You have a Destiny, and to find it, you must go on your own hero’s journey. You will likely begin this journey pressured by cultural mores that promise conventional success as long as you choose certain paths and stick to them.

But in order to become who you are, you need to be on your path. If you want to know who you are, you can’t stay on someone else’s pre-assigned path. You can’t even take a hike on the yellow brick road because it will probably lead you to the wrong city or the wrong school and the wrong teacher. But when we take the path that is ours, the one that calls to us, it is there we will come to know ourselves, and what we are meant to do.

You will discover who you are and what the world is made of through experiencing, experimenting, and making mistakes. You will not learn your destiny overnight. Do not worry that you have taken a wrong turn. That is why it is a journey, and it will be filled with many unknowns, and you will come face-to-face with situations you have no idea how to handle. But when you follow what fulfills, you will gradually self-correct. When you follow what fulfills, you will learn to recognize when you are off. It’s not always possible to know what will happen when we take certain actions, but we cannot do all our growing from the classroom, from books, movies, or conversations. There are things we simply have to do for ourselves because there is no other way to find out what’s true for us, what’s correct for us, and what brings us to delight and fulfillment.

Each one of us has been given a map and a compass. What map, where is it? The map is inside you; however, it is as if it were drawn with disappearing ink, and it is your task to make that ink appear. You do this by heading in the direction that calls to you. If nothing calls you, stop to rest and enjoy the scenery. Be patient. If nothing calls you, and you’re starting to get restless, it is all right to get up and move – one step at a time. Trust your inner compass. Do not give up because after a while, you will realize that you are tracking with your map, and routes are magically appearing as you go.

When the energy around you begins to stagnate – as in there is nothing more to offer to any part of you – spiritual, intellectual, or emotional – then it is time to move on. You are still making your map! It is necessary for you to continue to explore various situations so that you can find out who you are. You will come to know yourself deeply through experiencing different environments and the people in them. You are learning the limits of what any situation has to offer you, and you are also learning your own limits of what you will tolerate and what you need to be inspired, motivated, and nourished. You are always learning what calls to you. Lean into that.

Have patience with your process. Surrender to the experiences that bring you clarity. Know that as you gain more experience, your knowledge of what you are here to do will continue to crystallize for you. Believe that you are here to do what draws you, what fulfills you, and what brings you joy. Your job is to connect with that. You are on an exciting reconnaissance mission, no matter if you have just begun, or are years deep into the territory.

At the end of life, you will have a map like no other.

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