Differences between the Natal Astrology Chart and the Human Design Chart






Above: Astrology and Human Design charts for Michel Gauquelin

The astrological birth chart and the Human Design chart are both created from the placement in these charts of your planets at the moment of your birth.  The Human Design body graph would be completely empty without your planets! 

And they are two different systems and modalities that offer different insights and information through their unique architecture and language.

In astrology, planets sit inside houses.  There are 12 houses in the astrology chart.  Each house has a unique meaning, and so the combination of the particular planet (which has its own meaning) with the meaning of the house that it is inside of lends itself to a very specific interpretation.  In addition, each planet is in a specific sign at the moment of your birth. 

Traditional astrology combines the meaning of the planet with the meaning of the sign that it is in with the meaning of the house that it is in.  In the astrology chart, we also include the aspects that natal planets make to each other. Planets in signs and houses plus the aspects they make to each other provide the basis for interpreting your natal astrology chart.

In the Human Design chart, planets sit inside gates as opposed to houses. There are 64 gates in Human Design, and each gate has its unique meaning. So there are many more ways in which a planet in the Human Design chart can express, as opposed to there being only 12 possible sectors (houses). 

Each gate also contains 6 lines, each of which has its own meaning. So your Human Design astrology begins with a planet in a gate in a line.  The permutations for meaning and expression are practically myriad.

Human Design planets do not make aspects to each other the way planets in the astrology birth chart do. But it is their position in the chart that gives you your unique Design.  In other words, the placement of your planets in the Human Design chart will give you your energy Type — Projector, Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, or Reflector.  Your Type comes with a specific Strategy as well as Authority. 

In addition, the placement of your planets in the Human Design chart will fall into circuits. There are three main circuits in Human Design – collective, tribal, and individual (and each of these contains sub-circuits which I won’t go into here).  Circuits have influence and meaning, and these are going to add to the interpretation of who you are. 

None of the Human Design factors discussed above (Type, Strategy, Authority, Circuits) exist in the astrology chart.  Note: Astrology might emulate Type in Human Design through the “primary triad” of the natal Sun, Moon, and rising sign, or Ascendant.

As you can see, each of these systems has a unique structure. As a result of that structure, they offer a lens of perception that view specific factors in birth charts. They each offer excellent information about who you are – about your essential make-up and temperament. They each add to your self-knowledge and are actually very complementary.


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