Sessions and Fees

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ADDITIONAL SESSIONS, regardless of type, are half the cost of an initial session ($197), or $97 an hour. To qualify, you must have had an initial session.  Sessions are held via phone, Zoom, or Skype. You will receive an audio file of your session.

I am available for mentoring/counseling on an on-going basis — for as long  as you want to have conversations. Treating yourself to more than one conversation will allow for continued support. If you are interested in on-going conversations, we can discuss the package that will work  for you.

Human Design is an extraordinary tool that offers a comprehensive journey through your personality. It also recognizes five energy types, all of which are wired to function uniquely. Your Design is your blueprint of how YOU are intended to live your life. It can tell you how to create the success that is appropriate to your type. Knowing your energy type is the beginning of wisdom! One hour sessions are over the phone. You will receive a recording of your session.

Initial Human Design Session is $197 for a one hour reading. This is not an on-the-fly reading of your chart, i.e., a reading with no background preparation.  The fee includes time spent prior to your session for review of your Human Design chart, your natal astrology chart, and current transits and progressions to that chart; noting whether you are inside of a major life cycle shift (Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, Eclipse impacts, etc.), as well as reviewing your questions. Your reading also includes a forecast of the energies for your personal year ahead...

Combination Reading: Gauquelin Astrology with Human Design (Gauquelin Design) Although Human Design’s capacity to assess an individual’s unique path is amazingly comprehensive, applying the information contained in your Gauquelin Astrology to your Human Design chart will augment its insights into who you are, and further illuminate why you are the way you are. Readings are approximately 90 (ninety) minutes, are done over the phone, and are recorded. You will receive the audio file of your session. $247

The Story of Your Chart I will write the story of your chart. This story can be likened to a painting of you. When I look at your Astrology and your Human Design, I see spiritual, emotional, and psychological patterns that you selected when you gave yourself your Design and your Celestial palette of planets. The story of your chart can show you the essence of who you are, not just through the traits you chose, but also through how you choose to express them. $197

Spiritual Counseling & Guidance Sometimes you just need to talk things out. Having a spiritual counselor listen to you without judgment allows the often muddled and convoluted cauldron of thoughts and feelings to come to the surface where they can be seen and clearly articulated. Living the life that would fulfill you (and I’m not talking about conventional success) is living a life that is truly in alignment with who you are. It is living a life where you are not afraid to follow your soul’s calling. Living the life you came to live is your personal “Great Work” and highest mandate. This is where your focus needs to be — permanently. I can help you get that focus back.

The initial session is $197 and approximately 60 minutes, All sessions are over the phone. You will receive a recording.  After your purchase is made, I will contact you on setting up a session. Let’s get started today!

While we can cover a lot of ground in a single session, no session is meant to be, nor can it be, all-inclusive. Additional sessions are half the cost of an initial session. 

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