Navigating your calling is often fraught with challenges. And that’s not just because we’re not always clear on how to make the correct choices, but also because we live in a world filled with other people’s intentions and actions. These can definitely affect us, and their impact is not always intended to be a lesson meant specifically for us, if it is even a lesson.

Nevertheless, we can learn from everything that happens. If we are willing to stay open and curious, and we ask for help, we can become skillful at navigating broken bridges. I am not convinced that every unexpected event that comes knocking was intended, or was needed for us to evolve, but while we can’t always tell the difference between karmic payback, accidents, or lessons we purposely designed, we still have to manage what shows up while continuing to care for the infrastructure of our lives. We still have to manage the unexpected while following our calling, and we still have to maintain accountability to ourselves, our jobs, family, friends, and to current commitments and ongoing transactions.  Trust that forces larger than yourself are working hard on your behalf.

It is often easier to fulfill your soul intentions for your INNER life — what you are passionately drawn to, what stimulates your creativity, what pulls you with the force of a giant magnet — because these serve your evolution, and because this is who you are and you can’t help yourself. When you feel compelled to move towards something, it is often because that situation aligns vibrationally with your soul’s overarching purpose. Our inner life — what we choose to read, study, take action on, make hobbies from, develop real skills in — is often more successful in achieving its original goals. That’s because these things are self-directed and don’t need other people for their fulfillment in the same way a professional career does. Because we are able to fulfill part of our purpose and meet some of our yearnings through an active inner life, we can still have a lot of joy. Fulfilling the needs of our inner life can make up for a lot that doesn’t happen for us in the outer world.

Fulfilling our “outer” lives through our professional and vocational intentions is often highly dependent on the honoring of previously established agreements. Important agreements are put in place prior to our incarnation, but some are made subsequently to further expand the original agenda, or as back-ups to failed primary agreements. If you enter into an agreement — it could be a business partnership, a decision to date exclusively and be monogamous, take a job where your employer has agreed to pay you a certain salary, sign a lease, be in a certain location by a date certain to meet — and these agreements are then broken by the other party, the goals you were aiming for are delayed. Then you have to rely on your resourcefulness to find other pieces that will fill in the gaps. Some goals can even become unattainable when they were dependent on a specific agreement. The loss of important agreements can make it more difficult to manifest your plans as they were originally conceived. With increased losses, we can find ourselves living ‘ad hoc’ lives, making things up as we go, and using what’s available to make our lives as agreeable and meaningful as possible, and to make up for having ‘missed the boat.’

Even if you have a sense that your plans have strayed far from their original intentions, don’t despair and don’t give up. Your soul is a very potent force, and will find ways to make new pathways for manifesting its agenda to the greatest extent possible. However, the elements that come together to assist your intentions may look very different from what was planned. The timing of things can also be quite different, often occurring at later dates, and sometimes years later. Still, because you have a purpose, and that purpose is sacred to both the fulfillment of your intentions and the connections you planned, the force that drives their fulfillment is not easily daunted. Despite delays and the unexpected, your soul will strive to create the experiences you were meant to have.

Although the manifestation of these experiences may be smaller in scale, and although not all of your original plans will come into being when core agreements are broken, you can trust that there are forces larger than yourself working hard on your behalf. Your job, when you are on permanent detour, is to surrender to the tides of change that have altered the course of your life. Though you had not planned on certain destinations, it is important to enjoy the journey and the scenery; your life will be easier this way. Rather than rejecting the course change, allow your imagination to be stimulated by the unexpected. If you yield to the new set(s) of coordinates without resistance, there’s no telling what your soul can accomplish.

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  1. Amber Beckman says:

    If you are travelling to the chosen point of destination, it is important to enjoy the journey and the scenery.

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