In the year 2349 humanity had reached the pinnacle of technological advancement. Colonies were established on every planet in the solar system, and exploration of the galaxy was well underway. It was a time of unprecedented progress, but there was still much that remained a mystery. One such mystery was the second Saturn return.

The second Saturn return occurred when Saturn returned to the exact position it was in at the time of a person’s birth. It happened roughly every 58 years and was believed to have a profound effect on individuals. Some claimed it brought wisdom and clarity, while others claimed it brought chaos and destruction.

Mara was a space explorer who had just completed a mission to the edge of the galaxy. She was a seasoned adventurer, having traveled to more planets than anyone else in history. But there was one thing that still eluded her—the second Saturn return. She had heard rumors of its power but she had never experienced it herself. That was about to change.

Mara learned that the second Saturn return was just a few weeks away. She knew she had to be there for it, to witness its effects firsthand. She made arrangements to return to her home planet of Saturn where she could study the Return and document its influence.

When Mara arrived on Saturn, she found the planet in chaos. The normally peaceful planet was in a state of turmoil, and people were on edge. Mara knew this was the effect of the second Saturn return, and she had never seen anything like it.  She was, after all, only 26.

Over the next few days Mara observed the planet’s inhabitants, noting their behavior and interactions. It seemed that the second Saturn return was having a profound effect on them, but she could not fathom the mechanisms whereby.

Then, on the exact day of the Return, while Mara’s gaze was fixed on the planet’s rings as she pondered the mystery of Saturn, she saw a bright light in the sky. At first she thought it was a meteor, but as it got closer, she realized it was something else entirely.

It was a spaceship unlike any she had ever seen before. It was sleek and silver, with smooth curves and no visible engines. It seemed to be floating effortlessly through the air, and as it approached, Mara felt a strange sense of excitement.

The ship landed a few hundred feet away from Mara, and the hatch opened. Out stepped a figure, tall and slender, with skin the color of midnight. It was an alien.

The alien approached Mara, and they exchanged greetings. He spoke in a language she had never heard before, but somehow she understood it. The alien, who introduced himself as Zayden, explained that he had traveled from a planet on the other side of the galaxy, drawn by the energy of the second Saturn return.

Zayden told Mara that there was a powerful artifact on Saturn, one that had been left there by an ancient civilization. The artifact was said to have the power, via its unique frequencies, to bring balance and harmony to any planet, especially one under the influence of a second Saturn return, but no one had ever been able to find it.

Mara knew what she had to do. She set out to find the artifact, using all her knowledge and skills as an astronaut and mathematician. Zayden told her he would wait for her return in his spaceship, as he knew how to activate the artifact.

Mara was determined to find it and help her people. She knew that time was of the essence, as the energy of the second Saturn return was extremely potent and the extent of its ramifications were unknown.

Mara traveled across the stars, battling a hundred-year space storm and fending off a group of hostile aliens who were also searching for the artifact.

As she pressed on, Mara herself began to feel the effects of the second Saturn return. She had a sense of clarity and purpose unlike anything she had previously experienced. Her mind was sharper, and her instincts were heightened. She knew that this was the power of the Return, and it was both exhilarating and terrifying.

Days passed and Mara was growing tired and discouraged. She had searched everywhere and found nothing. One evening, as she was half asleep, she had a vision. In the vision she saw a strange symbol. It glowed with an otherworldly energy, and she knew that it was the key to finding the artifact.

Mara awoke from the vision, feeling invigorated and determined. She knew that she had to find the symbol and follow it to the artifact. She probed her memory, trying to recall where she had seen it before. Then it came to her. She had seen its likeness as strange markings in a cavern in a remote area on Titan.  She had once explored Saturn’s largest moon, but only casually.

Mara set out for Titan, hoping that her memory was correct. When she arrived at Titan, she searched in earnest and found it—the symbol from her vision. She knew then that the artifact really was somewhere inside the dark reaches of Titan’s caverns.

Mara carefully examined the labyrinthine passages in Titan, some of which were extremely narrow with many sharp protrusions. She avoided strange creatures who seemed just as intent on avoiding her. Finally, inside a massive chamber, she spied a faint glow beneath a pile of rocks.

The artifact was unlike anything Mara had ever seen before. It was a large crystal and glowed with an intense energy. Mara approached it, feeling a sense of awe and reverence. She knew that this was the key to bringing balance and harmony to the alien planet.

Mara sped back to Saturn, and when she arrived, Zayden was waiting for her.

Mara presented him with the crystal and he again explained that it had the power to neutralize the negative energy that was causing Saturn’s inhabitants so much emotional and psychic distress. Zayden activated the crystal, and Mara felt a shift in the energy around her.

Soon the people of Saturn emerged from their homes and looked around in wonder. They still felt the energy of the second Saturn return, but now it was different; it was peaceful and serene.

Mara thanked Zayden for his help and still marveled that he had appeared unexpectedly to deliver crucial information that would ease the profound effects of the Saturn return.  Zayden showed her how to work with the crystal, and before she could ask him where he came from and how he knew about the crystal, he was gone.


Mara knew that there were other planets and civilizations in her solar system also struggling with their second Saturn returns and she felt a calling to help them.

The second Saturn return was a powerful force, one that could bring chaos or harmony. Mara had witnessed both sides of its power, and she knew that it was up to individuals to use that power for good. She vowed to use her newfound clarity and wisdom to make a difference, to help bring balance and harmony to all planets experiencing the polarization and violent divisiveness that had its basis in a person’s inability to access the deeper layers of their psyche.  Here, knowledge of who they really were, was locked.

Mara packed the crystal, along with supplies, into her ship.  Planning for a long trip, she set a course for Earth. There she encountered turmoil and chaos. The planet was in the midst of a global crisis, with wars raging, climate change disasters occurring at an unprecedented rate, and tremendous fear and mistrust among the people.

Mara knew that the second Saturn return, when surrendered to without fear, could help bring balance and harmony to Earth, just as it had done for Saturn. She activated the crystal, and in combination with her newfound wisdom, she brought healing to Earth.

Mara traveled far and wide and offered her assistance for critical situations. She worked with environmental organizations to combat climate change, volunteered with refugee groups to help those displaced by war and conflict, and advocated for peace and understanding between different cultures and religions.

As she worked tirelessly to make a difference, Mara continued to feel the effects of the second Saturn return. Her intuition was strong, and her connection to the Universe more profound. She knew that this was her calling and she embraced it fully.

Years passed and Mara became a beloved figure around the solar system. Her wisdom and compassion inspired countless others to take action and make a difference in their own communities. She continued her efforts to bring balance and harmony to the world around her.

As she approached her own second Saturn return, Mara felt a sense of completion. She knew that her journey had been a long and challenging one, but it had been worth it.


On the day of her second Saturn return, Mara sat in meditation, reflecting on her life’s journey thus far. As she closed her eyes, she felt a surge of energy, stronger than anything she had ever felt before. It was as if the entire Universe was speaking to her, congratulating her on her achievements and urging her to continue on her path.

Mara opened her eyes, feeling renewed and invigorated. She knew that there was still much work to be done, and she was ready for whatever lay ahead. She stood up, feeling the power of the second Saturn return coursing through her, and set out to continue her journey.

Mara was not alone. The energy of the second Saturn return was always with her, guiding and empowering her every step of the way. She knew that there were challenges and obstacles ahead, but she also knew that she was more than capable of overcoming them.

Mara felt a deep sense of peace and contentment. She was grateful for the lessons and experiences of the past, but she was also excited for the adventures that lay ahead. With the power of the second Saturn return on her side, there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish.

As Mara continued her journey, adventure never failed to find her. She faced challenges that tested her strength and courage, but she was unafraid.

One day, while traveling through a remote desert region, Mara detected a hidden lair. She sensed danger and her heart raced as she cautiously entered the dark cavern. To her surprise, she discovered that it was the base of a powerful group of alien beings who were intent on taking over the Earth and enslaving its inhabitants.

Mara knew that she had to act quickly to stop their evil plans. She drew on the power of the second Saturn return and prepared herself for battle. As she made her way deeper into the lair, she encountered the alien leader, a formidable opponent with incredible strength and abilities.

The two battled fiercely, exchanging mighty blows. Mara’s enemy was redoubtable, but she remained focused and determined. She knew that the fate of Earth and its people depended on her success.

Finally, after much intense fighting, Mara emerged victorious. The alien leader lay defeated at her feet, and the rest of the aliens fled in terror. Mara breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed to the ground, exhausted but triumphant.

As she caught her breath, Mara realized that this was just one battle of many to come. She knew that there were other beings out there who posed a threat to her solar system and beyond, and she was determined to stop them.

Over the years, Mara traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy, encountering new civilizations and cultures along the way. She fought against powerful aliens who sought to steal and control the vital resources of other planets. She was frequently joined in battle by the threatened planet’s inhabitants.  

Through it all, the power of the second Saturn return sustained her. It gave her strength when she was weak, courage when she was afraid, and wisdom when she was unsure. Mara knew that she was not invincible, but she also knew that she was capable of great things.


As she approached her third Saturn return, Mara felt a rush of fulfillment and accomplishment. She knew that she had made a difference, and she was proud of the life she had lived.

On the day of her third Saturn return, Mara sat in meditation once again, reflecting on her journey and the lessons she had learned. As she closed her eyes, peace and contentment washed over her. She knew that her time was coming to an end, but she was ready for whatever lay ahead.

When she opened her eyes, Mara saw a bright light before her. It was as if the Universe was calling to her, beckoning her to come forward. Mara nearly wept with joy and anticipation. She stood up, feeling the combined power of the second and third Saturn returns, and stepped towards the light.

In that moment, Mara knew that her journey was not over. The power of the Saturn returns remained with her, and they would guide and empower her for the rest of her journey. As she entered the next phase of her life, Mara felt deep gratitude and wonder. She knew that she had been blessed with an incredible gift, and because she had surrendered to that gift, she had learned to wield it mightily. She was now an Elder of great compassion, enduring strength, and extraordinary wisdom.

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