The Human Design Manifesting Generator: Providing the Work Force Energy. The Builders.

The Manifesting Generator has a direct connection from a motor to the Throat, just like a Manifestor. But they also have a defined Sacral, just like a pure Generator. Because of this configuration, Manifesting Generators often believe they are Manifestors. Anyone with a defined Sacral has sustainable life force energy and they are designed to respond.

A Manifesting Generator has a defined Sacral.  The Sacral is considered the most powerful motor in the body.  It is the Center for work force and life force energy.  The Sacral Center is a source of sustainable energy. All of the motors, to a certain degree, have wave-like, inconsistent qualities, but the Sacral can keep going and going.  It is energy that is here for work and life force.  It’s about providing the resources, the education, raising children, taking care of the family and the tribe, and the community.  It’s about work in every way, and doing all of those things sustainably.

Because you have a motor to the Throat, you can initiate and make things happen, but only after honoring the Generator gut response.

Manifesting Generators have to wait for something to respond to before they leap into action. This is, in essence, like waiting for a “sign” or a signal that the timing is right before taking action. Manifesting Generators have a deep inner awareness that “pulses” on or off. Following these strong gut-level pulses always puts the Manifesting Generator in the right place, doing the right work, and having the right impact. In addition, Manifesting Generators have a unique ability to do more than one thing at a time and need to constantly keep many balls in the air. They will also skip over details that aren’t important and find the fastest way to mastery.  If, however, they respond to correcting a step that has been skipped over, then they need to go back and correct it. A Manifesting Generator is uniquely capable of getting more things done than most and for a long period of time.

The Manifesting Generator who is not responding runs the risk of being very busy doing nothing. And because the Manifesting Generator is so fast when they do respond, they have a tendency to skip important steps and frequently have to go back and fix the steps they skipped.

The Generator has a stair-step learning curve with steps and plateaus. The Manifesting Generator, because of the motor to the Throat, can move and respond quite quickly.  It’s hard for them to tell the difference between responding and initiating because they respond so fast.  Once they respond, the Manifesting Generator should stop and envision what their choice will be. They will do well if they try on ideas in their imagination first and visualize the outcome before they actually do something. Then, they still must wait before they take action. The pure Generator has a much more deliberate process. If a Manifesting Generator and a pure Generator start the same job at the same time, it will look like the Manifesting Generator is faster and learns much more quickly. But six months later the Generator will have caught up and they will both be at the same level of mastery.

The Manifesting Generator Strategy is to wait to respond, then envision (imagine), reprocess, inform before taking action, then act.  If it still feels correct once you’ve imagined it, inform the people in your impact field.  The informing piece is important.  The Manifesting Generator moves fast, and they have a creative thought process that is non-verbal.  Their creative energy comes from deep within, not from the head.  For a Manifesting Generator to stop and explain what they’re doing takes too long.  It slows them down. The Manifestor does not need to be slowed down. The main goal of the Generator is to achieve mastery.  The Manifesting Generator cannot achieve mastery if they’re leaping and leaping.

When the Sacral responds to the Right Work, the Manifesting Generator has an enormous amount of energy. A Manifesting Generator who is truly doing the Right Work doesn’t want to go on vacation and their need for sleep decreases. The Manifesting Generator is here to find the Right Work and to master that Work. The Manifesting Generator is here, through repetition, to become a Master of their Right Work. That Work shows up for them, and then they respond to it. They don’t create it out of their head.

The Sacral gets turned on by two sounds. When these sounds are emitted, the Sacral can find its truth. The Sacral is pretty far away from the head. So when you are operating out of the rudimentary life force energy, if you have to stop and use words, you’re talking out of your head, your energy is far away from your Sacral. Your Sacral is your compass, your navigational tool for your life. It will guide you: tell you where you need to go, when you need to do something, what you need to do. The way in which you are to bypass your head is by making two sounds: “uh-huh” and “un-unh.” It’s life force energy. The uh-huh and the un-unh turn the Sacral on. That’s your truth. The gut feelings are for the Generators. The gut is the source of the truth.

The key to waking up your Sacral is to have someone ask you questions which are answered by a yes or no, but in this way: yes is uh-huh and no is un-unh. That’s your truth. This is because the Sacral can’t lie. There’s no energy for lying in the Sacral; the Sacral always knows the truth. If however, you have the 34 -20 channel, your response will be very fast, and the difference between your response time and the action taken may be a split second. A person with this channel will respond with “yes” and “no” rather than “uh-huh” and “un-unh.” Be aware that Sacral responses are based on the availability, or not, of your Sacral energy to connect to and do what you have been asked.  Your Sacral cannot lie; it knows your truth.

The emotional themes of the Manifesting Generator are anger and frustration. That is why the emotional theme of the Manifesting Generator is anger (from the Manifesting part of the personality) and frustration (from the Generator part of the personality). Manifesting Generators must also inform like Manifestors in order to stabilize the energy around them. They can go so fast that informing feels like it is slowing them down, but informing will decrease the  resistance they get from others.

The Manifesting Generator Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction.  Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others.  The Manifesting Generator aura is open and enveloping.  But it is not personal. They literally generate the life force of the planet.

Manifesting Generators and sleep.  Manifesting Generators have to wear themselves out every day to get a good night’s sleep.  If they struggle with sleep, it’s because they’re not wearing out their Sacral.  In contrast to Generators, Manifesting Generators should get into bed before they are exhausted and continue to work (or read or watch TV) until they are finished generating.  If you have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping well, it may be that you need more physical exercise to “wear out” your Sacral.

Manifesting Generator keywords: • Responsive • Persistent • Consistent • Has the ability to hang in and do things over and over • Finds shortcuts • Can usually find the fastest way to do something • Sustainable • Steady • Mastery

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22 Responses to The Human Design Manifesting Generator: Providing the Work Force Energy. The Builders.

  1. Val Schmidt says:

    Thank you for this thorough explanation!!
    Hopefully I will make better decisions from now on. I have made wrong choices by being impulsive.

  2. Susan King says:

    Reading this, I recognized the truth of the “manifesting generator.” I share the emotional and sacral, however. In the past (I didn’t know why), I used anger & frustration in my 20’s and early 30’s to empower and drive me to find my life’s work. THEN when I recognized my true purpose in life, it was like swallowing nuclear power; it has been driving me for 25 years now. Along the way I lived through catastrophic losses of family, my health, and loss of worldly possessions. Yet those experiences only confirmed my life’s work/its meaning and its importance. I see that the anger and frustration I’d used for power contributed to the losses I went through. Now I believe I’m very similar to the Sacral. The anger (except for the anger for social justice at times) is something I don’t need anymore and I know it only keeps me off my path or merely stuck. When frustration rises I can see what’s happening, turn and move forward again. Blessings and confirmation of truth abound in my life now. Thank you for your teachings.

    • gloria says:

      When we’re young we seek to know ourselves. Even with guidance, assuming there is any, we still have to find out for ourselves who we are and what we’re made of. We do that through experience, through coming face to face with the limitations of our mind and body, and through digging deep to draw up the raw resources of creativity and resilience that we carry within. Initially, we fuel our resources with whatever tools we have at hand. If it’s anger or frustration, or both, that is a far sight better than surrendering to despair or apathy.

      Insights and solutions come from tension and from persevering despite no clear way through. Resiliency grows thicker. Confidence in one’s ability to handle whatever life throws at us yields even more confidence. We can, with awareness, rely less on tools that can take us only so far, and develop new ones as a result of increased self-knowledge. It is important to understand what your core needs are and not deny them, to develop love of self and practice self-care, especially when in the midst of roiling tragedies or the unintended and unseen consequences of choices not fully understood.

      How wonderful that you are so self-aware you can immediately assess an incorrect response –usually coming from the mind – and get in touch with what your Sacral is telling you. And beyond that, that you long ago discovered your true purpose. Thank you for sharing your story.

      Warm regards,

    • Charley says:

      Hi, Susan. I can relate to your statement about having CATASTROPHIC losses, and I am really sad about not yet knowing my life’s purpose or work. I’m nearly age 36 and this really bothers me. Would you be willing to comment on what your life’s work/meaning is? How did you discover what your life’s work/meaning is? Did you have an ah-ha moment?

    • Gina says:

      In reply to Susan King: I am working on that right now. How do you find your life purpose? I have been doing things “just to have a job” for a long time and got to the point where I can’t do it any longer but I don’t know what to “do.” Nothing is working and out of a job… and going crazy with all of this energy and spinning my wheels. Any ideas?

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Gina. I have written several articles on finding your purpose. Read them here: and

        When you can no longer do a job, you’re burned out. The burnout could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or all of these. A Manifesting Generator needs to love the work that they do. When you truly enjoy your work, you find that you have endless energy to support you in doing that work. When you are not doing the right work, and you don’t love that work, despite the fact that you have access to sustainable energy because of your defined Sacral, you will eventually burn out. Frequently, the cause of burnout for a Manifesting Generator is their failure to RESPOND; that is, to listen to their Sacral. Your Sacral knows what’s true for you. Your Sacral will keep you aligned with your correct work.

        The Manifesting Generator Strategy is to wait to respond! If you don’t respond to opportunities that are offered from outside of yourself (the external world), and instead decide to leap in, you are working against your strategy. When you don’t allow your Sacral to respond, you will find yourself leaping head first into situations that are not correct for you. When you don’t allow your Sacral to respond, you will spin your wheels over and over BECAUSE you have put yourself in the wrong situation. This is because you are impatient (Manifesting Generators move quickly and hate to have to stop what they’re doing, especially once they’ve committed to a direction), and because you have not listened to your Sacral.

        To wake up your Sacral, begin by asking yourself questions that have no charge to them and that can only be answered with a yes or no. You do not ask open-ended questions! Simple yes or no questions like: do I want some ice cream right now? Would I like to have a cup of tea? Do I want to see a movie? Then, after your sacral is warmed up, you can move on to questions that you really want the answers to.

        If you find yourself hesitating, you’ve allowed your mind, or stinkin’ thinkin’ to take over. Once analysis sets in, it is deadly to your truth because you’ve moved away from your Sacral and into your head.

        Your mind will not help you connect to your truth. It cannot RESPOND to your truth. Once you’ve established your truth, then you can use your mind to figure out strategy and logistics, but only AFTER you know your truth. That is, whether or not something has been determined by your Sacral to be correct for you. The response from your Sacral comes from your body’s wisdom about what is right for you. Once you’ve established your truth, then you can go for it at your unique mach speed.

        Keep in mind that what is right for you at one phase of your life can change over time. But don’t be concerned; you are always seeking what is true for you in a certain phase of your life and a certain time and place. Use your built-in strategy: let your Sacral lead you to your truth.

        Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  3. Jacqueline du Plessis says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

  4. Yar says:

    Hi Gloria!

    Thank you for expanding on my type in this article.

    I recently found out I am a Manifesting Generator and I feel relieved to know I don’t need to initiate anything, but I have a question about relationships in Human Design perspective that really bothers me. How am I supposed to find a girlfriend if I can’t initiate a conversation, a date or anything at all? I’d be happy to just wait for a girl to come by and say hello, but really, what will happen if all the Generators, ~70% of the population, just sit down and wait for something to respond to? Will there be enough initiators for us?

  5. gloria says:

    Dear Yar,

    If life was a vacuum where there was no movement of energy, even the Manifesting Generators would be in trouble. But there is always movement, interaction, dynamism, creativity and chaos, and order and connection arising from all of that. In other words, it is not as if you live in a silent, static world where nothing is happening, and not a single breeze stirs.

    On the contrary, there is a great deal happening all of the time, though we aren’t always aware of it, and so take it for granted. To be sure, some of what is happening is not intended for us. However, Generator types are magnets for opportunities and all kinds of stuff to respond to. There are energetic magnets around you all the time. If you seek a girlfriend, get yourself to the environments where your chances of meeting women are significant to very high. This can take place online where all you need to do is respond to profiles, at jobs, events, and public places where you’re likely to have reason for a casual conversation with a stranger. You may consider friendly eye contact and a smile as something to respond to and correctly engage in conversation.

    As I said, position yourself for success by seeking out environments and settings where you will have opportunities to respond to potential girlfriends. At minimum, all you need is friendly eye contact. And don’t forget that online profiles count as something to respond to.

    Best wishes,

  6. Yavor V says:

    Dear Gloria,
    My name is Yavor and I am sending you warm greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria
    I have landed on this article after my first session with my new coach Elitsa /and first after 10 yrs of waiting and choosing/ and she defined me as a Manifesting generator and sent me some articles afterwards to educate myself.
    I fit 100 % of what you described and you really confirmed that my decision making process which i thought is not very common, looks like a pattern that brings good results and is not a slow one…also i often act so fast that some people even can’t see the movement:) or I love so much to teach people ot share stories of my life that are great learning examples, that i decided 15 yrs ago to start writing…then i realized it will slow me down so i postponed book and limited myself to blog posts/now i wait for the technology to be able to extract all my knowledge from my brain into some form of educational material and of course I now use social media/
    However, thank you for those great insights and let me share my recent self discovering story:
    I have lived active, joyful and good life since my 30 ‘s and even i have worked actively on the business side, in my personal development i was more into the material achievements. I also didn’t find relevant to develop myself rather than just being a “good” and stylish player in life. I couldn’t really recognize what “spiritual” means. As well as what true love is since i was popular among women. I haven’t found my life purpose but still i was feeling awesome doing interesting and good things and life was great. Then my activeness and “mastery” in business and investment matters brought me to a complete bankruptcy (2008/2009) and i lost all my material possessions, huge debt i am still paying some last parts, reputation damage, other treats, parents and relatives disappointment,etc – the full cocktail of shit. It took me almost five years of hard fight (including with my fears) and efforts to get out of this and i did it in a way i am proud of, then another crisis (2012) – after partnership fights and money and ego issues i ended up in a hospital again with nothing 🙂
    My wife left me shorter afterwards and broke my sacred believe and wish that i can have a sustainable and loving family for life. However, i was in a huge emotional crisis, that made me up with decisions and selfdicscovery.I beleive in myself and never give up and my efforts very luckily (but reasonably) got results and i started making plenty of money right afterwards. And I was like – “ha, do i need this money since i don’t have love”…and i finally realized that i should put love in first place
    In the last five years I did well and grew up especially in the last 5-6 months i finished my third 4 year cycle of inner growth and now at the age of 45. After 12 years of education, self improvement and life-mastery efforts i can really say that i am Master of life. May be at a very low level, but i am satisfied with who i am. What that means:
    I am confident in myself that i can manage any situation that life brings me at a calm and effective way (the best possible sometimes).
    I am at a very stable and active life-flow – i am full of energy, very productive and need less sleep. I am very relaxed and fulfilled all the time – i combine work and pleasure etc
    I have found my professional and i think life purpose.
    I have defined my values.
    I have discovered the feminine energy (just recently) within me and that helped me to explain why i want to do certain things and i added them to my goals – i/e/like my love and understanding of women as well as my ability to communicate with them and my general willingness to empower people, combined with my vision that Women are those who will save the world brought me to defining a goal to help women empowering organisations and i am already working on it.
    I have also found that all this circle of life brought me to my childhood desires (yes, those magic desires and believes at the fairy tails like true love, abundance, help) and personal qualities and values and i can say that i have connected the dots and now I am really a defined person, acting like i want and the way I want.
    I have also recently met my perfect match for the first time in my life, The Woman of my life and i felt in love like never before, without even dating her yet (wish me good luck i am in the process:)
    Thank you and all the best!

  7. Sam Morrisson says:

    Hello Gloria,
    I’m wondering how you can help me with a couple of things of you would go around it.

    I am 25 years old (4th September 1991) from Venezuela.

    I feel like I’m reaching a point were I’m wondering how do I spend my time most efficiently because the amount of projects I’m trying to reach as a means to make ends meet is running me down. I ask my self the question, why do people have to have several jobs to thrive? Why can’t we work 40 hours a week and that be enough?

    I’m very passionate about what I do, I work as a producer, shooter editor for a TV station and sometimes a project happens that really turns me on and I work with all my passion and it turns out great. I just feel like I have an uneasiness that tells me that this job is not enough and so I opened up another company on the side with my friend but what I’m realizing is that doing this company on the side really wears me down.

    Right now I live with my girlfriend for a year and a half and we do awesome we are super in love and we are moving because we both squeezed in a bachelor to save money for a year. Which I couldn’t at all I stayed in the same level. I guess my mind is all over the place I just don’t know how to approach this because I don’t feel like opening up 3 more projects and not being able to do one right.

    Can you help me?

  8. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam. Thanks for contacting me with your questions.

    A manifesting generator needs to love the work that they do. When you truly enjoy your work you find that you have endless energy to support you in doing that work. When you are not doing the right work, despite the fact that you have access to sustainable energy because of your defined sacral, you will burn out mentally and emotionally, and also find that you are not as physically present as you should be.

    So part of your quest is to make the most of the work that you love. This supports and sustains you at all levels, emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual. I hear you say that you are not receiving the cash that you need to make ends meet, or that you have a fear of not having enough money, so you take on extra work. This extra work may not be benefiting you because any financial gain is outweighed by the toll that it takes on you to keep the work going.

    I would ask you to consider if your uneasiness around money isn’t completely rooted in what you are experiencing or perceiving as lack, but perhaps in more of an anticipation of not having enough. There is a big difference. If you are taking actions to prevent not having enough money even though you actually have enough to make ends meet, those actions will be based in fear, and you will not make the correct work decisions. You will take on work that is not right for you.

    The worst thing for a generator type is to take on work that does not make them happy. This is the path to emotional and mental burnout for the generator, even if they have the physical ability to push ahead, In the end, it won’t work for you to do jobs that you don’t enjoy and that are out of alignment with your creative abilities and vision.

    If you know that your commitment to these dull jobs is short-term and you accept that this is just a temporary situation that is holding you over until you get connected to a job that is correct for you, then your state of mind will be much freer. You could think of the jobs you have that you don’t like as stepping stones to something better. You are simply in transition waiting for your sacral to respond to the right opportunity. The generator sacral is always responding; you simply need to get in touch with that.

    If you are jumping the gun, so to speak, because you are trying to prevent a situation, then you are not listening to your sacral and you will find yourself in an uncomfortable place. As a generator type, you have access to your truth through your sacral. It is important for you to connect with that, rather than using your mind to determine whether or not you should make this or that choice, or this or that move.

    You should always ask your sacral if this situation is right for you. You will get a yes or no. If you are getting nothing, your sacral has gone to sleep, but you can wake it up by asking yourself questions that can be answered with a yes or no. It is best to begin by asking yourself questions that have no charge to them. Simple things like: do I want some ice cream right now? Would I like to have a cup of tea? Do I want to see a movie? Then you can ask yourself if this job is right for you, if now is the time to take on more work, if it is OK for you to stay as you are. You can ask yourself yes or no questions every day. You will learn to trust your sacral.

    Go ahead and ask your sacral if now is the time to take on more projects. If it is OK to wait to take on projects. If now is the time to make certain changes and let go of what is not working for you, and so on. Eventually, you will get enormous clarity on what your next steps are. The sacral never lies. It is where you will find your truth each step of the way.

    I hope this is helpful. You can always work with me over Skype.

    Warm regards,
    Gloria Constantin

  9. Sam Morrisson says:

    Hi Gloria,

    You are definitely right, I feel like I was letting those emotions of lack and expectation/anticipation get the best of me. I just want to take a moment to thank you for writing such a heart felt email. I think that my perception of reality was getting a bit distorted and started going into victim/survivor mode which is not usual of me. I have a question, how can I connect with my Sacral?

    Thank you so much!

  10. gloria says:

    Hi, Sam.

    As I said in my previous post to you, to wake up and connect to your sacral, begin by asking yourself questions that have no charge to them and that can only be answered with a yes or no. You do not ask open-ended questions! Simple yes or no questions like: do I want some ice cream right now? Would I like to have a cup of tea? Do I want to see a movie? Then, after your sacral is warmed up, you can move on to questions that you really want the answers to.


    Again, the fastest way for you to find out whether or not something is correct for you is to ask yourself – or better yet – have someone ask you — questions that can only be answered with a yes or no. The sacral responds with uh-huh for yes and un-unh for no, unless you have the 34/20 channel. Then your response is so fast it’s quicker to say yes or no. Some sample questions to warm up the sacral:

    § Do you like chocolate?
    § Do you like coffee?
    § Do you like broccoli?
    § Is your life stress-free?
    § Do you smoke?
    § Do you drink too much coffee?
    § Do you get regular exercise?
    § Do you get enough sleep?
    § Do you get enough relaxation?
    § Do you have a satisfying life-partnership?
    § Do you have positive, supportive friends?
    § Do you get along well with your co-workers?
    § Do you look forward to beginning work each day?
    § Do you live where you want to live?
    § Do you love what you do?
    § Are you getting the opportunities you need?
    § Are you getting the recognition you need?
    § Do you feel that you are able to fully express your power?
    § Do you have a career that is in line with your true calling?
    § Do you have the time to pursue your creative desires?
    § Do you manifest everything you need effortlessly and easily?
    § Do you earn what you are worth?
    § Do you have freedom from fear of lack?
    § Do you have financial worries?
    § Do you manifest everything you want effortlessly and easily?
    § Do you love where you live?
    § Do you have a creative space for yourself that is fulfilling?

    Remember to stay OUT of your head. Your mind is for strategizing, creating logistics, analyzing the situation, etc. Once you know if a situation is correct for you, then go to your mind for how to get from here to there.

    I hope this is helpful. If you need more assistance, you can set up a session with me.

    Warm regards,
    Gloria Constantin

  11. Logan Freeman says:

    I can relate to the material above about waiting for the right time and being connected. It’s hard sometimes to figure out what these so called signs are, but I personally stopped really questioning it and found it a sign from a higher power/ god.

    The universe is all connected and we are all energy, shaping and transferring cells and information on a molecular level.

  12. Kris says:

    wow! spot on! finally some clarity – thank you so very much! will dive right into practice.

    the question though from a busy mind –
    it gets tricky with all those questions, for example – i KNOW that i like chocolate (maybe the 20-34 plays itself this way out?).
    (the hesitation part really helps to recognize when the mind butts in)

    i am relatively new to HD, and is it possible to shut down those centers due to stress? i’ve lost connection to my emotional and sacral centers several years ago (although they are defined in the body graph) – so i am on my way to re-discover and re-feel them. so once again – thank you for your tips and insights!

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Kris!

      Thank you for writing.

      If you already know the answer to a yes-no question, then don’t ask it. Use one that you don’t automatically know the answer to.

      You bet it’s possible to shut down your Sacral and Emotional Centers! It’s possible to shut down, period. This is often the result of burnout. Burnout comes from not following your path. Burnout is directly linked to leaping ahead and making things happen without first RESPONDING. When you repeatedly override the Sacral’s response, it will go dormant. But as I’ve said above in another reply, you can wake up your Sacral. Be gentle and be honest. Don’t apply pressure. Warm up your Sacral by initially asking questions that have no charge. Trust that your Sacral will support you. Trust that your Sacral will wake up. It will! It’s a powerful motor, and it is there to serve you by showing you the correct direction. To the extent that you are engaged in living your own life according to its blueprint and original agenda, your Sacral is also engaged. You cannot escape your connection to the Sacral — it is an integral part of your make-up and your highest functioning depends on allowing its truth to give you clarity and show you the way.

  13. Eve Soban says:

    In response to Yavor:

    Talk about the Sacral responding to signs!! Your letter triggered so many hair raising, skin crawling “yes-s” that I had to stop reading several times to let my adrenaline calm down hahahahaha

    So my instincts are guiding me now to ask you to contact me on Facebook under “Eve Soban” because I am meant to be part of the evolved humans you will introduce me to at home.

    I’m coming home to Bulgaria after a life long journey around the world and I made the decision entirely from my gut, both not having a rational plan for what I will do there but at the same time knowing beyobd the shadow of a doubt that a huge energy is enveloping my arrival already and will literally throw magical things and people at me that I cannot picture in my mind’s eye right now.

    I have experience with this type of “call” many times in my life, so I have learned to simply respond to the call, point my feet in that direction (buy the one way ticket) and hold space for what’s coming.

    Well, your comment is simply one of the first (very loud) confirmations reaching out through the ethers to tap me on the shoulder and say “hello, youre on the right path, come this way, please ????”

    Looking forward to meeting soon.

  14. L MT says:

    Hi, Gloria.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a few questions; hope you can help. I am a manifesting generator. But don’t feel it at all. I am meant to have energy, but in fact I have no energy at all. If anything, I would consider myself pretty lazy. And in terms of multi-tasking and being the worker energy, I am totally incapable of doing two things at the same time. And am overwhelmed very, very quickly when I have more than a couple things on my todo list. I procrastinate all the time and actually don’t get much done at all.

    I am in my 30s, and when I think back, I have had lots opportunities for work that I would be excited about and would start to work on, but nothing ever manifested from any of them. The one thing I will agree with is I do get physically ill when I do work just for the sake of saying I have a job. So I’ve decided to stop doing that.
    I am desperate to find direction and purpose in my life and would love to have the qualities you describe but don’t feel I do.

    Have you in your experience come across a manifesting generator like myself?

    • gloria says:

      Hi, L MT. Thanks for writing.

      I have to ask:

      • How’s your health? Are you suffering from a physical infirmity or impediment that is getting in the way of you accomplishing anything?

      • How’s your support system? Do you have people around you who care about you, and that you trust?

      • Are you living in an area that you enjoy so much you couldn’t possibly entertain the idea of moving? Or do you live in an area that gets you down, and in order to make it through the day, you’ve shoved it down for so long that you’ve lost touch with your center and what really motivates you?

      • Have you tried hard to please others, making yourself take on a career or direction that doesn’t resonate with you?

      • Have you been putting off what you really long to do because it isn’t practical or easy to attain?

      • Are you being truly honest with yourself about what you really long to do? About what appeals to you?

      • Are you taking the advice of people who don’t really care about what you want and need? (This is deadly.)

      When people are stuck, as you seem to be, and in addition, have no energy, and in addition, have no idea what direction to go in, it is indicative of having lost touch with your essential self. Or, it could be that you are depressed or ill, or a combination of having lost your way and your health. And any of those will cause you to lose your center.

      I think it’s time to take some time to do things that are interesting for you. You seem to have lost your palate for living, for the ability to find anything delicious in your life. You need to get your juices stirring. I think a good approach for you would be to start simple – you need some pleasure in your life; some basic pleasures that will get you back in touch with the richness that is actually available to you in this life. Enjoyments.

      It could be as simple as eating ice cream, enjoying a movie, eating a delicious meal, listening to music that stirs you, looking at beauty – nature, museums, art galleries. Enrichments. Perhaps you don’t get out enough. Getting out opens up new possibilities because it helps you shake off stagnant energy and gets you interested in something other than the decor at the bottom of the well you’ve spent far too much time in. You need to stir up your energy.

      What have you been putting off? What have you been longing for? See if you can remember what used to light you up. You are several years past your first Saturn return, and this period is a time when things should be unfolding for you, and you are making decisions about your life based on what is calling to you, asking for your attention, or teasing you to look further into.

      Instead, you seem to be doing the opposite – contracting instead of expanding. I encourage you to look within and flush out the fears that are keeping you turning very tight circles. You need to make a break for it. You need to break out, tear down the walls, or climb over them. Even if you don’t know where you’re going exactly, start taking steps. Just move, and walk towards what appeals to you. Even if the appeal isn’t much, you need to redevelop your sense of what is fun, interesting, and good in life. You need to start somewhere. The more you do that, the more you will be able to identify your path.

      There is more than one path, and more than one way to get there. The trails you travel are up to you. But you need to get up and take some action. Do not demand too much clarity at this time, or expect a certain outcome. What is important is that you start moving towards something that has some degree of interest. You will eventually self-correct, and continue to self-correct, so that you move towards what is of greater and greater interest.

      Keep in mind that this is not the time to censor yourself because what you want to do and are interested in seems off beat or impractical or unconventional. You must be true to yourself. Being true to yourself, or following your truth, and sticking with that, is what will pull you out of the deep hole you are in. Dismiss your fears. Confront them. You have nothing to lose, but you do have a life to reclaim. Your life is sacred and precious. Get on with the business of taking care of it.

      Warm regards,

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