Finding your Purpose. Most people discover their purpose over time as they move towards what calls to them. In other words, you find your purpose by living your life! Aspects of your purpose can be found through your choice of job or career, your hobbies, what you choose to study and train in, the causes that compel you, and generally in your day-to-day approach to how you live your life.  Keep in mind that your occupation does not always match perfectly with your purpose, but your purpose does not depend on your vocation and can be fulfilled through different vocations and in many other ways.  It is, however, always important to find outlets that satisfy you because they use your talents, stimulate your interests, enhance your knowledge, allow you to make contributions with your talents, and connect you with others who recognize what you offer. Some of these connections will bring you to your tribe and create belonging.

When we feel we must comply with the pressures (and rewards) of status by choosing occupations or pursuits that do not interest us and that we are not suited for, we stop listening to what is true for us.  If you have tried to get interested in something but failed to do so, you are not meant to permanently expend your life force energy there. We sometimes have to make do with what is available to keep the roof over our heads. Therefore, we must take responsibility for pursuing those activities that will fulfill us.

The myth that our purpose is about making lots of money and becoming famous is a false myth. (In some cases, this could be the soul intentions for a life because of the inherent unique challenges, but it is not a universal assignment. Just look  around.)  This belief has created tremendous confusion by obscuring and distorting our inner guidance.

Pursuing what makes you come alive while you take care of your cash flow needs will support your emotional well-being.  Continue to do those things that make your life worth living. Your talents and interests are your clues for how you will express your purpose. They are the tools for your purpose. If you find that you are losing your joy, take action to restore your joy. Your life will gradually come back into congruence with your purpose. 


Human Design reveals your purpose. The Human Design chart is made up of the Profile, the Incarnation Cross, 64 Gates, 32 Channels, 9 Centers, 3 Main Circuits, 7 Sub-circuits, and Lines that number 1-6 in each Gate. The configuration of all these components determine your Type. The places in your chart that are colored in (defined) are the areas you are here to actualize. The white places (open/undefined) on your chart are where you learn about  yourself and life through your relationships.

There are five Types in the Human Design System: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector.  Even so, all charts have a unique design. Your Type tells you how your energy works, what you need to do to access your energy correctly, and key strategies for sustaining energy in your life.  Each Type has a different role, quality of energy, theme, unique challenges, and purpose.

Each Type has a decision-making Strategy which is crucial for making choices that align with you. Each Human Design chart also has an Authority, even if it is a “self-projected” Authority.  We all have Authority!

Your Profile is the theme of how you learn, and it shows how you will travel on your life path. Your Profile is comprised of two numbers and they are the energies that work together to create your learning style. These numbers come from the lines of your Conscious and Unconscious Sun, and your Conscious and Unconscious Earth.  Explore the meanings of your Profile numbers to understand how you are best positioned to interact with life.

Each Gate contains 6 lines.  As a planet transits through a gate it moves through all 6 lines, and then it moves into the first line, or line 1, of the next gate. (The gates are not connected numerically; they are connected by the next sign in the zodiac.) Each line has a specific meaning. Your profile lines are a significant influence in your Human Design chart.  Any Human Design type can have any of the twelve profiles.  How many of each line — 1 through 6 — does your chart have?

The position of your Conscious and Unconscious Sun and Earth at the moment of your birth creates your Incarnation Cross. The Incarnation Cross represents the “story” of your life purpose and comprises 70% of your purpose!  There are 192 main Crosses with various permutations that taken altogether, make an even larger number of Crosses.  The Incarnation Cross does give specific details about what you’re here to give to the world and what you need to have in place to feel stable and supported in the fulfillment of your gifts.

The most important position in your Cross is the Conscious Sun. Every element in the chart is expressed through the theme of the Conscious Sun.  Start with your Conscious Sun – its gate, and the planets or nodes that give it definition, to begin exploring how you are here to express. What gate is your Conscious Sun in? What is that gate about?

The Unconscious Sun is also important. Both of the Earth positions represent what you need to feel grounded and what you need to receive in the way of support to fulfill the highest expression of the Sun’s gates.

Study the four gates of your Incarnation Cross and you will develop a deep grasp of your overarching purpose, where and how it is best expressed, and what elements and contexts will support you.

It isn’t just your Type that sets you apart from others.  Because there are only five Energy Types, there isn’t a lot of apparent differentiation. Five Energy Types alone are not going to account for the extraordinary range of temperament and talent we see among humans.

What makes your Human Design unique?  Let’s look further into the chart.  Beyond your Profile and your Incarnation Cross, we also see that there are Centers, Gates, Channels, Circuits, and their Sub-circuits. and Lines.  Each chart has a unique and special arrangement of these. Each of these elements tells a story, and when woven together, produces your Unique Story. Each of these elements is a theme in its own right and imbues you with very specific attributes that if followed, will become your very reliable life compass. 

Channels connect two centers on either side of the channel. Each channel is comprised of two gates, and when both gates are defined, they form a complete channel.  Each Channel is located in one of the 7 sub-circuits.

There are three kinds of circuits in Human Design: Individual (sub-circuits are Knowing, Centering, Integration (here to be different, push the envelope), Tribal (sub-circuits are Ego/ Sustainability/ Business and Defense), and Collective (sub-circuits are Logic and Sensing) In the largest sense, the Collective circuit comprises human civilization and civilization’s other non-human proximal inhabitants.

Each circuit is unique in perspective, insights, and gifts. Individual circuitry brings mutation and change. Tribal Circuitry is about our role in a community. It is about acknowledging our need for interdependency and for sustainable, honest relationships and agreements. Tribal circuitry explores and implements the ideas brought in by the Individual Circuit, and once the change has demonstrated that it is functional and adaptable, it is integrated into the Collective.

Some channels are logical and left-brained in how they work.  Others are more experiential or right-brained, and others are both right- and left-brained.  And some channels are very focused on the responsibilities of the individual to the group (tribe or larger collective), while others champion the rights of the individual vs. the demands of the group.

What channels do you have, and what circuits are they located in? Study these to discover how you need to express your talents, and where they will be most appreciated.

Defined areas are colored in and show the energies that you radiate out into the world consistently, regardless of any other factors in your environment. Undefined areas are white and do not radiate energy, but they can take in and amplify the energy and information around you. 

What parts of your chart are defined, and what parts are white?  This will also give you lots of information about how you express your purpose, and in what ways.

Your Human Design chart does a pretty good job of laying out a map of how you are designed to function, express, contribute, and where you will find the most fulfillment.  Even so, the chart can’t tell you everything.  You are not your chart. Your chart is not you. You are a very, very complex human being; much more so than the Human Design chart can show. 

Do not expect that Human Design can answer every question about your life or how to live it in each moment. You are in charge of that. As you know, there are other personality and temperament-identifying systems — astrology, Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, and many more, that bring their lens of insight and philosophy.

I encourage you to explore what you are drawn to, as these will add layers of validation and can suggest what vocations you are suited for.  Of course, only you know to what extent you are suited for something, including how fulfilling or meaningful you will find it. Being honest with yourself about what you are drawn to (or not) and exploring different scenarios will help you to identify the best forms and platforms for the expression of your purpose.


Dig Deeper

  • Why did your Soul create you? What did it want to do and experience through your life?
  • What can you infer about your dharma for this life from your talents, interests, and choices?
  • What can you infer about your dharma for this life from your challenges?
  • What can you infer about your karma (unfinished business; drive to tie up loose ends) for this life from your talents, interests, and choices?
  • Based on your strengths and inclinations, what do you think might be your Soul’s permanently identifiable traits — which of your traits do you think have been consistent for you from lifetime to lifetime?
  • What might those traits suggest about the overarching nature (and purpose) of your unique Soul?
  • In what ways do you think you embody and express the unique nature of your Soul?


Develop your talents to their greatest extent and use them to make the greatest contribution you can – this is true success.

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