ROE v. WADE OVERTURNED: A Profound Inflection Point for a Woman’s Body Sovereignty as Seen through Astrology and Human Design

Astrologers love to look at the charts of significant moments to see what the planets were up to (e.g., sign placements, conjunctions to angles, velocities, and more), and how they were interacting with each other. Each moment is filled with information and effect, yet not all moments are explosive.  Most are ordinary.

When we look at the charts of collective events, like those of earthquakes, invasions, or historical decisions, we sometimes wonder if it was that particular configuration of planets that caused something to happen, if perhaps the event was created from a cumulative buildup of energies that made a particular moment noteworthy and inevitable.

Or perhaps the cumulative buildup is made from protracted human stress and trauma, and these energies, having made their way into the quantum field, get picked up by those celestial configurations that are best able to give those energies a voice and comprehensive release. 

And perhaps the planets themselves are also giving expression to a significant moment of their own evolution.

But we don’t definitively know.  What we have are the charts of significant moments that we can dive into to analyze the character of the significant moment and to understand, to the best of our interpretive skills, the needs it expresses, the message it delivers, and what it might indicate about how the nature of the event could evolve over time.


Significant Aspects of the Astrology Chart of the Supreme Court Decision that Overturned Roe v. Wade

The Midheaven, highly visible, and considered to be one of the four power points in a chart, is flanked by Uranus from the 9th house side and the North Node from the 10th house side. Uranus and the North Node each conjunct the Midheaven, and conjunct each other. This is an aspect that heralds change. Uranus is not subtle, and the extent and manner of its impact is not predictable. Uranus is an iconoclast whose mission is to take things apart so that we can reconstruct a situation to meet real needs. We can expect that its conjunction to the North Node will create discomfort. The North Node pulls us into the future we have been creating with our actions. That future is tangled with forces that have opposing intentions. We are in a life and death tug-of-war to decide which future will win.  Where will North Node-Uranus take us?

The fixed star Algol is also conjunct the Midheaven. Algol is considered to be a star that brings misfortune and violence.  Its mythology is associated with the Greek Gorgon Medusa who had the ability to turn anyone who looked into her eyes to stone. It is important to note that Medusa was not always a Gorgon with writhing snakes for hair. She was an Oracle Goddess who was transformed into a monster by Pallas Athena, who was furious that Medusa broke her vow of celibacy through an affair with Poseidon. Medusa’s rage at her forced transformation was dangerous and powerful, and so she was further injured with decapitation.

A deeper understanding of the great rage of this archetype must bring us to consider that the life Medusa had chosen was forcibly removed from her by someone more powerful, causing her to suffer physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Her grief and rage were relentless.  Her rage became a weapon, even after her decapitation.

Algol-Medusa is no stranger to the depths of suffering wrought by invasive and unjust intervention into the trajectory a life. What Women need for their stability and safety has been abruptly removed. The decision of the Supreme Court took a heinous approach that symbolically transformed Medusa from a Goddess into a monster, and then cut off her head, removing the right to sovereignty over her own body.  

While the effects of this decision are misfortune and violence to women, in this chart there is also the ability to push back that misfortune. In this chart Pluto trines Algol-Medusa.  Pluto cannot be trifled with, and in a trine aspect, transmits tremendous support while also amplifying the power inherent to the planet, or in this case, the Star. This tells us that the chart already contains the ability to challenge and reverse this decision.

The Moon is also part of the configuration of conjunctions (a/k/a stellium) to the Midheaven, as it is conjunct Uranus and the Midheaven.  A configuration that includes Uranus, the Midheaven, the North Node, the Moon, and the fixed star Algol is complex, and not open to quick and easy interpretation. The Moon in this position represents the public. The Moon is also our emotions. The Moon is Women. It is the place where we give and receive nurture, and where we can also be emotionally wounded. In this chart the Moon occupies a Gauquelin culminating zone, imbuing it with story-telling abilities, psychological and spiritual insight, heightened sensitivities, and a need for beauty.

Uranus and the North Node abruptly pull us into the future that has been brewing, causing shock to our sensibilities and emotions with the accompanying sense of destiny gone wrong. Yet this destiny, given current circumstances, appears to have been inevitable.

Saturn, which is angular via its conjunction to the descendant, squares the entire configuration of Moon, Uranus, Midheaven, North Node, and the fixed star Algol.  It is noteworthy that the astrology of Roe v. Wade Overturned contains the Saturn-Uranus square which began in early 2021, and which will remain in effect through early October 2022.  A square is  a 90° angle between planets, and is an aspect of tension.  It is difficult to resolve the tension of a square because the planets’ goals are not aligned.  Saturn-Uranus squares influence societal and personal change through great pressure by creating instability, chaos, and upheaval. Historically, among worse case scenarios, this influence has manifested in civil unrest, economic recessions, violence, and war.  The changes that hard contacts between Saturn and Uranus bring unfold over decades.  This square has been in effect for some time, and we have seen its influence unfolding.  The overturning of Roe v. Wade is a paramount expression of that unfolding influence.  

When Saturn’s job to maintain the status quo overreaches to work against the evolving needs of humanity, systems that have been in place are undermined.  Saturn’s systems and rules are meant to ensure the safety and well-being of communities, but when those traditions are reversed in a way that violates the needs of groups and individuals, Saturn becomes the oppressor rather than the protector.

Astrologically, Saturn rules judges and the judiciary system. It is obvious to everyone that this system has overreached, with potentially destructive consequences.

Saturn squares the Moon, the Midheaven, the North Node, and the star Algol-Medusa of this complex conjunction-stellium. The Midheaven and the Moon in this chart represent the majority, and the North Node points the path towards the future that we must create to serve the majority.  The energy of Algol-Medusa is focused on justice.  It is an energy of righteous intensity that should be heard and is crossed at great peril.

Additional Planet Influences in the Astrological Moment of the Supreme Court Decision

Mars is Perihelion, meaning that it is at its hottest and traveling at its fastest, making this an intense and egocentric condition.  Mars is not that focused here; it is fiery but combustible, which means that it does not have staying power.  But while it is perihelion it can express the toxic masculine.

Mars’ dynamic in this chart indicates that the Court’s assertion of power was self-righteous, aggressive, and narcissistic.  Its Opinion is heavily spun with the beliefs and values of a Minority intent on forcing the Majority to conform to those values. There is nothing inherently absolute about those values, the truths of which are entirely subjective, and which do not reflect or conform to the needs of the Majority.  The values that the Court has chosen to impose on the rest of us work against the needs of the collective, and of evolution.  As such, they will not hold. 

Neptune is Stationary.  Stationary Neptune is about the Mythos of a collective.  Mythos is expressed at the local, regional, national, and worldwide levels.  A Mythos encapsulates the core ideology, including the beliefs and values, of a particular community. Those values impart identity and belonging.

A functioning Mythos creates a sense of greater purpose for an entire community.  The Mythos for the particular community of women that have been harmed by the overturning of Roe v. Wade is the right to exercise sovereignty.  Of their bodies. The position of Neptune indicates that the concept of Mythos is both highlighted and challenged by other aspects in the chart, but its stationary condition tells us that the Mythos is active and on alert. 

The Evolution of the Roe v. Wade Overturned Chart

Astrologers understand that although the moment of an event is fixed, the planets that form that picture are not static. They will continue their revolutions around the Sun, creating transits and progressions to their originating chart.  In other words, we can expect that there will be movement, and that the movement will arc towards restoration and justice.  

Pluto and Uranus will begin a powerful trine in April 2023, and that aspect is exact in July 2023. The tearing down of infrastructures that a supercilious judicial system has wrought will be reconstructed under the Pluto-Uranus trine.  This trine is a long-term influence, and there is a battle ahead.  We know from the history of how the Pluto-Uranus trine works that there will be a rebuild, and what we lost will be restored.  However, while timing is unable to be predicted, given the recovery needs of deep shock from the decapitation of our fundamental rights, my sense is that we will see change sooner than later.

Significant Aspects of the Human Design Chart of the Supreme Court Decision that Overturned Roe v. Wade

The Human Design chart for this decision is a Manifestor type with a 6/2 profile and the Incarnation Cross of Prevention. 

What do we know about the Manifestor?  The life purpose of the Manifestor is to initiate action and creation. The Manifestor is about leading change by sharing new ideas, pushing people beyond their comfort level and empowering them to do things in new ways. The Manifestor initiates others into the frequency of creativity. This chart tells us that creative thinking and action is required to push back against the Supreme Court’s decision to remove our right to make our own personal decisions.

Defined Channels of the Roe v. Wade Overturned Human Design Chart

In Human Design, we also look at the defined channels to understand the overall purpose of the chart. There are three defined channels in the Roe v. Wade Overturned chart. (Channels are given their Quantum Human Design TM names and definition as re-described by Karen Curry Parker.)

The Channel of Innovative Thinking, the 43-23

This channel is about the ability to think out of the box.  This energy is knowing, inventive, innovative, mutative, and imaginative. Here we have the capacity to push past assumptions about both the nature of a problem and how it may best be solved.  Transformative, unconventional thinking can come to the rescue.

 The Channel of Self Assurance, the 10-20

This channel is about the ability to organize others around higher ideals rooted in the energies of self-love and self-empowerment. This channel gives us the power to speak words that can change the narrative and direction of our lives by installing higher concepts which show us how to connect to the possibilities that open to more empowered and authentic lives.

The Channel of the Threshold, the 36-35

This channel has the ability to incorporate new experiences that show us how to push back against limits of the story we are told about how we should live so that we can create an empowering narrative of how we want to live our lives.


The 6/2 Profile is the Adept/ Responder in Quantum Human Design TM, and in traditional language, the Role Model/ Hermit. The 6th line is a transpersonal profile that serves as an example or role model to others of what is possible when you are true to yourself.  The 6th line is deeply mission-driven with a strong sense of destiny.  As well, with the 2nd line, there is the need to take alone time to discharge excess energy and to stay connected to inner guidance.

Most importantly, the Incarnation Cross of this Chart is the Cross of Prevention. This Cross holds Guardian energy, and it will steer us away from harm.  It guides us to follow paths that heal and to avoid paths that cause harm. The Sun in Gate 15 is about love of others.  The energy of this Cross is about empowering others to do what they need to do to be the stewards of their own lives.  This Cross is very clear about which behaviors and dynamics do not serve our needs and purpose. It offers instruction and correction to get us back to our right path, and gives us the ability to recognize what empowers us.

Central Themes of the Charts of Roe v. Wade Overturned

As stated earlier, a configuration that includes a stellium of Uranus, the Midheaven, the North Node, the Moon, and the fixed star Algol is complex, and not open to a quick and easy interpretation.  These charts speak to the complexity and intensity of the moment, and of the implosive consequences of the decision of the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022.

The core of this decision, and as seen in the charts of the moment 10:05 AM Eastern time in Washington, D.C., is the profound travesty that was enacted against women. The archetype of Algol-Medusa is startingly apt as women have been dishonored and deeply disrespected.  But the astrology chart also contains the ability to push back with the Pluto trine to Algol-Medusa. Pluto transmits its inimitable support and amplifies the collective power exemplified by this fixed Star.  We have the power and ability to challenge and reverse this decision.

Astrologically, Saturn rules judges and the judiciary system. Saturn’s legal systems are meant to ensure the safety and well-being of communities, but when those systems are violated, Saturn becomes the oppressor rather than the protector.  Then we have an inversion of Saturn’s job and purpose.  For now, Saturn has been hijacked by the judiciary, but it cannot permanently hold a position which operates against its fundamental nature. 

There is no community without a Mythos because every community creates its own — naturally, and from necessity. A Mythos encapsulates the core ideology, including the beliefs and values, of a particular community. A functioning Mythos creates a sense of greater purpose for an entire community because it represents its fundamental and enduring values. Stationary Neptune tells us that the Mythos is alive and well in the consciousness of the community of women who will fight for the right of sovereignty of their bodies. Stationary Neptune also tells us that a community’s Mythos has been called to attention.

The Manifestor aspect of this chart lets us know that we will lead the charge to claim what is ours. We will organize ourselves around our ideals and pursue creative solutions to push back against the boundaries that seek to control our bodies.  We are mission-driven to manifest our right lives.

The energy of the Incarnation Cross of the Human Design chart is about empowering others to do what they need to do to be the stewards of their own lives, and that includes being aware of the behaviors and dynamics of others as well as our own, that do not serve our needs and purposes.

We look forward to the Pluto-Uranus trine that promises a revolution and rebuild, including a restoration of what was stolen from us. 

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