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I offer readings in Human Design, Astrology, Human Design with Astrology, Human Design with EFT, Return Readings using both Human Design and astrology: Solar Returns, Saturn Returns, the Uranus Opposition, Chiron Returns, Relationship Readings, and Astrocartography.  Go to Services for my list of services and to make a purchase. 

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to gain deeper insights into yourself and your place in the world? A way to understand your natural tendencies, communication style, and emotional needs on a deeper level?

You know how sometimes you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential? Like you’re not quite sure what your purpose is or how to best utilize your unique talents and strengths? Or maybe you’re feeling stuck in your career or relationships, unsure of how to move forward?

A reading with me can help you answer these questions.

More Reasons To Have A Reading With Me

  • Because I have personally worked with questions of purpose for years.
  • Because I have devoted myself to the study of systems that point to purpose.
  • Because I can help you identify your gifts and your purpose.
  • Because I have tools to help you work through life’s challenges.
  • Because I can help you get clear on how to make choices that empower you.
  • Because I can counsel you on how to live your best life.
  • Because it is my passion to be your Soul’s Mentor.

Experience: I’ve been studying astrology since the mid-1980’s, and these studies include traditional astrology as well as Michel Gauquelin’s research.  I’ve been working with Human Design for ten years and coaching for over 20. I’ve offered readings for over 30 years.   To stay current, I continue to take classes in astrology, human design, coaching, and related areas.

What You Will Experience During A Session With Me

Warm, friendly, caring, open, responsive and responsible listening and interaction.  This session is all about you and for you.  While each Human Design type has an overarching purpose, it is the specifics of your Design and Astrology that will reveal and confirm your own path.  We will dig deep into your charts to validate your gifts and life direction. You will learn how your charts reveal and support your purpose. You will come away from a session with me feeling renewed, recognized, relieved, and ready to embrace your life.

The Philosophy Behind My Practice

I believe that everyone has a unique dharma, and that your dharma is the sacred purpose for your life.  Your life is extremely intentional, and much time was put into its planning.  Your life is unique because it is specifically designed to meet your soul’s agenda, or the soul intentions (dharma) for your life.  You were given specific tools, talents, and resources to fulfill your dharma.  When you recognize and utilize these, you will be living your purpose. 

Your uniqueness is also the result of your soul’s trajectory, or history.  As a result of that history, your life will have a specific plan because your life is designed to expand on the lives that came before. Fame, money, power, and status are intentionally woven into a life.  They are not accidental allocations of the Universe.  Having extensive visibility as a celebrity has its own dharma and karma, and we do not seek celebrity status for every life.  Each life we have different roles and assignments, and different contributions to make.  No life is more important than another, but it is essential to your well-being that you are living out your soul intentions, or purpose.

I Interweave Different Systems 

To help you discover your soul intentions, or the purpose of your life, I use the modalities of Human Design, Astrology, and 9 Star Ki. Each of these systems offers its insights on your temperament and yearnings. They are like a costume that you wear to denote your unique style, but none of these systems is your soul — they are maps and they are tools, and they also serve as a compass that help you identify your purpose by guiding you to that purpose.

You Are Your Core Consciousness 

Your Soul is your Core Consciousness, and it anchors you to your purpose. Each soul is very unique in its makeup; that is, in its frequency, history, needs, and talents, and that makes you very unique, even if you share the same human design type and birth date with others.  As a result, no two paths will be the same.  

When we understand and make the best use of the systems we are born into, we are naturally reminded of our goals for our lives, and we are then able to best express what we came here to do. This is because these systems give us specific aptitudes and yearnings that remind us of our purpose, are specifically designed to assist us with our purpose, and also compel us to live our purpose.  This is why I offer readings – to give you feedback, insights,  information, and validation.


My clients understand that a reading is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. My clients understand that a reading is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical, or other qualified health professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters.


Gloria is a certified Transformative Coach.  She is a graduate of the Human Design System and of the Quantum Alignment System. She holds a Certificate of Completion in the Quantum Human DesignTM Coach Mastermind Program. Last but not least, Gloria is a 1/3 Emotional Projector with Scorpio rising, an Aries Sun, and Capricorn Moon.

To live from our essence is to cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment, regardless of the external circumstances of our lives. It is to recognize that our true nature is not defined by the roles we play or the things we acquire, but by the essence of who we are at our core.

Living from our essence requires that we let go of the false beliefs and ideas that we have been conditioned to accept, and that we connect with the deeper, more authentic aspects of ourselves.

One of the key principles of living from your essence is the idea that we are all interconnected, that we are all part of a larger whole. This means that our actions and choices have an impact not only on ourselves, but on the world around us as well. When we live from our essence, we strive to create a more loving, compassionate, and harmonious world, one that is characterized by connection rather than separation. ~ Living From Your Essence

The currency of the Quantum Era is well-being. ~ Karen Curry Parker

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. ~ Rumi

It is helpful to remember that the spectacle of life, with its theatrics and convoluted plot twists, is more about the journey than the individual scenes and associated pitfalls. This does not negate the disappointments and the occasional harshness of the life experience, but it can make life more bearable if the overall arc is considered as an all-encompassing whole. When challenging obstacles cross your path, remember that this is only one point in the arc of your life, and what is NOW is not necessarily what will be tomorrow. The arc of your life proves this. Embrace your journey and ignore the potholes. You may trip over a couple along the way, but keep moving forward. The relentless march of your life continues. Profound joy may be just ahead. ~ Michael channeled by Dave Gregg

All beings, including human beings, have an unquenchable desire to pour forth their gifts. That is why if you are in a situation where your gifts are not valued, not received, or not useful, you will want to leave that situation, that job or relationship. No matter how much you are being paid, no matter how scared you are to leave the relationship, you’re going to want to bust out and develop and express your capacity to give to the world in service of something you care about. ~Charles Eisenstein

We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born. ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Our direction in life is designed to take us where we receive support for the authentic expression of our self. ~ Evolving Consciousness

Our command-and-control culture tells us that we are supposed to take charge of life and tell it who we are, what we need, and where we want to go. I’m not denying that we need to make decisions. But at age 76, it’s very clear to me that by following my life as one would follow a stream, rather than trying to drive it like a machine, I’ve been able to go places in life and work to which I never could have taken myself. ~ Parker J. Palmer

It is useless to try to be something you are not. The Universe cannot be fooled. When you deny who you are, you are battling the Universe in its efforts to be authentic. ~ Evolving Consciousness

Do what you say you are going to do. Show up when you are asked to show up and stay as long as you are needed. ~ Evolving Consciousness

Taos, New Mexico