world that you also want to be doing. We do not usually seek to create alliances with either individuals or groups whose value and activities we do not resonate with. Be honest, and truly assess what it is that you are seeking to have met with any alliance. Then you may find that the reason it’s not working out for you, and that you even feel shunned, is because this is not who you want to connect with anyway.

      The other influence that may be blocking your ability to truly extend yourself to others is your current emotional state and frame of mind. Since you are experiencing deep betrayal with the abandonment of a partnership and the subsequent tearing down of your dreams of a certain future, your heart will not be free to receive from others. You are currently in a transitional space where you need to protect your personal space.

      I am sorry that your partner has chosen to leave. When we have invested our vulnerability, our hopes, and our heart in intimate partnership, there are no words that can truly capture the loss. We can never make someone love us, nor can we make them stay. Of course, we enter into partnerships with the best of intentions and strive to bring those intentions into manifestation. But there are no guarantees that things will work out as we planned since there is more than one expression of free will in the mix.

      When things don’t work out and we are in a condition of disappointment, loss, and sorrow, and even at times, despair, is when we are called to focus on re-connecting with our needs. What is it that you really need in order to thrive? Honor that need, as you honor your loss. Times of loss are times for heightened self-care. It is a good time to check in with yourself and see if you gave away some part of yourself in order to have this partnership; if you allowed some needs to go unmet so that you could have partnership. Other questions I have – how well did you know this person? Was he on the same page with you about the purpose and goals of the relationship? When he left, were you completely surprised, and was there a part of you that was secretly relieved?

      Your theme of Planning (3) places your Sun in Gate 40. This is a gate of aloneness, and this aloneness often opens out into loneliness. There is a kind of request here – to be able to have time to one self. There are reasons for this – to discharge energies that don’t belong to you; to reflect on your place in the world and your developing sense of self; to reflect on who your true community is. Because Gate 40 is part of the Channel of the Bargain, of Contracts, and Marriage Contracts, it is not likely that you are intended to live a life without partnership. Projectors are not intended to be alone. They need other people, although this does not always result in a long-term partnership but sometimes shows up as active involvement in organizations that share your heart-felt values.

      I do not agree that your child’s age is a block to creating another intimate alliance. It is extremely common for women with children to remarry. If partnership is core to your happiness, and is one of your deeper drives and motivations in life, that tells me this is something that is part of your life plan. Perhaps your previous partner was not completely right for you, or perhaps he abdicated his agreements with you. In any case, there is plenty of time for you to meet someone else. What is important for you to be doing at this time is taking care of business – that is – holding together the integrity of your life. The plans you make naturally as a result of your design cover a broad spectrum of areas. There are many things to plan for in a life. In your case, identifying the right community, the right setting and environment for you, and identifying the type of person you really need for a partner, are some of the things you can start to work with now, and then plan for bringing into your life. But you must have the space for this, and that space includes a relaxed and confident frame of mind, and a heart that is ready to once again receive, and give. In the meantime, take the bull of your life by the horns and continue making your plans for the future you wish to create.

      You can always set up a session with me to look more deeply into your situation.

      Warm regards,

  13. Rose says:

    Thank you so much for the article!
    I’m just under 18, but despite following the projector’s strategy, I’m already feeling tired and overwhelmed… I guess I haven’t quite gotten a hold on using my energy efficiently but since it’s an absolutely necessary survival tactic, I’d be glad to get some tips.
    Also, I read somewhere that your vibration frequency can affect your aura. So for example, can negative thoughts affect my aura? In a sense I may not get invited or is that even possible?
    Much love,

  14. gloria says:

    Hi, Rose. Thank you so much for writing. I’m sorry that you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed. I’ve written the following tips for you, and other Projectors.

    Tips on Preserving and Revitalizing your Projector Energy

    When you don’t have a defined sacral your energy’s not sustainable, so you have to learn to be really smart about how you use your energy. And that means that you have to be aware of what your personal energy boundaries are. You need to be aware of when you are using too much of your precious energy, and also engage the practices that will ensure you get sufficient rest and restoration. It’s not enough to read about the Projector’s energy limitations or how to make the best use of that energy – you really have to get to know your own capacities, and then work with them.

    1. Don’t push into your fatigue. If you are already tired, you’re past the point where you should have stopped what you were doing and taken some down time. If you push into your fatigue, you are going to have a difficult time recovering from your energy losses. I realize that it’s not always possible to just stop what you’re doing, particularly if you are working for someone else, but when you know you’re going to be called on to be present for long hours or hard labor (God forbid), it’s critical to plan for that. This means that you get as much rest as possible between your assignments so that you have as much energy available to you as possible. This means that you don’t take on extra projects when you know the demands on your energy are going to be high for a sustained period of time.

    2. Don’t take your energy levels for granted. Projectors are going to have days when they feel they can take on the world. This is because the undefined sacral takes in the energy of others and then amplifies that energy. That sacral becomes a dynamite factory or even a nuclear reactor relative to the steady energy of the defined sacral. When the Projector has a sacral that is bursting with energy they can act like super-Generators, and feel like they could leap tall buildings at a single bound. When the energy is flowing like that, it is good to take advantage of it, but in a focused and measured way. Do not go to extremes or you will pay for it later.

    3. Remember to discharge your excess energy daily. Every day the Projector picks up volumes of energy from others. This is a circumstance that is particularly in effect when the Projector is out among others. Keep in mind that this is a natural dynamic for the Projector, and it is why the Projector is so gifted at reading the energy of others – because they are literally taking in that energy. At the end of your day make a practice of discharging the energies you’ve accumulated by standing barefoot on the ground, walking barefoot, sitting by a tree, or laying down in a room that you have all to yourself. Sleeping in a room that belongs only to you will discharge excess energies and is very restorative. Listening to music that removes you from the concerns and insults of the day will move you to a healing state of mind. You can experiment with ways of discharging energy to find what is most effective for you – but the bottom line here is about letting go of what does not belong to you.

    4. Don’t work against yourself. The biggest energy drain for a Projector is when they are working at tasks that they don’t enjoy and that are not meant for them to do. When you are doing work that is fulfilling, you are energized. When you are doing work that engages your unique skills and creativity and mindset, your energy will flow. Ideally, the Projector has all the energy she needs to do the work that is fulfilling to her. If you are not doing work that acknowledges your nature, and if it is particularly draining, you should be looking for a way to leave that situation. If you cannot leave as soon as you would like, this is where the practice of preserving your energy becomes especially important. This means you do not take on any additional tasks or projects, and that you make sure you get as much rest as possible while you are working in situations that are demanding your energy.

    5. Find work that is true to who you are and that you love doing. Eventually, the Projector must find what works for them. This is a process of trial and error. The trial and error allows you to get to know yourself. Understand that as time goes by and you get older and develop more skills and greater self-knowledge, the environments that you can work in effectively will change. It is about context for your current time and place, and for your state of mind and health. Regardless of your stage in life, when you are engaged in life in a way that respects who you are, that respects your personhood and unique gifts, the energy you need will be available to you. Stick with jobs and projects that have your name on them and that you cannot resist taking on. Whatever you’re drawn to doing, whatever compels and calls out to you, is what you need to explore.

    6. Process the advice of others through your personal truth filter. Projectors need to talk with the people they trust so that they can get a sense of what’s right for them. But you’re not really seeking advice as much as you’re needing to hear your own truth as you speak your words out loud. Talking with other people is genuinely helpful for the Projector, and know that you may have many conversations before you begin to parse out clearly what will work for you. If you don’t get a handle on what you should do in a situation, and you decide to follow someone else’s advice (someone else’s truth), you will probably find yourself in an uncomfortable place. If something doesn’t feel right, if your intuition isn’t giving you the green light, or if you can’t find your intuition or the feeling of rightness, don’t do it. The time isn’t right. Keep talking, even if those conversations are just with yourself. A Projector does well to have a few close friends that they can just talk and talk and talk with. Eventually, you will know your next step. And remember, if it doesn’t feel good to you, forget about it.

    7. Respect yourself. Know your limitations, and stick to them. Don’t allow others to override what you know will work for you. Stand up for yourself, and say no to requests that are going to make demands of you that will injure you if you try to meet them. Projectors are not here to be martyrs for others. Martyring your energy will take you out, and completely undermine your ability to be able to communicate your unique brand of wisdom and insight.

    Negative Thoughts and Your Energy

    We live in a world that is congested with the energies of many beings, with the energies of their thoughts, and the energies of their actions. A great deal of that energy is harmful. The best way to deal with negative energy is to make sure you discharge excess energy every day, and that you have activities that restore your state of mind and sense of well-being. These activities are unique to you, but they can involve dancing, walking, listening to music, reading, watching movies, resting…there are many. You know which ones work for you.

    There is no escaping how others think and act, but we can protect ourselves by choosing to create environments that are healthy for us, and have relationships that honor us. We can eat food that sustains us and honors our conscience. We can surround ourselves with beauty. We can treat others the way we want to be treated. We can withhold our judgments of others, and we can accept our life circumstances while we plan to make the changes that we want and need.

    Just as we can learn to work with circumstances that don’t meet our needs while we look for ways to improve them, we can let go of expectations on how beautiful we should look or how smart we should be or how accomplished we should be, and just relax into accepting that we have what we need to grow into and become the full flourishing embodiment of our potentials. When we seek to connect to those things that honor us and bring us into greater health and help us develop into our best selves, we are doing everything we can to stay away from the negativity.

    Because we are alive there are times when we are going to feel like failures and have things happen that we didn’t want to happen and that we didn’t foresee. It is the way it is. This is the way consciousness evolves. The journey of the soul in third density is complex and winding.

    If you are living your life in integrity – that is, you are making choices that consciously support your well-being at all levels – you will not miss the invitations that are meant for you. The truth about invitations is that, the more you are being yourself, the more others will recognize you and from that, the invitations that are right for you will find you.


  15. Inaluna says:

    My life theme – not being seen or heard. Question- the Projectors are non-energetic types. Does it mean that they take others energy? I have a big problem with that.

  16. gloria says:

    Hi, Inaluna. Thank you for your comment.

    Projectors are seen and heard when they are operating inside the context that is correct for them. No one, no matter what energy type, is seen and heard when they are working against who they are. The most important thing for any energy type is to be in alignment with their strategy and authority, and to not try to be someone they are not. Life is harsh and even cruel when you are trying to be someone you are not. You know when your life situation is abrasive — it hurts pretty much all the time. For example, we are none of us designed to be pushing boulders up a steep mountain only to have them fall down the mountain again.

    As a Projector, your job is to cultivate your talents and interests. You are to investigate those matters that call to you, that ignite your curiosity, excitement, and sense of adventure. When you flow towards what naturally calls to you, you will meet others who are drawn to the same things. You will find your network. As you get to know those in your network (and they will be of all energy types), they will recognize what you have to offer and invite you to participate in the way that honors your gifts. A Projector only needs to be invited once into a particular setting. Thereafter, they are free to initiate, be creative, and take the lead on a project, if that is what is called for.

    Projectors don’t “take” other people’s energy. Open centers in the bodygraph, and all energy types have open centers, will take in energy from the surrounding environment. That includes everything, not just other people. The more open centers you have, the more energy you will take in. The open center is designed to take in energy and read it. Over time, you will become more adept at understanding the different types of energy around you, and how to read them.

    Because open centers receive energy, they eventually become quite discriminating about different types of energy, and the value these energies offer. After a while, each open center can become very wise about the specific energies it is designed to receive.

    The open centers have their own areas of inquiry and expertise. Here are questions that the open centers ask:

    Head Center
    Am I under pressure to answer other people’s questions and live out their ideas and inspirations?

    Ajna Center
    Am I struggling to be certain about making up my mind or to convince others (and myself) that I am certain?

    Throat Center
    Am I trying to get attention (perhaps inappropriately) so that I can be heard?

    Identity Center (also called “G” Center, Center for Love and Direction)
    Do I question my lovability? Am I struggling to find direction? Do I love where I live, where I work, and who I’m with?

    Will Center
    What am I trying to prove?

    Emotional Solar Plexus Center
    Am I avoiding truth and conflict, and trying to keep everyone happy?

    Root Center
    Am I still trying to get things done so I can be free?

    Spleen Center
    Am I holding on to things (or people or pain, etc.) for longer than I should?

    Sacral Center
    Do I know when enough is enough?

    When you enter correctly into situations, you will be seen and heard. For the Projector, that means following your bliss, engaging work and play in environments that are suitable for you. In these environments, you will find your tribe, or like-minded people. Your chances of being seen and heard and receiving invitations that recognize and honor what you have to offer increase tremendously when you place yourself in contexts that align with you. These are places that are fun, and challenging in a good way. These are places that can teach you things you want to learn.

    Putting yourself where you feel most comfortable greatly increases your chances of receiving appropriate invitations. What does that mean? It means the invitation specifically honors what you can do and who you are, and offers you the opportunity to do what you want. Everything unfolds from there.

  17. Athena Blu says:


    Great article. I’m a projector and have recently been reading up on “waiting for an invitation.” I have had terrible luck with jobs I’ve been searching for the last six months. Online mostly. How do I get an invitation if I don’t apply?? I’m a little confused as to how this works. I am applying to jobs I see posted online that spark my interest. Any help would be appreciated.

  18. gloria says:

    Hi, Athena.

    Keep applying to the online jobs that appeal to you. Although the invitation for those jobs isn’t specific to you, they are not specific to any one person, either. They are looking for someone who is a good fit for their organization. The invitation is a general one, but it is there. Generators will respond; Reflectors will take their time to reflect, and Manifestors will just knock on doors, regardless of whether an ad is posted. And if you as the Projector feel moved, excited, curious, interested, or are simply in need of something to tide you over, send in your cover letter and resume for that posted online job. Eventually, an energetic connection will be made and you will be offered an interview. Then a job. Don’t give up.

    Just remember that nothing is set in stone, and you aren’t necessarily looking to connect to your forever job. But when you do get connected, there will be something specific in that environment that has your name on it.

    Let me note that once you’re in a job, and the environment is generally a good match for you, what often happens is that, over time, the job you’re in gets tailored to your particular talents, or you get moved to a position that is a better fit.

    Warm regards,

  19. Emily says:

    I’m curious about two things.
    Projectors are the newest type of Aura, why did we come about? Why did we spring into being? What was missing (if anything) that required us to be here? Do we have an expiration date?

    Were generators and other types “failing”–in a way–to fulfill their potential, and so Projectors had to insert themselves into this reality/plane? I’m curious about why we manifested in this reality.

    Secondly, I’ve learned that I’m a projector with self-projected authority…and I understand that to truly know myself, I must hear what I say to others when invited to speak. I find this to be exciting, on one hand, because I can explore the endless possibilities of myself with/through others — but also frustrating on another hand…as I try so very hard to understand myself. I find that I have phases where I don’t want to be around anyone (except maybe my niece and nephew or my twin sister) for various reasons, and all of this time spent alone I’d like for it to mean something beyond just me recharging. I have been talking to myself for many years, meditating when I can, trying to ask myself questions and answer those questions. Sometimes I record my free flowing thoughts and then listen back to them — though I’m not sure how much this is serving me. Can I truly learn about myself by having these self-conversations, or reflecting on past recordings of my thoughts – and trying to react to those thoughts in some way? Or do I have to converse with “the other” to get at my truth? Or is it possible that I can pick up enough energy of “another” that I can have a conversation with that “other” and myself without them actually being present–so, if their energy is sticking to me and I haven’t discharged myself of it — am I able to objectify that presence of the other and converse with it?

    I’m not sure if my question makes sense… so let me try to clarify. I think I find it frustrating that I can’t get to my core self without “going through” someone else. I, in a sense, wish I could find myself without the help of others. Although, I suppose this is not meant to be – as projectors do not operate that way (at least that’s how I understand it), and I just need to accept that. So I guess I want to know if it’s possible for a self-projected projector to know themselves without having to go through “the other”. I’m assuming the answer is “no”, and that the encouragement I am left with is that I can still know who I am and know my truth — I just have to operate within my design and use my inner authority to guide me to that truth.

    I look forward to your response 🙂 and I appreciate your article.

  20. gloria says:

    Hi, Emily. My answers to your questions are in bold.

    1. Projectors are the newest type of Aura, why did we come about? Why did we spring into being? What was missing (if anything) that required us to be here? Do we have an expiration date?

    From Ra Uru Hu: In 1781, in conjunction with Sir William Hershel’s discovery of the planet Uranus, a momentous event took place: The advent of the nine-centered being. “Centeredness” is a structural aspect of evolution. Neanderthals were five-centered like modern Mammals, and so-called Cro-Magnon or Homo sapiens were seven-centered beings.

    We are nine-centered. We are a transitional form, “Homo Sapiens in Transitus.” Human Design is the knowledge of the mechanics of the nine-centered being and this knowledge is the basis of the Science of Differentiation. Since 1987, we have been awakening to our nature and its extraordinary potential. [end]

    Gloria: The creation of two new centers also created the Projector. It was time for humanity to move into the possibility of having more sensitive and intimate emotional and psychic connection with each other. The Projector brings this energy and ability.

    2. Were generators and other types “failing” – in a way – to fulfill their potential, and so Projectors had to insert themselves into this reality/plane? I’m curious about why we manifested in this reality.

    Gloria: I believe that what brought the Projector into being comes from the same motivation as that of Consciousness: to ceaselessly evolve. The job of Consciousness is evolution. Its motivation is curiosity and desire. Its end goal is unity. Its product is agape, or universal love. The Projector is another expression and experiment of Consciousness as part of Its commitment to expansion. I would not say that Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, and Reflectors were failing to fulfill the potential of that type so much as there was plenty of room for a new energetic expression, or consciousness evolution. A manifest aspect of evolving consciousness is just around the corner in the form of the Solar Plexus Mutation. It is said that the Mutation of the Human Design bodygraph will be complete in 2027. This new platform will challenge everyone to gradually let go of old paradigms and embrace new values – values that honor everyone’s right to the Tree of Life. That includes all living beings! Even though we are some time out from this shift, we can see and feel the beginning of the changes it will bring. The channel 19/49, Love and Marriage, and the channel 40/37, The Bargain, will no longer be part of any design. The nature of how we bond and mate will change, how we share resources will change. The emotional wave will be steadier so that we are not so subject to extreme highs and lows. We will not operate from fear-based intuition; we will do what we feel/ know is the right thing to do. We will actively seek peace. We will actively find ways to bring peace. And there are specific things that will do this. We will not eat animals; we will see how barbaric and cruel it is to raise them in feedlots. Business values will change. The emphasis will not be so much about profit as about meeting real needs. This is a major shift in values. You can see the changes now in each of these areas. In 2027 the bodygraph will shift. Everyone will be affected. Collective consciousness will be forced to shift because its energetic platform in the material plane (incarnation) will be different. It doesn’t mean that people will all of sudden behave civilly and want the best for everyone — but the new energetic platform will be compelling. It means that humanity stands a much better chance of rebuilding civilization so that everyone’s needs are met. Meeting basic human needs is fundamental and paramount to establishing peace. The truth is that Universal Consciousness recognizes that we only exist in relation to others and that others are part of our existence.


    I’ve learned that I’m a projector with self-projected authority…and I understand that to truly know myself, I must hear what I say to others when invited to speak. I find this to be exciting, on one hand, because I can explore the endless possibilities of myself with/through others — but also frustrating on another hand…as I try so very hard to understand myself. I find that I have phases where I don’t want to be around anyone (except maybe my niece and nephew or my twin sister) for various reasons, and all of this time spent alone I’d like for it to mean something beyond just me recharging.

    Gloria: Yes, when you can speak your truth to trusted others, your truth will come out. You will hear it and feel it. That is one way to get to know yourself. Another way is to look at what you’ve been doing, and where you’ve been. What does your record look like? Who have you been being? As you know, the undefined sacral needs to discharge energies that it has taken in, so down time is required for the Projector. You are discharging and recharging, but you are not just undergoing a mechanical process. You are also evaluating, reviewing, and synthesizing. The time spent alone allows you to disengage from outside chatter. The extent to which you consciously deepen your self-understanding through evaluation, review, and synthesis is up to you. But even if all you think you are doing is recharging, there is a lot that is taking place beneath the surface.

    I have been talking to myself for many years, meditating when I can, trying to ask myself questions and answer those questions. Sometimes I record my free flowing thoughts and then listen back to them — though I’m not sure how much this is serving me. Can I truly learn about myself by having these self-conversations, or reflecting on past recordings of my thoughts – and trying to react to those thoughts in some way? Or do I have to converse with “the other” to get at my truth? Or is it possible that I can pick up enough energy of “another” that I can have a conversation with that “other” and myself without them actually being present–so, if their energy is sticking to me and I haven’t discharged myself of it — am I able to objectify that presence of the other and converse with it?

    Gloria: Yes, I definitely agree that engaging yourself in conversation is another way to get to know yourself. Having free-flowing and open-ended conversations with yourself is really a pretty good technique for this. I congratulate you on doing it. What you are referring to when you ask about picking up the energy of another is a form of proxying in the energy of that person. Yes, you can definitely ask for the other person’s essence to be present with you so that you can converse with them.

    I’m not sure if my question makes sense… so let me try to clarify. I think I find it frustrating that I can’t get to my core self without “going through” someone else. I, in a sense, wish I could find myself without the help of others. Although, I suppose this is not meant to be – as projectors do not operate that way (at least that’s how I understand it), and I just need to accept that. So I guess I want to know if it’s possible for a self-projected projector to know themselves without having to go through “the other”. I’m assuming the answer is “no”, and that the encouragement I am left with is that I can still know who I am and know my truth — I just have to operate within my design and use my inner authority to guide me to that truth.

    Gloria: Ultimately, people need to stay connected to each other. We each have unique perspectives and ways of being that can be of service. We inevitably, whether or not we are Projectors, will gain our greatest self-knowledge through seeing how we interact with others. We also learn a great deal from others, directly, and by observing who they are.

    Everyone learns who they are from how they interact with others, and we also learn who we are by how we spend our alone time. The story is that Projectors cannot know themselves except through others, but I don’t agree with that. We can look at our track record, our interests and our choices. Those tell us a great deal about who we are. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone, Projector or not, can fully know themselves outside of how they are with other people. And yes, following your strategy and authority will get you far.

    • Emily Lane says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for your thorough and thoughtful reply. I’m sharing with my twin sister! 🙂

      Love & Light!

  21. Gaby says:

    I’m a splenic projector and I’m hitting a wall with waiting. I totally confirm on waiting for invitations and the right energies that have to go with them in order to respond with a yes, but regarding certain important life areas, I’m waiting for 20 years now for some changes to be implemented. It feels like I will implode if nothing is going to change soon. I have gate 20, the gate of stillness and I guess that is a factor. As a human being I also need to experience the aspect of movement, moving forward.
    Any helpful info on this is greatly appreciated.
    Mahalo, Gaby

  22. gloria says:

    Dear Gaby,

    I agree that it is necessary to experience movement in one’s life. It is necessary to be available to movement, as well.

    It won’t do to sit around waiting for an invitation. It does nothing for our self esteem, our state of mind, our sense of identity and belonging. And it undermines courage and trust that we are doing and being what we are supposed to be doing. And being.

    So — let me suggest to you that you consciously and intentionally make changes in all of those areas of your life that do not require the BIG INVITATION. You are not a puppet of invitations, destined to wait on the whim of some greater force to bestow anticipated change and the riches that go with it.

    You are ALLOWED to be the master of your life. You are called upon to be the master of your life. It is your job to take charge and create the environment you need. Begin with breaking up the stagnation of energy around you by making changes that do not require an invitation, but only require that you act on your personal will and desire.

    Move your furniture around. Light a candle. Hang a picture. Buy a book. Get a cat. Change your hair. Paint your nails. Get a new outfit. Study something new. Become proactive in making changes in your life that you want. This will break up the energy around you. It is you taking action for the course of your life, and you calling the shots. By the time the Big Invitation comes, you might not even want it.


  23. Gretchen says:

    As a consultant I want to offer services on how to support student athletes in higher education settings. I was invited to do that as the academic mentor to our football team. I am a full professor with tenure at a division three private liberal arts college and it is the best work I have ever done. But I want to speak about how to do this more widely because many student athletes are not fully seen by faculty or the school they attend. I have been following my bliss, and just learned I am a projector. I have a workshop idea for this – but do I need to wait for an invitation to go out and do it? I am part of a Mastermind group who made the observation that I do know what I can offer. But then the projector invitation idea came up. I would be interested in your thoughts.

  24. gloria says:

    Hi, Gretchen. Thanks for writing!

    As a consultant who has already been working from the flow of having been recognized for her expertise and invited to share that expertise formally, you do not require an invitation to offer your new expanded workshop. What you are proposing to offer is a continuing expression of your expertise, and you are offering this to the academic community with which you have already established a relationship. Even if you plan to offer your teaching outside of the immediate academic community where you are personally/professionally known, you have already been recognized by the broader academic community for your niche area of expertise. The invitation for you to teach and do workshops took place a while ago. You are in the flow.

    It’s like this: a Projector only needs to be invited once into a particular setting. Thereafter, they are free to initiate, be creative, and take the lead on a project.

    How exciting that you are taking your knowledge to a broader base. This is correct for you.

    Warm regards,

  25. Angelo Fegali says:

    Hi there …. I’ve for some time start reading about Human Design … focus on the projector type aura which I’m … it’s like when you hear professor xjavier (from xmen, in apocalypse) “a gift can also be a curse” threres no doubt about it … it relies in the way we can learn about other and ourselves … know others I wisdom . Know itself is enligthment … when you become in the time present about yourself you become light going through the darklands of you own fears, anxiety, depression, bitterness, lonilenes… once you accept that condition of yourself you can reach out and work it out … to migrate your treaths & weakness into opportunities and those to strengths (from the same well of weakness comes the strengths) that’s the great mistery … also publish even better your gifts … waiting is crazy and desperate but it truly works out if you have prepared yourself like in a Jedi discipline yo really sincronise mind body soul aura in one updated vehicle of your own journey … if you’re not coming through or having too much bitterness and depression it means that you’re in the wrong environment or even worse with the wrong people surrounding you ,.. make a rational diferential diagnosis and analyse what sucks your energy into drain or exploted by others … when you find yourself you contemplate every instant and at that same moment you can understand the energy of people’s around you … you also have yo be careful at that point don’t be too generous because we are a generous type it our essence … don’t become too attach to others it also hurts … don’t trust too much in others to not become dissapointed in the lies that they tell and think our aura doesn’t get it …. our most true gift is to seek truth because we’re light … and light wins in the war against darkness… to become light you must go through darklands !. It’s no easy it has been a constant fight to survive adapting to each situation and looking forward to not be reminded depressed from the past … this present is a gift and you must use it … like toda said “there’s no try … only do!” Unbelievable or not … projectors have to work out like jedis, the force inside and outside us … and to really seek out into this life we must understand the emotion transition from Jedi to Vulcans …..

  26. gloria says:

    Welcome, Angelo. Thank you for your comments.

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