What makes it Spring Equinox?  It’s the astronomical moment when the Sun crosses the celestial equator, moving from south to north.  Technically speaking, the equinox occurs when the sun is directly in line with the equator.  For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of spring, with daylight hours continuing to lengthen until the summer solstice in June.  For those south of the equator, it’s the beginning of autumn.

Spring Equinox is about new beginnings.  It is about new life.  It is a time to grow the dreams we planted as seeds at the Winter Solstice.  It is a time to not just remember, but to recapture the magic of life and being alive.  It is time to embrace the possibilities that only being alive can offer.  In this space of rich opportunity, we are called to be creative, and to create.  And at this time in our history, we are called to be innovative and patient.  We are being asked to let go of routine and normalcy.  Now we have the opportunity to permanently smash the old icons and paradigms that weren’t working anyway — those assumptions about how life should look, how it should be lived, not just individually, but collectively, as a society. As a world.

Our way of life has instructed us to be concerned with only ourselves and our loved ones.  We are supposed to take personal responsibility for lives, right?  But what is really going on here?  Could it be the insidious and silent inoperative myth of rugged individualism?  The individualism that says all you need to do to succeed is pull yourself up by your bootstraps and suck it up.

This thinking is deeply woven into the psyche of our civilization.  It is seductive because it presents itself as universal truth.  It insists that each individual is wholly responsible for his or her circumstances, good or bad. If misfortune befalls — if you lose your job, if you become ill, or some other life-disrupting misfortune occurs — it is up to you to bail yourself out.  You probably created it in the first place, so you need to take care of it without complaining or asking for help.  This is a culture that essentially says when you are facing a challenge, you’re on your own.  If you don’t have reserves or resources, it’s your fault.

This is the dark psychology that informs our social norms and that weaves itself into our waking lives.   There is the pervasive threat of punishment should we fail to keep our act together.  Loss of resources through unemployment, illness, or other ravages are all failures of own your making.

As a result of this pandemic that has come to us all we actually have a unique opportunity to look deeper at the structure of our society and acknowledge that the foundation this country has long stood on is that those that have will keep most of it and eventually take the rest, and those that don’t have, will get less and less.  We have a system that empowers those already in power, and those who do not have power (financial or political) have virtually no voice to make their needs and ideologies heard.  This was supposed to be a civilization where everyone had equal access to those things that ensure everyone thrives and can become their best selves, with talents maximized and contributions to others likewise enhanced.

But we know that’s not the case.  Maybe we haven’t wanted to believe it.  Maybe we can still point to enough examples of those who “made it” to convince ourselves to keep subscribing to the myth that opportunity and equal access (to: education, health care, financial well-being, right career, etc.) is universal.  But when millions of people and generations continue to flounder, we have to consider that our structures just might be woefully inadequate, and really don’t support equal opportunity, and do not actually meet the needs of the many.  How many homeless live among us?  How many have been unemployed for how long?  How many have no health care?  How many have no access to the education that could make a difference in their destiny?

It is time to get on with the business of re-building our civilization.  But how are we going to do this?

The Astrology of Spring Equinox 2020

On March 19, 2020, the Sun entered 0 degrees Aries at 11:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time.  I am using the location of Washington, D.C., as it is the capital of the United States, and as such represents this country’s collective experience.  Let’s take a look at the symbolism of this hour of the day.  At 11:50 PM Eastern Time, the Sun and Venus were in the second quadrant (houses 4,5, and 6). The Sun is in the second quadrant between sunset and midnight.  The symbolism of this time of day is that the official work day is done, and now your time is your own to do with as you please.  During this time, most people are with their families, or they’re out with their friends, or they’re playing music, reading a book, sitting around a campfire, or studying the stars.  It is a time when people are doing things that they like to do, that they want to do.  These are usually activities that bring them closer to their loved ones, things that make them laugh and weep, or give them a sense of wonder.

Because we are staying in place and practicing social distancing we may not be spending as much time with others.  But the energy of this time is about focusing on your creativity, on doing what lifts you up, on what engages your imagination and speaks to who you are.  The astrology of Spring Equinox 2020 tells us that this is the time to cultivate our gardens.  What do you want to grow?  What do you want your garden to look like?  This is the time to plant what we wish to harvest later this year.  What is that for you? What have you been wanting to make, to get your hands into?  There is time now to do many of the things that have been calling to you, that you’ve had to put off because of the endless routine of commitments that consensus workaday life demands of us.

The astrology of this Equinox also says this is a good time to focus, to practice a discipline and to quietly master a craft. It is time for quiet thinking and remembering who you are.  Now is a great time to process not just the current experience, but to allow other experiences that have been held back because of no time to reflect, to float up into your consciousness.  There are aspects of your life that have opportunity to be resolved now, without hurry.

Reflect on your history.  How did you get to where you are now? Where do you think you might want to go, now that things are different? The Equinox astrology also points to a desire to live more simply and to reconnect with self and with nature.  Now we can recover the many lost pieces of ourselves by taking the time to connect all aspects of our consciousness, from the physical to the emotional to the mental to the spiritual.

Through quietly rebuilding ourselves, we begin to rebuild civilization.  We have seen that we cannot rely on our elected leaders to include the needs of the collective in ways that are actually meaningful and that make a difference.  It is up to us to create new systems that subscribe to a different understanding, a new myth that says who our parents are doesn’t matter; that how much money we don’t have doesn’t matter; that our ancestry and genealogy don’t matter; that the country our people come from doesn’t matter; that the language we speak doesn’t matter; that the color of our skin doesn’t matter; that our gender preferences don’t matter; that how much education we have doesn’t matter; that our age doesn’t matter; that our looks don’t matter; that our religion doesn’t matter…that what matters is that we recognize we all come under the same exact inheritance. The Law of One applies to all.  Rebuilding who we are is clearly not an overnight process, but we have plenty of time to begin revisioning what we want our new civilization to look like.  And we have plenty of time to experiment, to practice, and to dream of what is possible, and to turn the old myths upside down.  It is time to demonstrate that an evolved civilization includes the needs and desires of the many.

The Human Design Chart for Spring Equinox 2020

This year the Human Design type for the Spring Equinox is a Generator with a 2/5 Profile and the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love.  What do we know about the Generator? Generators are the people who provide continual power and life-force energy to the world.  These are the people with staying power. The Sacral Center in their body is the key to their power.  It creates the vital life-force energy required for action, for living life, and creating.

Generators have the capacity to persevere and work hard.  They have the life force energy and the psychology to hang in there and do it over until they reach mastery. True, they can get frustrated when they don’t see progress, but they have the innate ability to get back to it and hang in and not give up.  They enjoy committing long-term sustained effort to the right projects.  It is clear that Generator energy is what we need to keep us going and to get us through difficult times.

We are being gifted with the Generator capacity to dig in and find solutions to our current situation.  Life as we knew it is turned upside down, and we know that sustained effort will be required to find our way through this.  We will need to be creative and patient.  And it will take time to rid ourselves of the old ways of thinking about how to do things.  We will find our way through innovation, experimentation, and imagination.  Like the Generator, we need to learn to trust our gut and not override our actual response to a situation.  Our body has wisdom that our minds don’t.  And we will be successful when we understand that we all arrive at our destination together, or we don’t arrive at all.

The 2/5 Profile.  We all need to have time for quiet isolation, for that is where we experience our deepest peace.  Inside relaxation and silence, we can explore, without interruption, our creativity and musings.  We can re-connect to ourselves. The Profile for the Spring Equinox chart is the 2/5, the Hermit Heretic. This profile is about the need to retreat to aloneness to find one’s inner guidance, and to integrate what we have gathered.  There is a need in the 2/5 profile to intentionally build in alone time, for that is where regeneration occurs.  This is a time of going inward and gaining insight and coming back together to share our discoveries.

The Cross of the Vessel of Love. Each Human Design chart has an Incarnation Cross, made up of the Personality (Conscious) Earth and Sun, and the Design (Unconscious) Earth and Sun.  Each of these four planets occupies a gate and a line. The unique configuration of the Conscious and Unconscious Sun and Earth placements creates a specific cross, a cross that speaks to your purpose. This Spring Equinox has the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love. This Cross is about the power of love to shatter what does not support life, to heal what is broken, and to restore balance in all the places that need them.  Spring Equinox 2020 is a big opportunity to remember that we are in this together.  Most of us are feeling this reality very deeply.  The flip side of this is that we can continue to live as though we are separate beings, taking what we need at the expense of letting others go without.


The Solar Plexus Mutation is Upon Us

We are always inside of global cycles, and cycles within cycles, all the way to the cycles that impact each one of us personally.  We are living the astrology of our times.  We have had some powerful celestial events this year that include a Full Moon lunar eclipse on January 10, and on January 12, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.  This last conjunction in Capricorn took place about 500 years ago.  Saturn and Pluto make a conjunction approximately every  34 years.  Saturn has a 29.5-year cycle, and Pluto takes 248 years to make one revolution around the Sun.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse took place at 20 degrees of Capricorn, with Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees Capricorn, and Saturn and Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn, within minutes of exact contact.  On January 12, Saturn and Pluto were exactly conjunct at 22 degrees of Capricorn, and the Sun was also at 22 degrees, with Mercury at 23 degrees. The Sun calls for new leadership and Mercury for transparent communication.

When Saturn and Pluto travel together, their influence challenges the prevailing paradigms around all structures generally, of our notion of norms and morés, of government, statehood, styles, and customs. There is always a breakdown (destruction) which is eventually followed by the creation of systems and structures that are in alignment with what is needed for civilization to thrive, as we understand it in those times.

These two planets, Pluto and Saturn, are karmic — when they show up, it is to address imbalance and injustice.  Their influence is inescapable and will be felt.

• In 1517, Martin Luther writes the Ninety-Five Theses challenging Roman Catholic clergy practices: Saturn and Pluto quickly coming to a conjunction in Capricorn

• World War I: Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Cancer

• World War II: Saturn square Pluto (Taurus-Leo)

We are currently under the influence of a powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. Structures and systems are breaking down. They have not been of universal service to all people, and now we see the myth of the rugged individualist exposed for what it is: a lie. You can pull yourself by all the straps and boots you want, but if you have no job, shelter, or opportunity for same, it doesn’t matter how many pairs of bootstraps you own. The truth is, bootstraps (synonym for available resources) are also a fiction.

How does the Human Design solar plexus mutation of 2027 fit into this conversation?  The Human Design chart of the mutation will have the Incarnation Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix.  We will have entered a new cycle of 400 years.  We are pulling out of the Cross of Planning where the concerns of humanity were very tribal and not as concerned with the needs of the collective.  The new gates for this Cross are 34, 20, 55, and 59. We are redefining power with Gate 34; we are changing the way we create, organizing around making and sharing sustainable resources with Gate 59; we are doing the work of compassion with Gate 55, seeing others as part of our extended family because we understand that we are all from the same Source; and in Gate 20 we acknowledge that each person has value and a unique contribution to make.

The new energetic platform is already here.  What is that platform?  It is about a new shift in consciousness, a shift that will open our awareness to our connection to each other, and to this planet and all its beings.   We have the possibility of creating a civilization that will support all life.  We can create a society where everyone’s needs are met.  As we know, meeting basic human needs is paramount to establishing justice.  Meeting basic human needs is paramount to creating peace as well as joy.  We must understand that it is imbalance that creates war, crime, and misery for all living beings.

Personal creativity and global problem-solving can increase by leaps and bounds if we open our hearts and recognize that we are not separate.  It is the belief that we have no responsibility for each other because we are separate and different that has created untold eons of grief and cruelties that never needed to happen.  The truth is that Universal Consciousness recognizes that we only exist in relation to others, and that others are part of our existence.  When we actively work from this truth, we will manifest our highest potential as human beings.   We have the opportunity now to do this.  To actually get started.   It will not be easy.  We will fumble and we will struggle to find the correct solutions, but we are not doing it alone.  We must not give up or pass over this opportunity.  It is time to run our best race ever!

RESOURCE: This toolkit includes step by step instructions for how you can build your own mutual aid network while staying safe from the spread of COVID-19 —  https://tinyurl.com/tgmb6y9

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