The Story of Your Chart

Every chart has a story, and I will write the story of your chart.  When I look at your Astrology and your Human Design, I see spiritual, emotional, and psychological patterns inherent to your Design and your astrological planetary placements. These patterns can and will express themselves on a spectrum of traits that range from quietude to intensity. And no one expresses the same traits in the same way! Your character traits, and the attributes of those traits, are some of the “clothing” your soul chose to wear in order to experience life from specific vantages – that is – this “clothing” attracts you to certain types of experiences, and also attracts certain experiences to you.  The story of your chart can show you the essence of who you are, not just through the traits you chose, but also through how you choose to express them.

The story is written in first person, from your point of view. This portrait can be likened to a painting.  NOTE: These samples are much shorter in length than the actual product, but give you a really good idea of their flow.

Here is the first example:

Conscious Archetype: I honor the past and learn from it. I show others how the best of the past can build a better future.

Unconscious Archetype: A leader who listens to her people.

I’m a very complex person. I have always understood the ways of logic and grasped at a glance how the puzzle will fit together. I can see the pieces and know immediately where they belong. I understand, too, how elements come together to create systems; I see where the pieces must fit to create an organized whole. I can also see which pieces are missing, and which pieces are not quite correct, and how those can be modified to make them fit – correctly.

I have always heard the call of the faraway. I sense that there is a greater mind or consciousness that is holding everything together. But not just holding everything together – it is making those things that are needed to hold everything together. It is also making Everything, and it is making every thing fit. Things do come together, and they fit, but there is a great deal that does not fit and for which we need to create pieces that do fit. But first, we need to know (I need to know) what is the everything that we want to create (that I want to create). When I know that, or at least have a good sense of it, I will be able to focus on making the right piece, and begin to take steps in the right direction.

I like to think about things – a lot – and I also like to dream about what could be. About what is possible. But even if something isn’t really possible, at least not yet in the world as we know it, it is no deterrent to keep me from imagining. It seems I spend a great deal of time lost in my imagination and my dreams. My imagination is far-reaching; I place no limits on where I go with it, and what I can see. I see many things that have not yet come into being, and I wonder why some of them haven’t. Some of them are truly possible.

I am always looking for answers, looking for – oh, I don’t always know what it is I’m looking for – but I can almost tell what it is. Almost. I get glimpses and flashes of inspiration. I can see it – in the same way that you can catch a glimpse of someone’s shirt or the back of their shoe as they turned the corner, just when you looked. It’s out there, all kinds of wonderful, exciting possibilities. And they are things, real things that you can hold on to, that you can touch. I sometimes feel that I have nearly gotten hold of it and that I will be able to name exactly what it is that I’m seeing and sensing and feeling, and then I will be able to bring it into my reality and have a relationship with it. It will have a name, and it will know me. It will know who I am. I am waiting for that. I long for that.

I have such powerful feelings, but I don’t always know where they come from. At times I want to express my feelings with an operatic force; with overwhelming and robust passion. I feel the winds of the past, and the desires of the future. They are very hot, so hot I sometimes feel as though I am being burned alive. It is excruciating and divine at the same time.

What I want, more than anything, is to live a life that has profound meaning and that will give me insight beyond explanation, beyond words. I want to know things. And I do know them, but I can’t find all the words – just some of them. There is so much beauty in what I feel and what I know is possible that the pain of it knocks me to the ground, and sometimes I can’t breathe from so much beauty. The richness found inside of all this meaning that eludes my words but fills my heart makes me feel like I’m about to implode. I wish I could just scream it all from the rooftops, then everyone would know! I want to show everyone the beauty I feel. I want them to know. It is so rich and so huge, and more than that, there’s a story in this beauty that has the potential to show others how to get from where they are to where they need to be.

I am driven by a desire, by a need so compelling and so profound that I will not stop seeking to find and hold its beauty, or the beauty and pain that I feel. When I can hold it (and I do at times!), I can show it to others, and they cautiously come closer to see it better. But it is like holding the most fragile of butterflies whose wings will turn to dust if touched. I can only hold these visions of beauty in the field of energy inside my palms, or inside my mind’s eye. When all of us can see it, this precious butterfly, I will be able to release it and it will take us down the path of our common ancestors. Here we will hear them speak, as we move through ancient tunnels into familiar sparkling meadows. They will tell us the story of the lives we once lived, and the lives we are now being invited to live. Who we are now comes from who we were, but who we were can be completely changed into something greater and more wonderful by who we can become.

I am the keeper of the stories of our tribe. They have been given to me to hold in my heart, and I remember them in my dreams. I give our stories words, and these words come from my gift of being able to find the right pieces, the right nuance, the right rhythm, and sense of a thing. I don’t have ALL the words or all the inspiration or all the imagination, but I have enough of these to guide us all back to our mutual awakening. Together, we can remake our history into one where butterflies have no fear of being crushed to dust, and where feelings and logic and imagination and inspiration come together to create a world of such beauty and meaning that all of us wake up knowing who we are, weeping with joy because we KNOW what we have each been entrusted to do, and realizing that we are, each of us, exactly what is needed for these times.

I am so grateful that I was made exactly as I am.

* ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ * * ~ *

Here is another story:

Conscious Archetype: I nurture and protect what is waiting to be born.

Unconscious Archetype: Through my stories, I teach others how to maximize their gifts.

There is a saying that goes – “What does it benefit a woman to gain the whole world if she loses her soul?”

There is a place within us all that is the real place. It doesn’t have anything to do with the world. It doesn’t have anything to do with jobs or money or your place in society. It has to do with your private feelings, your inner compass, your deepest self. Nobody can tell me what the truth is. They can guide me. They can give me advice. They can show me their example. But my private truth is not out there in the world. My private truth is not on the lips of a teacher, however wise that teacher may be. My private truth is inside me. And however many mistakes I make, however many people call me lazy or impractical or unrealistic, I must seek my private truth. I must find my inner compass. For good or ill, I must be who I am. And you must be who you are. I walk my private path to my private truth, and you walk your private path to your private truth, and guidance is only partly useful because no two paths are exactly the same.

Even so, I’m profoundly fascinated by people. By their feelings, their values, hopes and fears; their stories, paradoxes, and contradictions. If someone prefers a certain kind of music or takes pleasure in sitting in the dark, that is fascinating to me. Everything tells a story. I can tell stories because I’m a poet, a teacher, a communicator, and so much more.

I sometimes see myself as a character in a play, and you may think that that’s a bad thing – maybe kind of phony and self-centered – but, the truth is, it’s a good thing, because I function much better when I see myself that way. It has to do with courage. When I see myself as an ordinary person living an ordinary life I tend to get cautious and conservative, but when I see myself as a character in a play it gives me the courage to do out-of-the-ordinary things, and I NEED to do out-of-the-ordinary things. It’s my DESTINY. And because my life is my story and my play, any ending is OK. If I take a risk and succeed, that’s OK because I’m a heroine, but if I take a risk and fail, that’s OK too, because I’m a tragic figure, and either way, it makes a good story, but more than that, some essential truth about what it means to be human is revealed.

I’m interested in all sorts of things: science, art, drama, psychology, mythology, metaphysics. I have a free-associating mind, and I’m always combining things that don’t necessarily go together. I find life exciting and mysterious. There is so much to know and so much I want to know. There is so much to learn and do, and I am drawn to the thick of all of it, like a moth to a flame. No, like an angel to the darkness, so I can bring it to light, like a storyteller who speaks sounds that have not yet been spoken and weaves the tales that brings understanding and redemption to everything.

There is always something just beyond the horizon that beckons to me. I have gradually discovered that I can find what is on the other side of the horizon by expressing myself. It’s as if I am a channel for what has not yet come into being, and it is through me that new things become manifest. If I do not speak or act, they cannot come into being. So I need to express myself. I MUST express myself. And that’s easy to do – there’s so much material! I talk about my childhood, my relationships, my defeats, my conquests, my struggles, my pain, my dreams, my nightmares, my breakdowns, my breakthroughs, and my spiritual awakenings. I treat all my stories and as epic events, not only because they are, but because hidden in these stories is the seed of something new. I am vastly interested in your story as well. Between your story and mine something new is seeking to be born.

I push boundaries. I seek community. I need to share and instill my values. I need to find my real values and help you find yours because these will get us back on track with truly supporting and nourishing who we are.

I am a soft-hearted person. I try to be warm and sympathetic, to treat people with kindness, to empathize with their viewpoint, and to walk a mile in their shoes. Do I always succeed? No, I don’t because I have my own emotional needs, because I have financial needs, and because I’m human. We’re all human, and life isn’t always easy. It’s only natural to get frustrated sometimes, but I want to be more loving. I want to be more giving. I want to be kinder and more helpful. I want to see people happy. It hurts me to see anyone suffer. And that is why I am gravitate to situations that have a moral charge to them. There are oppressors and underdogs, and I am on the side of the underdog. From time to time I take an unpopular stance, risking popularity in order to speak the truth. But it’s more complicated than that because as much as I need to be part of a group, as much as I need to network and share, at my core I remain an individual, and every choice I make is informed by that. Even so, I my overarching principle and goal is to do the right thing by everyone.

Even though (or maybe because) I am self-sacrificing and dutiful, I live with an unspoken sense of loss. Although I walk the main road for the most part, I feel most comfortable on the road less traveled. But no matter which road I’m on, I can never leave behind my sense of melancholy and loss. Most of the time it is as though I can “hear” my melancholy as echoes from an ancient time, and sometimes it is as close as the wind that whips beside my ear.

I’m an intense person. I’m passionate and demanding. I’m an ambitious person. I’m a go-getter. I have a lot of energy, some of which goes to my various professions, and some of which goes to my various and sundry pursuits, which are too numerous to name. I’m bold. I have chutzpah. I’m not afraid of risk. I’m the kind of person who jumps into the water with both feet and THEN figures out how to swim.

I have always hungered for meaning and significance. I am drawn to psychological and spiritual insight. I thank my design that I have gifts as a story-teller and oracle because it is through these that I can best communicate the yearnings of my soul. I would say that, in summary, the most important things to me are love, friendship, togetherness, family, being accepted, making the world a better place, but most of all, the freedom to be myself.

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