At the still point of the turning world we are still,

Shooting threads of light, finer than rainbow gossamer,
diaphanous and delicate beyond measure,
yet stronger than this life we know–
by far.
And these threads are a matrix of interwoven endless

that breathe and move and dance,

twining themselves through and beyond
universes beyond our imaginings.

But there is so much more that we cannot begin to grasp.
There are worlds beyond our knowing.

There are mysteries
beyond our ability to experience.

And if we were to experience those mysteries,
we could not,
as we currently are,
grasp them.

It is important to live in the here and now,
in the moment.

For it is in the moment that infinity speaks,
and we hear our own god voices.

In the cracks and interstices of no past, no present,
and no future,

we come to know ourselves.

Coming into the zone of time, we then forget.

We are defined, described, prescribed and re-scribed as we
make our way through the palpable form of living days.

We breathe the dust.
We are the earth.

We lose our trust in things eternal
mesmerized into believing
this is what we are,
this is all that is.

Even so –
we are shaped and formed into palpable,
dimensional existence. And then,
waves and vectors sweep our way, casting us out, drawing us in.

Probabilities come and go.

The pending sometimes never arrives.

We are ordered from chaos,
made up in part by
human design,
soul age,
essence role,
and so on,
and so on.

Each of these bring us to our lessons; they give us our unique
perspectives and our talents.

These energies humble us, shake us up, and wake us up.
We can remember who we are because of them.


They are the props in our personal play.
They cast us in a special role;
one we’ve longed to play, one we’ve died again and again to play,
so that we could re-unite with our ultimate selves.

But they are only our lessons, our path for the now, and our glory for
and through

the Zone of Incarnation.

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