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The lives of good and beautiful souls, that is, those who strive daily for authenticity, accountability and integrity, are nevertheless peppered with disappointment and loss. To have a deeply developed capacity to integrate a broad spectrum of experience does not mean, however, that we won’t feel tremendous pain when our good intentions and open hearts are met with scathing and ridicule. But because we understand that all is not as it seems, and that we are always inside of the much larger context of our higher selves, our resources are great.

Though this is a plane of illusion, we know that the illusion has impact, and that its power is in its ability to create separation between persons, tribes, and nations. Its tools are the tools of the false ego and its false beliefs which would have us give homage to the hierarchies of better than, smarter than, more beautiful than, richer than, and therefore, more deserving than, those who are “lesser” in these and other categories. Once we give our allegiance to separation, we are forced into operating from the belief that there is only so much of – you name it – to go around. Therefore, we cannot ever truly let our guard down. We cannot ever truly trust in life. Coming from a place of scarcity, it will be difficult to see that we have a purpose for being here, and a unique path to follow. The most debilitating separation that illusion creates is its capacity to separate us from our own souls.

Despite the pain that living life with an open heart can often engender, we have no choice if we are to actively remain on a consciously evolving path, fully expressing who we are as embodied souls. We do not want to live from a place of limitation, believing that we are only our bodies, our relationships, or our current life situation. There is much terror in holding a lens that equates what seems to be to what is, and so we can have compassion for those who cannot see beyond it. It has been said that when we reach the end of our mind’s capacity to strategize our way out of a challenge, this is a prime opportunity to remember innocent curiosity and expect miracles. From nothing, everything comes.

To take radical responsibility for our own continuing transformation and healing, we must have compassion for those who choose to act from the weakest parts of themselves, and for the pain they cause by doing so. We must have compassion for those who are perpetually stuck in dynamics which obstruct their ability to receive. As you know, we can only take responsibility for our own emotional responses and physical actions; there is nothing we can do to convince a closed heart to accept our desire for right relationship. There is nothing we can do about the choices other people make, but surrendering to the highest good will make us more spiritually powerful. Continue to honor who you are and why you are here so that all the special light you carry radiates love, joy, and compassion. These are the lives of good and beautiful souls.

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  1. Mike says:

    This is my first visit to your site, after an invitation from Dave Gregg. I am a long time Michael Student. Parts of your message made my eyes wet with emotion.

  2. Kara George says:

    I definitely want to say thanks for this extraordinary post as well as for your stimulating site.

  3. Camiseta says:

    I’m impressed, I must say. Seriously, I hardly ever encounter a blog that is so educational and entertaining. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Your ideas are outstanding; there’s not enough intelligent conversation about these things. I am pretty happy that I found this site.

  4. Katherine says:

    Very informative Gloria. I hope you are doing well.

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