The Meaning of the Season

When I think of Fall, I think of brilliant golds and reds, of falling leaves, and bright orange pumpkins. I think about how far I’ve come, what I’ve lost, what I’m letting go of, and what I am welcoming in.

In the Northern hemisphere, we are harvesting. We are reaping what we planted, both recently, and long ago. Some of it is good and wonderful; some of it, not so much.

Fall is a Season of remembering. We are reminded that life is always moving forward, that everything changes, and that we cannot hold on to anything forever. Our memories of what once was are now especially poignant. If it is nothing else, Fall is the time to remember that we cannot take anything for granted. What we hold most dear will some day leave us, and this is all the more reason to extend our love and appreciation to who and what matters to us most. And to remember to do that often.

This is the Season where we cross the threshold into the darkening of the light. The symbolism is that of deepening; we are actually moving into a more profound aspect of our psychospiritual selves. The Season of Fall always encourages us to go within, to reflect on what we truly value, and to remember the dreams we put aside because we didn’t have time for them, or because they didn’t fit into the flow of our lives. But we still dreamed them, and they were precious. We dreamed them then, and they still live within us. Perhaps now is the time for them to be born.

The Astrology of Fall Equinox 2019: the Significance of the Time of Day, the Moon, and Saturn

Time of Day. Fall came into our lives when the Sun entered Libra at 1:51 AM Mountain Time. Let’s take a look at the remarkable symbolism of this hour of the day and its seamless connection to the meaning of Fall. This is the hour when the village is dark and most of us are asleep with our family around us. It is about loyalty to family; it is about devotion to our tribe and making sure our communities are insulated from the dangers of the night. It is also the time when we can forget our problems and place our trust in something greater than ourselves. It is the most mystical time of the night, and it naturally invites us to connect with Spirit, with what we long for, and with what we can still make of our lives. In other words, it is a time for dreaming and growing our dreams.

The Moon. The Astrology of 1:51 AM Mountain Time (and adjusted for other zones) places the Moon in a sector that supports the full expression of the qualities the Moon is best known for! The Moon’s placement in the 1st sector of the 4th quadrant (translated as the 12th house) emphasizes the need for romance and connection. This is a placement that is hungry for meaning and significance, and for connection to others, most especially companionship. There is a longing to return to simpler ways and a simpler life. This is the time to let go of what we do not need anymore – and this pertains as much to the clutter of things, of places and persons – as it does to our attachments to what does not support our well-being.

This is a time when we will be more vulnerable and sensitive. It is the Moon, after all, and it is inevitable we will feel this way. Now it is easier to have a heart-opening so that we can let go of what needs to go, and to accept what is. This is not to say that it won’t hurt, but we have the opportunity this season to deepen our self-knowledge and appreciation of who we are, to remember our mission, and to deepen our connection to those who continue to walk beside us. Darker emotional undercurrents come to the surface, and we can offer them up to be healed. This is a season that also supports the deepening of intimacy as we let go of what is not our truth.

Saturn. Before I leave this discussion on what I see as the salient astrological factors for this season, I want to point out that the Fall Equinox Saturn is stationary. This factor occurs when Saturn is traveling between the speeds of 0.008 and -0.008 degrees per day. We might think of a stationary planet as one who has stopped its journey to witness, with special interest, the lives and events of a unique time and place. There is something both mystical and parental about a stationary planet. With Saturn, the theme is responsibility.

Saturn has 82 confirmed moons; this is a symbol of tremendous responsibility, and with stationary Saturn, we are not talking about the simple kind of responsibility which can be taken care of by doing things like paying your bills and working hard at your job. Those things are part of it to be sure, and if you ignore them, there will be consequences. But the main interest of stationary Saturn is whether you’re taking responsibility for what is yours to take care of. It’s important to pay your rent, but if you pay your rent and neglect your kids, your pets, and your commitments, you dishonor Saturn. You break the agreement of what it means to be a human being in a society of other human beings. When Saturn is stationary, the realm of responsibility has broadened. You can’t just slide by merely following the letter of the law. You are also accountable for the spirit of the law.

The Human Design Chart for Fall Equinox 2019

To my amazement and delight, this Fall Equinox has the chart of a Reflector, the rarest of the Human Design types. To thrive and to fulfill their purpose, Reflectors must live in their right village among their right people. The environment has to feel good and be balanced for a Reflector to feel good and to thrive. If the Reflector is thriving and vital, they can fully express their skills, insights, and knowledge, thus contributing to the vitality of the village. If the Reflector is not thriving, their life reflects back to the village a mirror that is shadowed with illness. If the village is paying attention, it is alerted to an imbalance that must be addressed.

I have expressed this relationship between the Reflector and their community in a somewhat abstract way, but the connection between an individual who reflects what will not support well-being and life, and the ultimate consequences for a community that fails to respond, is illustrated magnificently by Greta Thunberg’s scathing speech of September 23, 2019 (Fall Equinox) to the U.N.

Interestingly, the Reflector’s fundamental needs are in sync with the symbolism of the time of day that we entered this year’s Fall. The hours between midnight and sunrise are the time of sleep and dreams, but most especially, at this hour we are traditionally with our people, huddled together for warmth and safety. In this coming together, besides experiencing a strong sense of safety, we also have identity and belonging. The needs of this Fall are the same as the needs of the Reflector for the elements of right community, connection, intimacy, and place. This is the season to focus on shoring up these life-sustaining structures, for like the Reflector, without them, we lose our sense of self and purpose, both as individuals and as communities, and our lives become that much harder.

The 2/5 Profile. Many of us prefer to live our lives in quiet isolation for that is where we experience our deepest peace. Inside relaxation and silence, we can explore, without interruption, our creativity and musings. The profile (how you learn and how you interact with the world) for the Fall Equinox 2019 chart is the 2/5, the Hermit Heretic. This profile is about the need to retreat to aloneness to find one’s inner guidance, and to integrate what we have gathered. There is a need in the 2/5 profile to intentionally build in alone time for that is where regeneration and centering occurs.

However, there is a flip side at work. Although both the line 2 and the line 5 have a need to hide, the line 2 gets called out by their community because they ultimately need to share what they learned in private, though they may not realize this is what’s happening, and line 5 cannot help but be noticed because of its built-in irresistible magnetism! Line 5 has an energetic vortex that pulls others to it, regardless of the Line 5’s availability in the moment. The seductiveness of the line 5 comes from the ‘telegraphed’ promise that it can deliver what you need. This is projection, of course, and the line 5 can also project in turn. What is really happening here is a mysterious process that has no formal articulation, and takes place beyond everyone’s consciousness, but that only line 5 is designed to engage. The line 5 has a purpose of alchemizing what we think we know, transmuting and synthesizing it in such a way that information and techniques are taken to a higher level that is then capable of serving the needs of universal knowledge. And this Fall season is brimming with alchemical energy and the invitation to go within and return with a new story about what’s possible.

The theme of withdrawing to dream and reconnect with ourselves that we have thus far seen in this Fall’s astrology and human design charts is repeated in the 2/5 profile of the Fall Equinox human design chart. What is expressed here are the personal integration of acquired knowledge through a quiet deepening process, so that our dreams can ultimately be given practical foundations from which they can be launched. As well, we gain an understanding of our deeper need to stay connected to others, for both practical and personal reasons. This is not just about socializing, but about the sustainability of our families and communities, and ultimately, human civilization.

The Cross of the Vessel of Love.  Each Human Design chart has an Incarnation Cross, made up of the Personality (Conscious) Earth and Sun, and the Design (Unconscious) Earth and Sun. Each of these four planets occupy a gate and a line. The unique configuration of the Conscious and Unconscious Sun and Earth placements creates a specific cross, a cross that speaks to your purpose. This Fall Equinox has the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love.

As such, a specific purpose of this Fall season, as revealed in its 2019 Human Design, is to express love. The four gates of Cross of the Vessel of Love are the 46, the 25, the 15, and the 10. In the 46 we have the love and appreciation of being in a human body so that we can give our spiritual purpose viable form and manifestation; in the 25 we remember that the reason we do anything is because of our reverence for, and gratitude to, Source; in the 15, we remember our need for connection to community, and in the 10, we remember to love ourselves, so that we are always empowered to bring through our highest spiritual expression through our actions, and how we live our lives each day.

A summary of this Incarnation Cross: because this season we have special access to the energy of love, we are able to be its messenger and activist. This season we are especially empowered to wield the power of love to shatter what does not support life, to heal, and to restore balance in all the places that need them. We begin, of course, with tending first to our wounds, and to what needs to be loved in us by us.

This Fall we seek to deepen connection and companionship, and we seek to bring our dreams into reality. We continue to dream, and to reach for what’s possible for us. We will review and revise, and perhaps even invent, the infrastructures that will ensure sustainability and thriving for our communities. We do these things because we are in touch with our deeper feelings and our deeper truths. We do these things because we remember that we are here only for a time, and so everything is that much more precious.  We are open to the novel and the unexpected in solutions. We do what we do because we care, and because we believe in the power of love for one another.

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