When a client asks about money, they’re usually coming from a place of experiencing financial distress.  They want to know what their Design or astrology, or their cards, etc., say about their future or their ability to make money or have money or when the squeeze will be over, and sometimes will even ask if it could possibly be karmic that they lost their job and about to get evicted, or did they make a bad decision somewhere that led to their current scenario. 

And do we as facilitators or consultants or counselors or guides or mentors  think we can answer those questions definitively for our clients, or the world?

Having enough money means you have enough to eat.  You can have a place to live that no one can kick you out of. You can go to school and get degrees and certifications.  You can set up shop.  You can have the money to purchase therapy and medical care and other expert advice and intervention, as needed and desired.  You can even get respect and you can escape being blamed for having brought the “lessons” of poverty on yourself.  Having enough money really does put the kibosh on the myriad varieties of suffering that not having enough money makes inevitable.  You can help others, too.

We can talk about the client’s soul curriculum as indicated by the defined parts of the chart.  These are the consistent themes that we each will focus on, mostly through our relationships and connections with others.  Those include the money markers, the health markers, the right brain (sensing circuit) and left brain (logic circuit) markers, and the individual circuit (both brain) markers, the relationship markers, the markers that tend towards certain types of talents and interests…and more.

What if the client asking about their aptitude for making money or their money destiny or their ability to make and/or receive money without struggle only has one official money marker or none?  Does it mean they are destined to be without money?

And do we as facilitators or consultants or counselors or guides or mentors really think we can answer those questions definitively?

Questions about money, health, love and romance, vocation, opportunities for all of these and more, are natural questions because we are human. We ask them of each other, of experts who offer services and hope, and we ask them of God, or whatever invisible allies may be listening. We ask because we are mortal, and while we must breathe to live, breathing alone isn’t going to give us everything we need to keep us alive. But it’s a start; a critical one.

Questions of money are questions of value and of our worthiness to survive and thrive, and they are bone-deep, grave-deep, eons old, and tangled up in culture and beliefs about who deserves what, who calls the shots, and are glued to power and power-over, who got hold of the resources first, who’s smarter or prettier or more talented and so deserves it all, and are also issues of gender and race, and more. For sure, as individuals, our destiny calls us to break the trails to get to where we need to go and become who we are supposed to be, using what we’ve got, and for sure, the unexpected, and other people’s wills and choices are bound to intervene in our process, in our trials and errors, catch us in our blind spots, and you can take that intervention in one of two ways.  It was interference, and it was nasty, and not part of the plan, but here we are and we need to make the best of it.  We want to live, after all. We want to make something of ourselves, but first, we can count on being hungry, and getting something to eat is going to be the main driver that obscures everything else until we’ve had enough. To eat. Or, the interference was actually a deliberate roadblock engineered with our permission (I asked for that? Bullshit!) so that we could test our mettle and brittle and find our deeper resources and resilience and emerge wiser, if a bit hobbled. 

All of which is to say none of us operates solo. Nobody gets to live out their lives on their own cozy planet.  We’re in a community, a town, a city, a state, a nation, a world.  We constantly collide.  There are assumptions, expectations, traditions, fossilized laws and fossilized perspectives that don’t want magnification or the intrusion of concepts like equality and sustainability.  Or fairness. 

There are a lot of jobs out there that don’t pay much.  And a lot of people work them.  They have money issues not of their making. They have issues of personal worthiness over something they didn’t create.  And who’s calling the shots to keep the minimum wage minimalist?  Them that’s got the power.  What do we tell those who have limited opportunities about what their Human Design says about that (if it even does)?  And what about the money markers?  How much influence or power do these markers have, anyway?  This world is a really big place. (Yeah, I know a lot of folks are not going back to those jobs; yet, they can’t hold out forever without help.) 

It’s not all about your Design.  We’re all sitting inside a big fat context that preceded us, and has deep, deep roots.  And some of us have comfier contexts, and it’s been that way from way back.  In order to live the high potential of your Human Design, certain things need to be in place.  For starters, we need to have basic security needs met.  We need to have our health. Most importantly, we need to believe in ourselves and have a strong sense of our own value.  

My point is that there are a lot of factors that affect money flow, both universally, and specifically towards each one of us.  And I also know that, bottom line, where we can exert the most influence and power is over our mindset.  Over our refusal to let go of our destinies.  I eventually realized that I’m the one who needs to take a ferocious stand for my life, no matter the circumstances, and especially because of some of those circumstances.  It all flows out from there.  Photons, neutrinos, desire, passion, love, and the God DNA embedded in our beings are inimitable creators.  Ours.

I always go back to the cards I’m holding. Those will change over time as fortunate synchronicities and not-so-fortunate events take place. As long as you’re alive, something is happening. You can count on the unexpected, on the routine and plan-interrupters to show up.  In the meantime, what we do with the cards we have at any juncture in our lives is everything.  How we choose to deal with difficult circumstances will keep us on our feet or seduce us into collapsing. 

Once you begin the conversation about the mechanics of the chart, your client is going to participate.  S/he will expand on your words, stimulated by the ideas that your words conjure. Your job is to create the space for the conversation and to guide the process.  Listen, reflect back, share a story if it feels appropriate, engage the dynamic, and trust the emerging insights.  Be aware of the themes that arise — those are where the heart of the matter lies for them. 

There’s no formula for the perfect Human Design money conversation. They are independently guided. The inspiration and focus arise from the current needs of the client’s life.  Your job is to support your client. Those are fail-proof intentions.  Remember that you and they, and all of us, are made from the ultimate DNA. The implications are major.

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