IT’S NO USE! This remark comes from grief, from loss, from failure to change things so that life is better. Perhaps you feel that you’ve lost so much you can never fully recover. Perhaps you are resigned to things as they are.

And perhaps you have supportive friends who don’t blame you for feeling that way. They may even commiserate with you and together you find solace in ‘this is just the way it is, how things are, how life is.’

But if you want to have the energy you need to live your life, if you are not ready to give in to things as they are, then a shift in what you believe to be true is needed. It is time to rebuild your life from a new perspective and strategy.

Instead of being resigned to things as they are, surrender to them. In addition, let go of judging yourself for unfortunate decisions made in the past. See them for what they are — why you made them at the time, and what you now know not to do.

Resignation believes things cannot ever get better. Therefore, there is no incentive to dust off your creative capacities to change things. Surrender, on the other hand, does not resist. When you surrender, you are available to see the possibilities and the openings, subtle as they might be, for you to begin to move out of your situation. Surrender to what is as you begin to create what will be.

It is true that we cannot always just walk away. But we can begin to change our lives by believing that we are in charge of our destiny and that we are the ones who have the power, the real power, to redirect our lives. This may not appear to be anywhere near the truth, especially if we perceive that we are permanently caught inside a situation that is far larger and stronger than we are.

And if we accept that, and do not push back, that will be the case. Forever.

The way out is to take a ferocious stand for your life. Decide that the only thing that matters now is taking back your life. Feel into the desires of your heart, mind, and body for the future you want to bring in. Embody these desires by making every choice in service to the future, to the life you want to be living, to how you want to look and feel, to the people you want around you, to the experiences you want to have.

From here on out, every decision you make, from the most apparently insignificant to far more important ones, must be in service to your best interests — to you. Not to or for someone else. YOU ARE WRITING YOURSELF INTO A NEW STORY. Even if you have dependents, whether they are human or animal or other, you will serve them best when you are at your best. Now is always the time to let go of conditioning and programs that riddle you with guilt around who you are supposed to be in the world, what you are supposed to be doing, how you should live, how much money you should have, how you should look, to name a few, in order to be worthy, acceptable, righteous, obedient, humble, a good citizen, etc.

The only way to break out of conditioning and all the habits that are designed to undermine your flourishing is to take this stand for your life. You may never have done this, so now you may need to find your courage. You may wonder how exactly does one take a stand for their life. Begin by choosing you. Begin by saying yes to what calls you. You may not be able to leave your job right away, but you can uplevel your joy with things and activities that uplift, by focusing on what raises your vibration and getting rid of what brings you down. You may not be able to move a lot of territory initially, but the more pieces you move on your behalf, the more the energy stream will flow faster. Every single small action that you perform on your behalf, on behalf of the life you truly want to live, will have a cumulative effect towards bringing in a future that supports, values, and honors you. This is a law of energetics — where you put your attention and focus is what you will grow. Believe that there is no greater cause than yourself, that there is no more sacred purpose than the life you came to live. This is YOUR life; it belongs to you. You are responsible for it.

Have compassion for yourself. Have patience with the process. There will be days when you feel you have failed. The thing is to get back up and keep going.

Say YES to YOU. Forgive your past. Love your now.

This is yours to do, and you can do this.

There is so much more to come. 


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