At the risk of sounding like a complete heretic of the prevailing cultural paradigm (the one that says you aren’t somebody unless you look like this and have status, money, and power, and have achieved so much and received so many kudoes and accolades), let me share with you some of the observations and explorations I have made concerning life purpose, or a life with purpose.

First and foremost, this is a place, of limitation. L I M I T A T I O N. Because things are palpable here, and because actions have consequences, and choice always has results, the tendency for consciousness-in-a-body is to seek the most supportive ways of receiving positive recognition, safety, and security. And because things are palpable here, it is easy to be seduced by the illusion that only these things matter. 

Being physical can be wonderful if our physical needs are met.  When we have  money, education, a great place to live, a great job, satisfying relationships, life is good.  It is when our needs are NOT met that we feel undeserving and worthless, and we wonder why it is that we do not have the support that ensures we will have meaningful and important lives. And yet,when  circumstances give us pause, we may discover the potential for inner wealth.

Some say the world is incontrovertibly made up of winners and losers. And if you’re a loser, well…make better choices next time, honey. And if you want to get right down to it, why did you pick that weak body? Did you think you’d get more sympathy that way, or maybe just get out of some of the really hard work the rest of us have had to put in to get where we are…what WERE you thinking? Well, good luck to you. Or better luck next time, but I have a life to live, a yacht to sail, and some VIPs to meet for drinks. Well, have a good one. Get some beauty rest or treatments. Or something!

Wait a minute. Are you saying that I have to earn my worthiness or right to be here, and that the only way to do this is to go to the best schools, wear the best clothes, have an Ivy League degree, and have abundant cash flow? Are you saying that if I don’t have the right stuff that I might as well kiss this life good-bye?

If this is the truth that many live with, then perhaps that is their personal truth. But it is not mine. I have a different take on things. The life I have lived veers from the mainstream because my life task and soul agenda have led me on an exploration of a lesser traveled path.  And I am not alone in this.

Everyone has limitations. Limitations differ, and they can differ so vastly as to create confusion and cause angst-driven issues of viability, survivability, and worthiness so that we are compelled to either stand up or fall down.

What is apparent via the givenness of things is not necessarily what is. What is – is your experience of life. How you live it, what you make of it. THIS IS YOUR LIFE. And how you understand the purpose of your life, and the actions you take to express that, will be driven by the gifts, insights, and meanings that you make for yourself.

While we are connected, we are also diverse. We are none of us the same. We are deeply unique and individual as souls, and what we have to offer is unique.

Not everyone came here to get an MBA or PhD or become an Olympic athlete. Not everyone came here to invest in real estate or to facilitate corporate mergers or lead tours in Europe. Not everyone can sing opera. Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone expresses fluently. Not everyone gets, or seeks, attention. Some of us are gardeners. Some of us save cats. Some of us just live quiet lives and lend a hand when we can. But all of us are invited – no, compelled – to engage the journey of our soul. Some of us will take that to places far and astonishing and deep. And the treasures that we find there are the treasures that will leave an indelible marker for all.

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