Human Design teaches us how to use our energy for the things that are correct for us and to avoid those things that are not.  Because we are taught to make decisions with our mind, we bypass the body’s unique intelligence.  It is true that the mind can ponder many interesting and inspiring ideas and we can enjoy reflecting on them. This is actually one of the correct uses of the mind.  Our minds, however, are not designed to know what is correct for us.  In Human Design, mindfulness is not about the mind.

Mindfulness comes from the intelligence of the body. Human Design says the mind is like the passenger in a car.  Its correct role is to sit back and enjoy the ride and not compete with your body’s wisdom for control of the steering wheel.  Human Design’s tools (Strategy and Authority) help the mind to be comfortable in the back seat.

Human Design won’t tell you your level of consciousness or awareness.  It will not describe your moral compass, your values, or where you stand on the current political discourse.  But it will show you what motivates you.  It shows you the themes that are consistent in your life.  These themes are the areas that you are compelled to explore because that’s where your gifts are. Your Human Design chart is a map and blueprint of your correct way of being. When you follow that map, you are invoking mindfulness; that is, you are being mindful of who you are meant to be.  

In the practice of mindfulness we purposely bring our attention to the present moment, without judgment. We see ourselves as we are.  This is what Human Design does: it shows you your Design and there is no judgment!

How Human Design Supports Mindfulness

The Human Design system – its very structure – reveals that we are designed to use our lives to serve the evolution of humanity.  It shows that we are designed to honor the integrity of our bodies so that we can be more and give more. We are designed to care for each other and to make peaceful agreements that allow others to be more and give more.  We are designed to live in integrity with who we truly are, and with each other.

This state of mindfulness about how to live as individuals and in community keeps us healthy and thriving. We are meant to experience a more beautiful world when we honor the power of well being for ourselves and others.  

As has been said, in Human Design we do not use our minds to make our decisions.  We use mindfulness, and that comes from being present to the body’s wisdom.

How To Access Your Body’s Wisdom

The primary tool of mindfulness, or being present to the wisdom of our body, is Strategy.  Strategy is specific to  your Type, and works with the correct flow of your Type’s energy. It gives you key information about what is the right choice for you.  Every Type has a Strategy: Projectors are Invited, Manifestors Inform, Generators and Manifesting Generators access their Sacral Response, and Reflectors wait out at least one Lunar Cycle. 

A secondary tool that supports mindfulness is Authority.  It flavors the way you use your Strategy. There are seven kinds of authority:

  • Sacral
  • Splenic
  • Emotional Solar Plexus⠀
  • Ego (Will)⠀
  • Self-Projected⠀
  • Mental-Projected⠀
  • Lunar⠀

Your Authority depends on your Type and your definition, and is used in conjunction with your Strategy. Authority assists you with the timing of entering into a new commitment of your energy.  Timing is directly related to waiting for an intuitive sense or feeling of the correct moment to move forward.

In Human Design, Mindfulness means that we remember to:

  • Love ourselves
  • Trust ourselves
  • Stand in our power
  • Stay deeply aligned with our authentic selves
  • Make the choices that are correct for us
  • Move forward with our true story, and not sit in old stories that aren’t worthy of us
  • Take care of our bodies and our spirit so that we stay energetic and vital
  • Work on our sense of value so that we can allow ourselves to receive what we need to fulfill our purpose and mission

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