Twin’s charts, and the charts of triplets and quintuplets are great ways to deepen our understanding of how Human Design actually functions in the real-time, real lives of human beings. This is because of the fascinating phenomenon that no two charts of the same birth date, time, and place will express the same. Why is that? Keep reading!

Our Design describes how our energy is meant to flow. Our Design shows us our best tools for applying our energy; it shows us how to choose appropriately, where our greatest strengths are, and what we will be drawn to. The direction in which our energy flows is intended to show us where and how to carry out our life plan and soul purpose. And that is because our energy naturally flows towards what we are supposed to be doing, being, and learning.

Our Design energies will express (in part) as a personal creative style, how we relate to others, how we find our place in the world, the kinds of vocations that will interest us, and how we find meaning and fulfillment. In other words, our Design is the map of the path that will lead to the highest expression of our purpose. Above all, it is the Design that is intended to best serve our continuing evolution.

But the Chart is not the Soul.  Your Human Design is not your Soul.

Although the themes of twin charts, fraternal or identical, are the same, they will be expressed on vastly different terrains. The reality is that we are all impacted by multiple influences besides our Human Design. Our psychology, astrology, numerology, sociology, genetics, common sense, and upbringing are just a few of the additional influences you bring to your Human Design.

But even beyond that, and more importantly, we each have a unique soul trajectory which describes and exposes where we’ve been and who we’ve been, and how we’ve been – including how we have treated others, how others have treated us, and how we have impacted collective history, for good or ill.

Our soul history affects the purpose and direction of our current lives. In other words, the dharma which we came to expand on, and the karma we came to restore, is influenced by what came before. All actions will be brought to balance. The agreements or soul contracts that we’ve made will also assist us to track our path.

Your life is part of an unimaginably complex tapestry because it is woven into the much larger intentions of an evolutionary impulse that spans the personal to the collective. Think of these intentions as written on a giant “canvas,” endlessly nurtured inside the boundless consciousness of the Universe, and never being able to be fully captured by any one interpretative modality or combination of modalities. In truth, the expanse of that evolutionary impulse does not appear to have an end, and its beginnings are enveloped in mystery.

The bottom line in how any Design will express has everything to do WITH THE SOUL that took it on for that lifetime. Again, souls are at different stages in their evolution — we have different histories; some longer, some shorter. Some of us are younger souls; some are older. We come in with different goals (dharma) and different obligations (karma). The more your soul comes into awareness of who she or he is and what she or he came here to do, the greater the wisdom and discernment that accompanies that soul’s choices, and hence, that Design will be more fully and distinctively lived out.

These are some of the reasons why someone who has the same exact Design as yourself will, by the time they reach maturity, have a life that looks very different from yours.

What does this mean for the value of Human Design as a tool for self-discovery?

Because different people can be born with the same chart, does it render our Design meaningless? Does it mean that we can’t use our Human Design to identify our uniqueness and our purpose and use it to help us anchor into that purpose? Of course not.

You are the one who brings your Design to life.

Your Design already gives you a great deal of information. It will point you in the direction that you should go. Then it is up to you, as the unique individual soul who is “wearing” that Design, to bring it to light in the way that only you (your soul) intended. In other words, no matter what your Design is, you are still going to be you. You are far more than your Human Design, but you are going to use that Design to find YOUR path and YOUR purpose.

Your Design will speak to you very, very specifically, very personally, and very intuitively, and all according to the soul intentions which you made before you got here. Follow your soul intentions; therein lie the directions for your life.

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