Hi, Gloria. I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for all of your help and to let you know that I appreciate your insights. 2017 was a tough year, starting out with the loss of my mother and continuing through a second hip operation (which was successful). It’s so nice to have someone in my corner who can validate my impressions and offer advice and suggestions. You have some remarkable gifts. Without your help, I would not have been able to get off of “top-dead center.” For me, every session is like a shot of vitamin B-12!  Hal


There’s something really special about Gloria’s Human Design readings.  She was able to articulate things about me that I hadn’t even brought to my awareness, but which I realized were true. Gloria brings her competence in various systems to her readings.  Her background includes extensive studies in astrology, soul progression and soul archetypes, and transformative coaching, among others, but it isn’t just her fluidity in these systems that makes her unique. Gloria also brings a great deal of life wisdom to her readings, and this makes her sessions rich and deep.  Again, it’s not just her knowledge of the mechanics, and it’s not just her wisdom that makes her readings so special. She has the magical ability to zone in on your unique story.  Gloria’s Human Design readings are cutting edge, and will redirect your life to help you get back in touch with your soul’s purpose.  ~ M. Valdez


A friend (himself a skeptic) who knows I’ve never put stock in astrology or ever heard of Gauquelin Astrology or Human Design, was so impressed with Gloria Constantin’s readings that he gifted me with a Human Design reading.  Not only was the accuracy downright eerie, Gloria shed light, perspective, and insight into aspects of myself that I had no idea were recognizable, let alone understandable. The gift is incalculable. I Recommend Gloria With Full Amazement & Enthusiasm!  ~ Heinze, MA / 2016


I discovered Gloria’s website, “Living from Your Essence,” in a quest to find information about my soul’s purpose and I decided to pay for a Wisdom Guide Session with her. During my session with Gloria, she listened carefully to all of my questions and concerns, and she was very patient and kind. I could tell that she truly wanted to help me. She recognized my passion for health and wellness, helped me to understand my purpose in life as a healer and medical empath, and discussed with me the impact I could have on others. She gave me a sense of validation about myself.


I was impressed with Gloria’s wisdom in the first session, so I paid for multiple sessions with her. Each session was unique and opened my eyes to future possibilities. After each session, I felt a sense of relief and each time I gained more clarity about myself as a person, my gifts and talents, and the way I am “humanly designed.”


I consider Gloria a counselor, teacher, mentor and most importantly, a friend. I enjoyed our conversations and having someone who actually listens to me. Before I met Gloria, I felt “stuck” in a career that I did not like, afraid of change, and exhausted. After meeting Gloria, I feel more confident about who I am and my place in this life and I am pursuing my path as a healer. My sessions with her have changed the way I look at myself and others in a positive way, and I would highly recommend her services to others! ~ Melody L


Gloria Constantin expertly guided me through a journey of discovering some of my key past lives and the spiritual reasons for what happened in them. I found her work illuminating and very worthwhile. She brings much caring and integrity to the process. I highly recommend her.

~ Shepherd Hoodwin, Michael Channel and Author of The Journey of Your Soul.


The information you provided in my Human Design session with you is a game-changer in my life, giving me new excitement and energy to live in a different way and try something new. I feel liberated! I needed this change so very much and I can feel the energy shift. I’m curious to learn more about me and I want to know what design others are, too. THANK YOU, GLORIA! ~ Audrey


Gloria brings a wealth of knowledge to her work. She answered every one of my questions in depth prior to our session. As a facilitator of past-life regressions, she stays very present throughout the process. I felt emotionally safe in working with her, which allowed me to sink into the experience more fully. I walked away with greater compassion for myself and a better understanding about how to navigate issues in my current life.

~ Lisa


Gloria brings integrity and a generosity of spirit to her work. She has a volume of knowledge, a clear sense of the sacred and other dimensions and how they work, and a genuine caringness for other people’s evolution and process. I experienced a needed healing and and an ability to move beyond present difficulties during our work together. I recommend her highly.

~ Jyoti Wind, Astrologer, Author.


The past life regression with you was a turning point for me, and it was one of the signs I experienced over the weekend that led me to my final decision to take another path that had been calling to me for some time. I enjoyed and marveled at our shared experience and really appreciate all the time you spent with me – guiding me through my many lives. Thank you! ~ Linda


I thought this program (Calling in “The One”) was one of the best experiences of my life.  It opened up my eyes, heart and soul to areas of myself that I had either forgotten through neglect or ignored due to fear.  With Gloria’s incredible support and nurturing, as well as amazing insights to myself, I am changed forever. ~ Carolyn N.


As my coach, Gloria was wonderfully supportive, open and nurturing, making it very safe to be myself and have a deep, honest experience. ~ Patricia M.


As my coach, Gloria was intuitive and full of love. I felt seen and appreciated. Gloria has an excellent ability to be with what is, and to gently guide you and take a stand for you. She is powerful, and when I was being coached I believed in myself fully. ~ Anna P.