Looking back

Looking back

I have been drawn to understand who I am through the journey of my own soul. I still vividly recall standing in front of a mirror when I was four and the awareness that took me by surprise that the little girl reflected there was a mere aspect of a much larger self. That was the beginning of my personal journey to uncover the mysteries that were hinted at in the mirror. As a result, I pursued formal and informal studies and systems which I hoped would give me information on who I was, what I was about and for, and how that person was connected to everything and everyone else. This was no small journey as you can imagine, and has ever been the underlying thread and motivation of my life, regardless of what I’ve needed to do to keep body and soul together, and has also influenced how I’ve conducted my relationships and the life choices I’ve made – particularly as I’ve grown older and gained greater insight.

Speaking as someone who has certified in Regression Therapy, I will begin with observing that the function of Past Life Regression (PLR) isn’t to find out if you were famous back when. Additionally, the role of the regressionist is not to tell you who you were. The regressionee does that, for himself or herself. The regressionist may or may not be a decent psychic, but feeding information to the regressionee about who they were is a completely different process and modality than PLR, and in my opinion, has NO place in it. Instead, the regressionist holds the space by creating a container of emotional and psychic safety, and then by guiding the regressionee’s journey with a meditation or induction and appropriately focused questions. The journey belongs to the person experiencing the PLR – no one else. The regressionist’s only motive and interest should be to provide the support and conditions for someone to be able to enter into past life recall. Most of the time regression journeys are sought to obtain additional insight and information about issues that are currently affecting the person. Students of the soul’s journey understand that our current incarnations often carry over themes from past lives that are seeking clarity and resolution, and that may require us to do more work in a certain area.

PLR allows a person to relax into their deeper self, which allows the life themes they are currently dealing with an opportunity to arise to conscious awareness, and as a result, to take on clarity. It assists us with getting in touch with what’s going on for us now, for what is asking for our attention. If those themes come through in a story about a life that may not be completely accurate in every detail, it doesn’t matter. The details don’t matter. Not that you would necessarily know if you were making it up, but that’s not the point. What is important is the emotional truth that we experience – the insights we receive about self. We inevitably get a sense of the bigger picture that we are always living from, and this helps to contextualize things for us – no small boon. If these insights come to us in the form of a myth or allegory or fairy tale, then we can consider ourselves blessed. In my experience, Spirit often speaks to us in symbols rather than literal pictures, as symbols are far richer in what they can convey, and are actually more in concert with our multi-dimensional makeup. The insights we receive via a PLR can help validate our taking a course of action that is appropriate for us now. Of course, in many, many cases, there is a strong sense that the memories are real, and we want to honor this as well.

Our historical trajectory is the story of the development of our soul, and taking the time to explore this history offers us tremendous opportunities to embrace and refine our life tasks for the current incarnation, and to get a sense of our broader overarching mission as the unique sparks of Tao that we are. This mission includes not just who we are individually, but who we are in the far larger context of everyone and everything else. Ultimately, these cannot be separated. Our actions and interactions are our contributions, for good or ill, to the course and development of humanity and I also believe, affect as well the course and development of other dimensional and non-dimensional worlds. For me, the aphorism that we are all in this together has a vastly encompassing reach.

In sum, I believe that the purpose and function of PLR has to do with attaining clarity about our life path through the insights and emotional truths we receive inside a journey, and from this, we are encouraged to take responsibility for not just the course of our lives, but for the universal impact that our choices and actions have on the flourishing of life and consciousness everywhere.

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