Understanding how you are ‘wired’ is the beginning of self-knowledge. We discover how we are wired by witnessing what we instinctively move towards. We naturally move towards what fascinates us, towards what we find interesting and exciting. We may or may not stay with what we find interesting, but this is neither here nor there. The point is to get to know what is interesting to you and to stay with that until you no longer find it interesting. What happens is that you will spend more time with those interests that resonate with your wiring; i.e., your essential nature. In other words, with who you are.  You will inevitably develop skills in those areas you stay with. The longer you stay with something, the more mastery you have. Mastery makes you potent and desirable.

Trust that your next step will become apparent. Take the step that brings you the most excitement — this is always your cue for the right direction. Taking the next step on behalf of your joy is much better than not moving at all. If you find yourself losing your joy, then correct your course to reconnect with it. When you follow your joy, how you live your life will gradually come back into congruence with your purpose. When you follow your joy, what is right for you will find you.

Life always offers us more than one platform (or opportunity) to live and work from. We may not always get paid for what we love, but we can immerse ourselves in our bliss while we take care of what needs to be taken care of, and do what we need to do to maintain our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and economic integrity.

We often think that life has to look a certain way by a certain time, but that is not what life is about.  For each one of us it is important to stay the course until the work is complete. Work left undone must be finished. All things will be addressed and healed when the timing and flow of energy is also aligned with your strategy. Then you will know that now is the time for moving forward with something. Opportunities that belong to you will show up in correct timing. In the meantime, take care of your incomplete transactions.

It is important to have faith that your life is unfolding as it should — not as you think it should, or as others think it should. There is a larger context which you cannot see from where you are, but which is dynamic and compelling, and which will take you to where you need to go, so that you can continue to evolve into who you are. Resisting the intelligence of the design and deeper intention of your life will only keep you turning in circles.

By following your bliss while you take care of your infrastructure needs you will maintain emotional balance. If we only spend time keeping body and soul together, we can become cynical, and even depressed. That is because we forget what makes us come alive. Do those things that make your life worth living! This will keep you grounded and connected to Life. As long as you have something to love, including working with causes dear to your heart, life will always be meaningful and filled with purpose.  And with purpose comes joy.

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