Human Design doesn’t explain everything about your life.

It can’t. And it isn’t meant to. It is a beautiful and complex graphic of your unique configuration of energies — specifically how the gates, channels, centers, and circuits interact to show you not only how your energy is meant to flow, but also to reveal the themes that are specific to your life’s journey.  A Human Design chart is filled with signposts for your life purpose.  It is your own special map.

But your Human Design chart isn’t going to tell you the extent of your talent or how disciplined you are. Your chart is not going to tell you how good-looking you are, if you’re tall, fat, smart, or good at math. It won’t tell you if you are humble or a narcissist; it won’t tell you if you are healthy or unhealthy. It’s not going to tell you where you grew up, if you grew up in a high crime or low crime neighborhood, what your ethnicity is, or your level of education or wealth. Your chart won’t tell you if you had understanding parents or a good experience in high school. It won’t tell you the karma you came in with, how self-aware you are or what your level of spiritual evolution is.  All of these are things that YOU bring to the table. 

So what does the Human Design chart tell me?

Your chart will tell you the themes that are emphasized for you. The ones that are your gifts and your challenges. But the extent to which any of us can express the highest aspects of the chart is up to us. The reality is this: there is flexibility and range in every Human Design chart with how its specific energies (planets, gates, channels, centers, and circuits) can express. The low or unhealthy expression of any gate, channel, center, or circuit is available to be expressed, as is the high. I suspect it’s easy for most of us to hang out somewhere in the middle. And because there are many cultural and socioeconomic factors and other variable influences in a person’s life, no one can say how an individual’s unique chart themes will play out.

We know how our  personal themes speak to us; how hard they pull, and in what direction. The same themes will exert different intensities from person to person.  It’s a matter of your soul’s agenda, and the agreements you made before you got here. Regardless, everyone can use their Design to evolve and to empower themselves to move through the specific circumstances of their life with the least resistance and greatest happiness.

The bottom line for anyone, regardless of theme or Human Design Type, is their level of vitality. If you don’t have vitality, then it’s time to assess why. Are you over-giving? Are you engaged in activities that don’t respect the boundaries of your energy or don’t ask for the unique talents and intelligence you bring? Are you martyring yourself, overcompensating and pushing to get recognition and respect? When we don’t align our lives with our energy, life is going to be harsh. When we are not using our gifts, we will be drained.  And we’re not going to get what we need.

If you don’t have the energy, or it’s not your thing, don’t do it. Here I’m referring to significant asks of your energy, though making a habit of saying no when something doesn’t feel good will build your body awareness to know when to walk away from something that is not yours to do and will damage you in the long run.

No one can tell you why you have the life you have.

Why some lives are harder than others — karma, accidents, the luck of the draw, intentional choice — who knows. There are, of course, larger cultural forces at play in all of our lives, and the paradigms and assumptions about how we are supposed to live our lives can exert considerable pressure. And there are those who take advantage of others. Still, some have it easier than others. And while we can be fairly certain that we had a hand in some of what we experience, we will probably never know how much was our doing and how much was outside interference.

Even so, whatever is on our plate is what we must manage.  Maybe you have a sense of why you have the life you have, and why you’ve had the experiences you’ve had. And maybe you’re struggling to make sense of it. The important thing is to use all your experiences to keep affirming your gifts and your path. Whether or not you chose everything that happened to you, you can know, because of what happened, what belongs to you, what is yours to do, and where you need to be.

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