Positive thinking can help bring out the best in your Human Design.  When you are optimistic, it is easier to access your Soul Intentions.

A positive mindset will help you to uncloud your emotions and keep fear out of your decisions. It will allow you to see your way more clearly.  When you are not struggling with difficult emotions such as resentment and feelings that life is unfair, it is much easier for you to access the gifts of your Human Design because it is much easier to see your options and to become aware of opportunities as they show up. 

In this way, optimism and positive thinking will help you to succeed.  Be mindful that optimism and positive thinking will not change your original Soul Intentions or the inherent potential of your Design, but they will support them.  If you agreed to be a teacher, a factory worker, or a retail employee, for example, optimism and positive thinking will not alter your Soul Plan.  Optimism alone cannot expand your life choices such that you can now aspire to wealth, fame, extraordinary talent, or success.  You will not transform from a nice-looking person to someone of great beauty or crowd-attracting magnetism because you are optimistic and have a good attitude, but you could become someone who is trustworthy and would make a good friend.  And you will be able to bring out the highest expression of your Design.

Your Soul Plan was Decided Ahead of Time 

Your Human Design was created to support your Soul Plan. You do not come in as a blank slate, but rather with a complex Plan that is intricately connected to and dependent on many pre-incarnational agreements.  It is also true that we can make agreements once we are here, and these back-ups often replace those agreements that did not, for various reasons, show up.  Or they can bridge gaps that we did not foresee. 

Becoming an author or acclaimed speaker is a specific path that requires that certain types of agreements with others are in place, and also that these agreements will be followed.  These goals also require specific types of talent, drive, and vision.

You must have something to say that will inspire many, and you must choose your words wisely.  If you want to become a best-selling author or popular thought leader and speaker and believe you can because you are passionate, because you believe in what’s possible for humanity and are on the side of justice, it would be good to do some soul-searching.  Look within to see if you are indeed designed to express your convictions from those platforms.  When we use the talents we were given and follow what calls us, life is easier because we are in alignment with our agreements and with our gifts and Design.

When we use our gifts and apply them to our interests, we are well within the parameters of our original Intentions and the Design that was created to support and carry out those Intentions.  Life is much harder when we try to become someone that we are not designed to be and for which we do not have agreements.  We need our agreements to help move us along. Mentors are one such agreement.  Those who provide introductions or connections are another type of agreement.  Those who employ us so that we can keep food on the table and those who teach skills and knowledge for which we are suited are also in our pool of agreements. But when we place ourselves in arenas where we do not have agreements or the right “stuff,” we will struggle for recognition and support.

Follow the Unfolding of Your Soul Plan to See Where it Takes You  

You will discover, over time, what is contained in your Plan, and if you find that you do not have the interest or desire to become a celebrity of this or that, do not think it is because of laziness, or that you lack or courage or ambition.  Do not think you are failing your calling.  And if you find that you are unable to produce material of the type that appeals to a wide audience despite your efforts, do not think that you are failing your mission. Do not think that it is because you lack insight or your own special brand of brilliance, or that you have no appeal. It could simply be that you are not meant for celebrity status this life, or that your talents are not intended to be used in this way.

Do not assume that if you live a humble life that you will lack impact and influence.  All too often we discount our ability to have a positive impact if our actions are unseen by most and take place in humble circumstances.  You do not know if you are the primary facilitating agreement for someone who has a “large” mission who needed your encouragement and information. You do not always know how many “students” benefited from your words and deeds.

You will be much happier when you can operate from who you are without feeling like you have to swim the English Channel or have a million followers on Instagram before you can prove to yourself and others that you have value and are doing what you came to do. You do not have to walk across Niagara Falls from a tightrope to find your Soul Plan.  You do not need to go to India.  Unless, of course, these things are written into your Soul Plan!  How do you know what is in your Soul Plan and if you are to live a “big” or “small” life?

Follow Your Heart

Follow your passions and your interests. Take stock of the resources you have: physical, emotional, and financial, and especially include those who want to support you in your calling.  Be aware that rest and nourishment are essential. You need your vitality and your health.  Your health and well-being will support you to do what you need and want to do.  And your well-being will always support you to feel good about your life as is even if all you do is sit on the back porch with a glass of wine while you watch your cats play in the grass under the late afternoon Sun.  It’s also possible that while you silently muse on the vibrancy of the setting sun as the grass and your cats fade into shadow, that a remarkable revelation will seize your imagination. Then you will know beyond a doubt just what glorious dimensions are held in your Soul Plan.

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