It’s always an interesting endeavor to compare a particular moment in time through the lens of different systems.  Each system has its own set of mechanics, language, and basis for understanding how it works and how to interpret it.  And each system offers a unique portal to understanding any moment.

Every chart is a picture of a moment in time. Any part of a Human Design or astrology chart can be expressed beneficially or detrimentally. The parts are the mechanics; the possibilities of how these are expressed are dependent on the psychology of the human beings who express them.  There is also the timing of events or “acts of God” that can occur when there are difficult aspects between the more challenging planets.  However, much of the good and most of the damage visited on this planet is the result of human action or inaction, and it is human intervention that can always repair damage from both mundane- and human-induced events.  

The Human Design bodygraph would be completely blank without the placement of planets inside its gates. It is the astrology of the moment that gives the Human Design chart its one-of-a-kind design. Comparing and contrasting an astrological moment through the lens of both Human Design and astrology adds layers to the information and insights that may be gleaned from understanding the central energies of a moment.

The Summer Solstice—occurring this year on June 21—marks the day when the Sun is at its northernmost or southernmost arc along the celestial equator. This is the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but winter begins in the Southern Hemisphere. The Sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer in the North and makes the longest day of the year.  In the Southern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day and longest night.

Seasonal changes occur quarterly and their influences last at least until the next season’s ingress, but there are no solid demarcations because influences wane over time.

On June 21, 2022, the Sun enters 0° Cancer at 5:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time.  I am using the location of Washington, D.C., as it is the Capital of the United States and as such, represents this country’s collective experience. 

Significant Aspects of the Solstice Chart

The following selected aspects affect both the individual and the collective. These aspects, with the exception of the angular placement of Saturn, are universal for the moment of Solstice.  Note that the aspects discussed here are the highlights as I have identified them, and that there is always more that can be explored.

The Sun is in Cancer, an energy that is emotionally sensitive and vulnerable, and which needs true Home. We seek to create a solid foundation that will support our needs for safety and security so that we can comfortably anchor our lives. We also look forward to the colors and exuberance of Summer.

Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven of the 2022 Summer Solstice Chart.  It is angular, and as such, is considered in traditional astrology to be powerful.  Saturn also occupies a Gauquelin culminating zone.  Gauquelin’s decades of duplicatable research discovered that certain planets, when rising or culminating, are especially powerful in their expression.

What does Saturn’s placement in an angular and culminating zone in the Solstice chart mean?  This is a hard-working, practical, and realistic energy.  It is responsible, organized, and oriented to problem-solving and getting results.  It keeps the wheels of civilization turning by maintaining the infrastructure that supports the well-being of the collective.  This energy is no-nonsense, focused, and self-sufficient.  Because Uranus is also conjunct the North node (discussion is below), we can be grateful to have access to Saturn’s serious and purposeful nature.  We will need it.

Mars is conjunct Chiron, suggesting that we are open to working on current issues (wounds) and those from the past that continue to plague our ability to move forward.  We want to find resolution, or at least work towards that. Mars is in its home sign of Aries and is focused on taking care of what’s on our plate. While Aries is an adventurous, independent energy eager to get moving and attain its goals, it is also transparent and vulnerable.  Aries does not hide its intentions and can at times be easily conned.

Jupiter and the Moon are conjunct, suggesting that we seek emotional well-being.  We also need room to move, and seek to make our living spaces more comfortable, and even expansive.  Jupiter-Moon conjunctions seek abundance and expansion in all arenas.  At the individual level, we work with what we have to create more spaciousness in our surroundings, and are more open to the needs of the collective.

Pluto trines Venus, potentially offering social connections, companionship, and enhanced financial status. While Pluto is an energy that seeks and reveals depths, in its benevolent aspects it brings opportunities to experience the gold inherent in Pluto, and its trine relationship to Venus can create financial opportunities through investments and job offers. This energy can also offer us intimate connections and reveal the inherent beauty and joy of being alive.

Uranus is Conjunct the North Node

This is an aspect that will bring change. Uranus is never subtle, and the extent and manner of its impact is not predictable. Everything is up for being rearranged and reconfigured! Why?  Because Uranus is an iconoclast; its mission is to not just stir the pot, but to break it. We can expect that its conjunction to the North Node is going to create discomfort. The North Node pulls us into the future we have been creating with our actions past and present. On the individual level, adjustments will happen, whether we think we need them or not, or want them, or not. We may also find that what we thought we needed was really more of a luxury item rather than a requirement for our sustainability. Uranus changes everything so much that instead of perceiving we have lost it all, we can also realize that we are now free to start over.

At the collective level, we will continue to see major shifts in the arenas of current controversy.  In the United States these include, but are not limited to, abortion rights, voting rights, the right to unionize, the right to a living wage, truth in information, and gun laws. As well, we are all affected at some level by the catastrophes of wildfires, drought, famine, flooding, and the current wars unjustly waged in many parts of the world, with the most publicized being the shocking invasion of Ukraine by Russia.  

In the United States, laws will be made to our detriment, or not.  We will continue to experience conflict before solutions are arrived at, as polarization in politics is not going away any time soon. Neither is inflation or the overall condition of our national economy. We can always hope that there will be improvement and relief because any potential the planets offer us can be positive or negative depending on the condition of collective consciousness. And perhaps most especially on the goals and visionary capacities of those who have the power to call the shots on the decisions that affect the rest of us. Bottom line, the common denominator for how and how far we evolve is dependent on our willingness to move out of conflict and willingly work together to create solutions that repair and heal, and that provide for and care for all life, everywhere. The direction that things take for the foreseeable future will be revealed over the course of this quarter and through the end of the year.

The Human Design Chart for Summer Solstice 2022

The Human Design chart for this Solstice is a Generator type with a 2/4 profile and the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love.  The Cross of the Vessel of Love is in direct contrast to some of the difficulties of the Solstice astrology chart.  (Note: We are not concerned with location in the casting of this chart because the planets for this moment all fall in the same gates, regardless of longitude and latitude.)

An Incarnation Cross is comprised of the four gates occupied by the: 1) Personality Earth and 2) Sun, and the 3) Design Earth and 4) Sun.  Each of these four planets makes a unique configuration that creates a specific Incarnation Cross.  The Cross identifies the overarching purpose of the Human Design chart.  The 2022 Solstice Human Design has the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love. This Cross is about the love of the Body, love of Spirit, love of Humanity, and love and appreciation of Self.

The four Gates of Cross of the Vessel of Love are the 46, the 25, the 15, and the 10.   In the 46 we have the love and appreciation of being in a human body so that we can give our spiritual purpose form and manifestation; in the 25 we remember that the reason we do anything is because of our reverence for, and gratitude to, Source; in the 15, we remember our love of humanity and our need for connection to community, and in the 10, we remember to love ourselves.  Human beings flourish when communities are built on love, which in practice means that we create societies that support everyone to thrive.  Each quarter we are reminded that this is always an option.

What do we know about the Generator?

In the words of Karen Curry Parker (KCP), the Generator is designed to dance responsively with life.  It is not the job of the Generator to figure things out, but to allow opportunities and experiences to show up and then follow the ones that feel good and correct. They are here to do the “work” of the world and build the new infrastructures that will support the sustainable and equitable approaches needed for a thriving civilization and planet.

The Quantum Purpose of the Generator, per KCP, is to physically manifest creativity and express through devotion.

This Solstice brings us the tireless capacity of the Generator to work on the structures for what support humanity, and to courageously attend to the work that needs to be done.

The 2/4 Profile, the Hermit Opportunist.  We all need time for unhurried isolation, for that is where we experience our deepest peace. Inside relaxation and silence we can explore, without interruption, our creativity and musings. We can re-connect to ourselves.  This profile is about the need to retreat to aloneness to find one’s inner guidance, and to integrate what we have gathered. And then it is time to return to connection, for that is where we thrive.

Defined Channels of the 2022 Summer Solstice Human Design Chart

In Human Design, we also look at the defined channels and the circuits they are part of, to understand the overall purpose of the chart.  There are four channels in the Solstice chart. (Channels are given their Quantum Human DesignTM names.)

    1. The Channel of Innovative Thinking, the 43-23

This channel is about the ability to think out of the box.  This energy is knowing, inventive, innovative, mutative, and imaginative. Here we have the capacity to push past assumptions about both the nature of a problem and how it may best be solved.  Transformative, unconventional thinking can come to the rescue.

    1. The Channel of Higher Purpose, the 25-51

This channel is also individual and mutative, and has the ability to see the higher purpose in something despite and because of disruptive conditions that cause one to look for their deeper meaning. This energy has the capacity to initiate us into understanding the riches inherent in unexpected turn of events, and it can also reveal how to mine those riches.

    1. The Channel of Progress, the 14-2

This mutative channel gives us the ability to respond to authentic opportunities to create life-sustaining resources. When we activate its potential for abundance we can support others as well.

    1. The Channel of Intimacy and Connection, the 19-49

This tribal channel is about creating intimate and emotional connections with others.  We are not meant to be alone. It is also sensitive to the needs of animals and the environment.

The Central Message of Summer Solstice 2022

This Solstice’s astrological energies include the ability to focus, work hard, and find responsible and enduring solutions to our issues.  We take ourselves seriously.  We take what is happening on the world stage seriously.  In addition, we recognize our need for personal well-being, including the courage to finally confront old wounds in order to heal them to the extent we can, and then to release them completely so that we have renewed strength and capacity to move forward.

This Solstice cycle we can expect deep change to occur because the tension and instability of polarization is ripe for implosion. The difficult and challenging conditions of national and global politics will give way to irrevocable changes, and whether those changes contribute to furthering chaos or to the beginnings of constructive dialogue and action that repairs, heals, and creates opportunities to thrive, is up to human beings.

The potential for a higher approach to the entrenched problems of our global civilization is inherent in the energies of the Human Design Solstice Chart.  The Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love offers an outpouring of profound compassion and consideration for the upleveling of all conditions that support life.  This Cross connects us to what we all have in common, and to the understanding that we are all connected through Source, through our beginnings.

The Generator aspect of this chart tells us that we have the energy and desire to work for solutions that create well-being for each one of us, and that includes all of us.  The defined channels in the Solstice chart offer us the ability to think transformatively and creatively to bring in needed solutions to our very challenging circumstances.  We are able to see through disruption to a higher purpose rather than giving in to despair, and we can find the resources that will assist us in creating what we need to bring renewal and abundance in the measures we need to provide lasting material support.

And the work that must be done at this time is to be done by working in ensembles as well as in larger communities where there is a shared vision.  We take our vision and values from the Cross of the Vessel of Love.  Of course, this is a choice, and though many of us are tired, we are still willing to commit to the long haul.

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