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My Story

When I was a very little girl, I would look in the mirror and think about the person I saw there. I had a knowing that the reflection I saw wasn’t me. That is, it didn’t capture all of who I was or had been, and did not hint at who I would become. As I looked into the mirror, I asked: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Asking these questions made me dizzy and frightened. I would feel as though I were wrapped inside enormous timelessness, and that sensation became overwhelming for my four-year-old self. I stopped looking into the mirror, but I never forgot my questions or the driving need to have them answered — and so began my exploration of self and soul.

I grew up in the South Bronx, in New York City

I learned a great deal about the less savory aspects of being human in this environment.  I saw how despair can destroy hope and yet – amazingly –  how in others, difficult circumstances can inspire a ferocious courage to hang on to life and to find a way to not just stay alive, but to thrive.  

My parents were immigrants and Spanish was my first language. This inner-city environment, where so many Black and Latino Americans lived in poverty amid violence, compelled me to seek out how we can push back despair and reclaim personal power.  The abandoned and starving cats and dogs broke my heart. I was deeply moved by the conditions of all living beings and wondered why some lives are so difficult and others far less so. Over time, I became more and more aware of the connection between soul and body and the capacity of consciousness, individually and collectively, to create how life is experienced.  I came to realize that we are not born as blank slates into a random vacuum where every aspect of our lives is up for grabs or invented on the fly, but that our lives are intentional and precious.

Education and Trainings 

The yearning I felt from very young to understand the essence of who we are led me to study the Michael Teachings, traditional  Western  Astrology, and the astrological research of Michel Gauquelin, which I call Quantum or Gauquelin Astrology.  I certified in transformational coaching with Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas. I studied and certified in Past Life and Between Lives Regression with Dr. Linda Backman.  Dr. Backman studied and co-taught with Dr. Michael Newton, a pioneer and author of the seminal books on Between Lives Regression. I am certified in Hypnosis, and am a Reiki Master.  I have certificates in and am a graduate of the Human Design and The Quantum Alignment System™ ;  I also have a Certificate of Completion in the Quantum Human DesignTM Coach Mastermind Program.  In addition, I studied 9 Star Ki with Jean Haner

Specifically: I’ve been studying astrology since the mid-1980’s, and these studies include traditional astrology as well as Michel Gauquelin’s research.  I’ve been working with Human Design for ten years and coaching for over 20. I’ve offered readings for over 30 years.  To stay current, I continue to take classes in astrology, human design, coaching, and related areas.

After graduating with a degree in English, I pursued additional studies in opera and theatre between cameo appearances as a high school English teacher. I performed in many plays, musicals, and operas.

I graduated with honors from the Denver Paralegal Institute. Thereafter, I worked with lawyers for many years, focusing primarily on corporate and securities law. My legal specialty was taking companies public. My corporate work experience includes seven years as an investor relations specialist for a publicly-traded company. I wrote press releases and spoke to many stockbrokers and potential investors.

My Spiritual Understanding

Each one of us made many agreements to facilitate opportunities that would keep us on our path and that we would also learn from.  We each have an overarching plan for what we want to experience and accomplish, and this plan has flexibility.  There is plenty of room for how to create the life you want.  And there needs to be flexibility because nothing is set in stone, agreements don’t always pan out, and it is not possible to foresee the outcomes of events that haven’t yet happened.  And hallelujah, we get to be creative with detours and delays!  We get to test our mettle, learn courage and resiliency, and grow.  

The big questions for most of us are: How can I know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? and How do I navigate life’s challenges?  That’s what I am here to help you with using my training, experience, and my understanding of the soul’s journey.  I’ve been doing readings and counseling sessions for over 30 years.  I look forward to meeting you.

Come As You Are

I personally have a lot of experience with navigating some very difficult places, places that I call the trenches. What are the trenches? They are extremely challenging life circumstances. Some examples of these are the death of a loved one – whether a person or a pet; betrayals by those you thought you could trust; loss of a job; loss of your home; divorce; hitting complete bottom financially; when you’re forced by circumstances to fly by the seat of your pants and you just don’t have the energy. You might even think this is the way things are going to be for the rest of your life, and you’ll never recover.

But it’s not true. This isn’t how your story ends. The truth is, no matter how deep the hole you find yourself in, you can get back out. The caveat is that you have to want to live and that you believe your life is your sacred birthright.  What you can accomplish in your life is limited only by how willing you are to stand up for it, and how willing you are to do what you have to do.

To believe in yourself, it is important that you know your life is a gift.  It has intention and purpose. In fact, it has many purposes which can be expressed and fulfilled in a variety of ways.  Your most sacred purpose is your life.

When you’re working your way through the trenches, you need a guide. You need someone who believes in you, who doesn’t judge or blame you for the situation you find yourself in.  

Partner up with me for ongoing conversations.  I will help you remember your spiritual warrior. You will be inspired to take a ferocious stand for your life! You’ll be inspired to engage your resilience and reclaim your power.

When you live a life that is in alignment with who you are, and your decisions and choices support that, you will attract what you need, and the paths that lead you to your right places, teachers, and opportunities will find you. You will be supported to live your most joyful life. When you live and act in alignment with your original intentions, you are truly on the way to fully expressing your dharma – the reason you are here – and you will be living from your essence.

Very Meaningful Activities

Cat rescuer (TNR, rehabilitation, and rehome), Animal Shelter Volunteer, Homeless Pets Foster Parent, Board of Directors for a Non-Profit. 


Gloria is a 1/3 Emotional Projector with Scorpio rising, an Aries Sun, and Capricorn Moon.  Michael Teachings: Old Sage, Honorary Priest.

My clients understand that a reading is not therapy and does not substitute for therapy if needed, and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. My clients understand that a reading is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice by legal, mental, medical, or other qualified health professionals and will seek independent professional guidance for such matters.

Sessions are by phone or Zoom.  I will send you access to your recorded session.

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