Your life is about completing what you were put on Earth to do. Your agenda, or soul intentions for what you planned to accomplish, is contained in your soul contract. You took on many agreements, some large and some small, to fulfill over the course of your life. Each one of you has a soul contract brimming with agreements, and these include your overarching mission, a.k.a. your dharma, as well as the incomplete transactions that seek resolution and balance — also known as karma. How do you find out what those are?

Look at your history and notice where you’ve spent your time and given your energy and attention — notice what you’ve gone out of your way to access and investigate. Especially take notice of what you’ve been willing to move Heaven and Earth to do! These actions reveal your soul’s interests and desires. Your actions, motivated by your desires, are clear indicators of your dharma and your karma — what you are here to work on and complete. Additionally, how you take action on the way to fulfilling your desires is a clear indicator of two critical pieces of information: your gifts, and where you are to be of service.

The best way to find out what is in your soul contract is to follow what compels you. Most of us don’t know at the beginning of our lives why we are here or what we are supposed to do, but we can find out! Each one of us has built-in natural gifts that will not be ignored, and that the world needs. Every single one of you has important gifts. Your ability might be to make others laugh, it might be getting along with people, it might be cooking, it might be working with complex ideas, it might be bringing order and organization, or it might be holding space for others. There are as many gifts as there are people. Everyone has at least one significant gift (and the truth is you each have many), and they are waiting to be used to in service to the life you agreed to live, with the bonus that you will also experience deep fulfillment.

One more time, how can you really know what is in your soul contract?

Imagine that God and your Higher Self worked with you to create your current life. Then you were placed on this Earth and told to go out and do what you agreed to do, to begin unfolding the precious contents of your soul contract. What would God and your Higher Self have pointed you towards?

Would it be being a good person?

Would it be a specific career? Musician, dancer, actor, singer, doctor, scientist, lawyer, teacher…

Would it be doing well in your career?

Would it be about becoming famous?

Would it be about donating time and money to charity?

Would it be creating wonderful works of art to inspire the world?

Would it be helping others with your unique gifts?

Would it be a peacemaker?

Would it be a civil rights activist?

Would it be bringing in innovative solutions to humanity’s many problems?

Would it be animal rights?

Would it be teaching and inspiring others to have confidence and courage?

Would it be healing of the mind, body, and spirit?

Would it be to create communities that meet the needs of their members and in turn serve the greater good?

Would it be about becoming a visionary leader?

Would it be amassing as much money as you possibly could so you could buy nice things?

You were put here for a reason and whatever that reason is, you need to discover it and then fulfill it. You have plenty of skills, and many interests that will lead you to develop even more skills. When you are working directly with your soul contract, not only will you feel contentment, you will find that your ability to understand life and what is happening with you becomes more clear and even more profound.

When you experience joy in being around certain things or having certain experiences, you have been given the clues to identify the contents of your soul contract.

When we see a work of art that we admire, when we see the smile of a child and it brings us joy, when we give of ourselves to others and feel joy in helping a person, when we help someone get a job, when we sit outside in nature and view the trees and flowers, when we spend time with someone we love, when we meet someone and we find an immediate spiritual connection, the world has been made more wonderful. All of these things are powerful, and we derive true ecstasy from experiencing positive and nurturing things. Your soul contract is intended to bring you joy.

The most important thing you can do with your life is to accomplish what you came here to do and make the absolute most of yourself. Are you listening to the urgings of your soul contract? Are you stepping up to meet its call? Acting from your own initiative is primary, but you are not alone. Your contract was created in committee, albeit a very personal one. Your Higher Self and primary Guides will support and encourage you.

There is nothing more important than carrying out your soul contract because in doing so, everyone benefits. Your gifts are meant to be shared. They are part of an intricately interwoven matrix where each one’s gifts and callings are interconnected. Each time someone agrees to do what they came here to do, all of life is lifted up, and the healing and evolution that happens for everyone, including the Cosmos, is beyond measure.

P.S. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if you feel that you haven’t made much headway. As long as you are alive, there is always something you can do to fulfill your soul contract.

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