Purpose is found in your experiences of the moment, in expression as well action, and it is not just one thing. Purpose is not defined as an end-goal or a product launch. Your understanding of purpose, and your purpose specifically, evolves over the course of your life as you expand in self-awareness.

While purpose can be expressed through a vocation or vocations, the vocation actually provides the CONTEXT for the expression of one’s purpose. In and of itself a vocation is not your purpose, although some vocations will be beautifully aligned with your purpose.

Think about your purpose as the pursuit of your excitement and curiosity — which always includes following your heart — rather than as something that is easily contained or defined by a business or job or career. The reason is: purpose is ultimately about finding and staying connected to all those things that will support the continued expansion of your consciousness and your joy.

Live your life at a pace that is always consonant with your energy levels. Be aware of your level of vitality so that you don’t push when you are tired. When you are tired, it is time to slow down. It is time to restore yourself. Body, mind, and heart. This means eliminating tasks that do not support your sustainability and saying no to commitments that will demand time, energy, and interests that you don’t have.

Take stock of your talents and interests because the clues to your purpose are here. Your talents and interests will become skills if you invest time and energy into them. Your skills are the specific tools given to you by design to help you discover your purpose, and to support it. The more you use your skills, the more your purpose will unfold. 

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