The Human Design Generator: Providing the Work Force Energy. The Builders.

Generators (35.9%) are the ones who provide the work force energy. They are the true builders. They are designed to be laying the bricks. They are not here to initiate. They are here to work, buy  they need to find their Right Work or they will not be happy. They can keep working because they have a defined Sacral, but it is important that they work at something that is deeply satisfying. They respond to what is going on around them.

A Generator has a defined Sacral. The Sacral is considered the most powerful motor in the body. It is the Center for work force and life force energy. The Sacral Center is a source of sustainable energy. All of the motors, to a certain degree, have wave-like, inconsistent qualities. But the Sacral can keep going and going. It’s about providing the resources, the education, raising children, taking care of the family and the tribe, and the community. It’s about work in every way, and doing all of those things sustainably.

The Generator has no motor to the throat. It is possible for a Generator to have the Ajna or Spleen to the throat. It is possible to have the G (or identity Center) to the throat, but a pure Generator will never have the Will Center or the Emotional Solar Plexus or the Root Center to the Throat.

The Generator Strategy: Wait to Respond
When we say wait to respond, we are talking about waiting for something to show up in your outer world — in your physical reality. That means that as a Generator you cannot respond to a thought, idea, or inspiration; that is, anything that comes from inside your head. Inside your head is not your outer reality. The Generator is here to respond to external physical reality. For example, you think: I need a vacation. That’s internal. That is not something to respond to. Your strategy is to wait for something to show up in your outer reality that lets you know that you need to take a vacation. You have the thought and then your doctor tells you to take some time off. You now have a sign from the external world! You have something from your outer reality to respond to. Then on your way home you see a billboard that has a beach on it — with a hammock. That is another sign from your outer reality. As a Generator, you can respond to billboards! When you get home there’s a postcard from your friend who is vacationing on a Caribbean beach. You now have three different external signs that it is indeed the correct thing to do – take the vacation. All of these came from your outer reality.

The emotional theme of the Generator is frustration. Even if you’re living your strategy, from time to time you will experience frustration. In spite of doing everything right, we’re all trained to manifest our destiny by visualizing, by going out and making things happen. That’s correct for the Manifestor ONLY. If the rest of us are trying to initiate, we will encounter significant challenges. Things won’t work out the way we thought they would. When Generators don’t understand their strategy, they will hit a wall. Because Generators can work hard and long, eventually something will happen. But they won’t have anywhere near the success they had in mind.

The Generator has the goal of responding to the Right Work. Because Generators have a defined Sacral they can work hard and they can fake their way through many different jobs. But there is a difference between a Generator who just has a job, and a Generator who has the Right Work. When a Generator finds their Right Work, they unleash enormous amounts of energy. Exhaustion, boredom and feeling burned out actually comes from not doing the Right Work.

The Generator must learn to obey the Sacral. It is uniquely designed to place the Generator in the right place at the right time. Generators who are new to responding should experiment with their Sacral. Try not initiating for the next four weeks and see what happens!

When the Sacral responds to the Right Work, the Generator has an enormous amount of energy. A Generator who is truly doing the Right Work doesn’t want to go on vacation and their need for sleep decreases. The Generator is here to find the Right Work and to master that Work. The Generator is here, through repetition, to become a Master of their Right Work. That Work shows up for them, and then they respond to it. They don’t create it out of their head.

The Sacral gets turned on by two sounds. When these sounds are emitted, the Sacral can find its truth. The Sacral is pretty far away from the head. So when you are operating from rudimentary life force energy, if you have to stop and use words, you’re talking out of your head.  This energy is far away from your Sacral. Your Sacral is your compass, your navigational tool for your life. It will guide you: tell you where you need to go, when you need to do something, what you need to do. The way in which you are to bypass your head is by making two sounds: uh-huh and un-unh. It’s life force energy. The uh-huh and the un-unh turn the Sacral on. That’s your truth. The gut feelings are for the Generators. The gut is the source of the truth.

The key to waking up your Sacral is to have someone ask you questions which are answered by a yes or no, but in this way: yes is uh-huh, and no is un-unh.  That’s your truth. This is because the Sacral can’t lie. There’s no energy for lying in the Sacral; the Sacral always knows the truth.

Generators often feel stuck on their way to mastering a skill or subject. This is because it is natural for them to hit plateaus. It’s because they have a stair-step learning curve. As they apply themselves they develop skill. Then they hit a plateau — even though they’re practicing. They feel stuck and frustrated. Frustration is really just the buildup of momentum and energy that is preparing you for the next cycle of expansion  and growth. When a Generator doesn’t understand the process for they achieve mastery, they will be tempted to quit. But mastery won’t happen without repetition. At a certain point, however, the Generator will find that they will have taken a huge leap in their mastery. That’s the Generator process – after the plateau comes the surge in mastery.

The Generator Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction.  Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others.  The Generator aura is open and enveloping, but not personal. Generators literally generate the life force of the planet.

Generators and sleep. Generators have their own unique sleep issues. Generators have to wear themselves out every day to get a good night’s sleep. If they struggle with sleep, it’s because they’re not wearing out their Sacral. When they are tired, they need to go to bed. Do not wait for the second wind. That will mess up the Generator’s sleep. They need physical activity – not just sitting at a desk all day. Sitting at a desk all day will not wear out your Sacral. If you are a Generator and you have a hard time falling asleep or sleeping well, it may be that you need more physical exercise to “wear out” your Sacral.

Quantum Purpose of the Generator (per Karen Curry Parker): to physically manifest creativity and express through devotion. Devotion means you do it again and again until you get it right.

Generator Key Words and Phrases: Teach from experience, responsive, steady, has the ability to hang in and do things over and over which leads to mastery, consistent, persistent, workhorse with endless life force energy; must make an effort before finding their stride, challenge is knowing where to apply their continuous flow of energy; needs to listen to their gut; intuition comes from the gut (body wisdom is built-in guidance system), find fulfillment by engaging people and activities that have genuine appeal — not just commit because it’s the ‘right thing to do.’ The activities have to resonate. They enjoy committing  to projects that require long-term sustained effort. Can be easily frustrated if they don’t get results quickly enough; Do well in life when they learn to trust their gut instincts and take a long look before they leap. More: Steady (vs. aggressive); Doer; Out there; Medium Risk; Dynamic; Active; Works Hard; Communicative; Even-tempered

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