Soul Alignment Reading

NOTE: This reading is different from a regular Human Design reading in that the Chart is taken apart so that the Design and the Personality are interpreted individually. The Design is the story of your current incarnation, or Life Purpose, and the Personality is your Soul Purpose for this incarnation.  In order for the alignment between the Design and Personality to be successful, we first identify the story, or intentions, of your Soul Purpose (what you came here to experience), and your Life purpose (the vehicle that establishes the parameters inside of which the Soul will operate for this lifetime). Then we look at how to integrate the two so that you are truly living out your dharma, or who you came here to be.  Essentially, your Soul Purpose will be lived through the Design vehicle, or the current incarnation. The details of each are absolutely unique to you.  This combination creates a deliberate focus.   All you need to do is discover what that is, and I can help you with that!

Human Design And Your Life Purpose

Every Human Design Chart contains a Design Crystal and a Personality Crystal. Your Design Crystal, in essence, carries the “human suit” your soul will be wearing in this incarnation. It contains the history of all of the lifetimes that this “suit” has worn, unique personality quirks, and most importantly, the life purpose of this incarnation that you are participating in.

The Design Crystal story is encoded in the Unconscious (red) elements on the chart and resides in the Ajna Center. The Design in locked in 88 astrological degrees before you are born.

Human Design And Your Soul Purpose

But the Design Crystal is just one part of this story. At the moment of your birth, a second crystal, the Personality Crystal, enters your body. The Personality Crystal carries the intention of your soul in this lifetime — your soul purpose.

The Personality Crystal is encoded in the Conscious (black) elements in the chart and resides in the Head Center. The Personality is locked in when you are born.

Our souls incarnate with the intention to learn, grow, and evolve. We carry out these lessons by putting on a “human suit” and then integrating the story of our human incarnation with the intention of our soul to grow and experience life on earth. 

The greatest challenge of our life is to learn to integrate the intention of our Soul (Personality Crystal) and the story of our Life (Design Crystal).

In other words, we grow and expand in consciousness when we can integrate our Life Purpose and our Soul Purpose.  Our specific physical identity is intended to be the vehicle for the expansion of our soul in this time and place.  Surrendering to and accepting who we are “in the flesh” is the fastest way to integrate or marry our life and soul purpose.  

When we can sync up these two big elements of “who we think we are” and Who We Truly Are, our lives become more peaceful and meaningful and we spend our energy doing what we came here to do instead of resisting our soul intentions and struggling with our life story.

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Sessions are held over the phone. I will send you the audio file of your recorded session. When you request a reading, please email me with your birth date, time, and place. Please also include the concerns and questions you want me to address during your reading.  

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