The Human Design Reflector: Mirrors and Magnifiers

The Human Design Reflector is approximately 1.4% of the population.  Therefore, they are very rare. All their centers are open — they have no definition; only gates. This makes them wise observers, and gives them the ability to reflect their environment.  They take in the energy around them and amplify it. Their life purpose is to reflect the health of the community in which they live; they are the barometers of the health of the community they’re in. They magnify and reflect all that is around them and mirror it back for others. They are a reflection of whoever they’re with and wherever they are.  They are empathic.  They need to be in the right place with the right community. If they don’t feel good or like what’s going on around them, then they are in the wrong place with the wrong people.  If they are where it’s correct for them, they will be able to do what they came here to do.

Reflector Strategy: Waiting through a 28-day lunar cycle.

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is about 28 days. Over the course of one orbit (cycle) the Moon will have moved through all 64 gates of  the Human Design chart. This is known as one lunar cycle, and it is the Reflector strategy for making decisions.

This pattern of the movement of the Moon through all of the gates repeats itself every month.  You can chart your unique pattern so that you know ahead of time which days you will be on and productive, and which days you will not be as externally productive. Your pattern is unique and consistent for you.  You can begin charting your 28 day cycle on ANY day. The point is for you to see that there is a pattern that you can rely on. As a Reflector, you will need to wait through at least one lunar cycle to know how you truly feel before you make a decision on something that will change your life.

Reflectors need to talk with others before they make decisions on important things. Their decision-making process (28 days) begins when an important offer has been made or an invitation is extended to them by others. They cannot initiate.  Every day is different for the Human Design Reflector because they are lunar beings. How they experience themselves is highly mutable.  The Moon makes a complete cycle through each of the 64 Gates every 28 days. As the Moon moves through the chart of a Reflector, it brings with it consistent changes in definition.  What that means is that a Reflector has a predictable 28-day cycle and predictable changes within their cycle according to the position of the Moon. Because of these consistent changes, a Reflector can anticipate energetic and decisive days based on their lunar cycle. Because the Human Design Reflector is so changeable and dependent on the movement of the Moon through their chart, the Reflector strategy is to wait 28 days to make a decision. That does not fit into this culture! They have high sensitivity to the shifting energy of the Moon as it moves through its cycle, and to the people and environment around them. Sometimes Reflectors have to wait out several 28-day cycles.

The emotional theme for the Reflector is disappointmentThe disappointment comes from the pressure to make decisions quickly and from their experience of the world. They see that we are or are not fulfilling our larger mission as stewards of each other and the planet.  When you stand in the aura of a Reflector they truly know you. They are able to sample and magnify the frequencies around them.  This is how they become very wise to their environment — once they learn discernment and are able to distinguish the other from themselves.  They must have the discernment to make decisions that are correct for them.  To help them get clear, Reflectors need trustworthy friends and they need consistency in all aspects of their lives.  When Reflectors are making important decisions they need to be with trusted friends so they have someone to talk with.  They have no internal authority.

The Human Design Reflector has the challenge of being the canary in the coal mine and expressing the health or illness of what is around them.  They need to be reminded that they are not the energy they are experiencing, and they can be a screen instead of a sponge.  Even with all their nine centers open, Reflectors are not necessarily more vulnerable to conditioning than the other types. Reflectors are protected by an aura that is resistant and sampling. This allows them to appraise or read their environment without taking it in too deeply.  Once they learn discernment, their auras can protect them from identifying too strongly with anything they take in through their openness.  Reflectors can learn to live in the moment as they are able to truly appreciate and feel subtle shifts and changes.

The Reflector, like the Projector, is an instrument for the greater good.  The Reflector is looking for perfection in humanity.  When everyone is happy, then they feel happy.  Their capacity for compassion can be tremendous.   Their high expression is to heal the world. 

Reflectors have the ability to transcend identification with the energies around them, transmute them, and reflect back a higher consciousness. This is their highest calling as energetic healers (it doesn’t matter what their job or career is. It’s about their presence and ability to hold space for others).  Of course, this is not easy because the Reflector is so empathic.  But it is possible when the Reflector steps back and becomes a witness to all that is out of balance.

Reflectors and Sleep. Reflectors need to go to bed and lie down before they are tired, and sleep alone, if possible.  Reflectors need lots of alone time to discharge energy.  Reflectors, Projectors, and Manifestors need to be alone in order to discharge energy that is not theirs.

The Reflector Aura. The aura is an invisible energy field that surrounds all living creatures, extending about 6 feet in every direction.  Its frequency communicates who we are to others, and governs the way we impact or connect with others. The Reflector aura is the “sampling” or “Teflon” aura. Their aura is the way in which the Reflector tastes the world around it in order to discover what is out of place or what is different. The Reflector aura is not as vulnerable as the Projector aura.

Reflectors need a lot of love They need lots of good friends! Reflectors feel the shifts and pain of the world. Open centers are very sensitive.  They do not have sustainable energy.  They are not here to work the traditional work day schedule. Even so, they can amplify the entire archetype of humanity and can express very big energy for short bursts of time.  Their open nature will give the Human Design Reflector more energy than any other person but they do not have within them the capacity for this energy to be consistent or sustained. Because of the limited capacity to sustain energy, hard physical exercise or labor is not correct for the Reflector. Again, what feels good is probably good for the Reflector as long as they remember when enough is enough!  Otherwise they will burn out at around 35 – 45 years old.

Quantum Purpose of the Reflector (per Karen Curry Parker): to reflect the human condition and the human potential.

Reflector Keywords and Phrases: Barometers; amplify and reflect energy; intuitive, observers, insightful, empathetic, lunar – influenced by the Moon’s movement; counselors, guides, impressionable, detached; benign, unconditional, wise, quiet, non-interfering, private, needs solitude, loners, can be all things to all people, malleable, sensitive, moody, vulnerable, open, chameleon.

More: Sociable, shy, passive, soft, gentle, communicative, interested in others, observers, energy is not sustainable; introvert; compassionate, problem-solvers; can have powerful presence (are amplifiers of energy around them)

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The Human Design Manifestor
The Human Design Generator
The Human Design Manifesting Generator
The Human Design Projector


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25 Responses to The Human Design Reflector: Mirrors and Magnifiers

  1. Lena says:

    Best reflector description I’ve read so far! Thanks a lot.

  2. Brightly says:

    What a beautiful and accurate article on Reflectors! This article really helps explain some of the nuances I live with daily as a Reflector. Now I know so much more about how I indeed do reflect the environment and other people. It’s a constant challenge to balance it all when you are basically a mirror for everyone and everything. It can get exhausting sometimes. People’s reaction or response to my presence is definitely a mix because the bigger the Ego the worse it is for me, and same goes with a fearful person. People think it is me doing this, when in fact I am barely aware of it (or I was until now). It is a sight to behold when the mirror shows others themselves. It’s frightening for them, and because of this they attack me — it never fails. If. on the other hand. a person who is not Ego-driven does not do this (or at least not right away), then we can can be friends and enjoy the company, until they do see their reflection. The longer a person is around me the more intense their experience. I either have people who love me or they really dislike me. I’ve written poems about this “mirror” effect over the years and how it is so prevalent in my everyday life. It used to make me super sad, this reflection, but now I know and understand it more. It really isn’t something I Do, it is just how I was made, but others can’t see that because they are too busy trying to get away from their own reflection.

    Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts on Reflectors, this has really changed my understanding of myself and why other people react to me the way that they do. Thank you again!

    • Kallie St Clair says:

      Thank you for this explanation! This truly helps deepen my understanding of myself and why my energy changes so much in different environments.
      I think we need a Facebook group or other platform for all of us reflectors to talk about our life experiences and how we view the world! The more I’ve listened to and read about information regarding being a reflector, the more it makes me want to talk with others who are in the same viewpoint as me and how we go about our day to day lives.

      • gloria says:

        Hi, Kallie. Thank you so much for writing in.

        A Reflector, as you know, is very rare. The way you take in and perceive what’s around you – and that includes everything – is very potent and penetrating. Reflectors can hold and carry more energy than the other human design types. Their presence is felt. They give off powerful energy.

        The most important thing for the Reflector is that they really need to take their time before committing to something that is going to impact their lives significantly. By following what feels good, they will make correct life choices.

        Reflectors can do anything, provided the energy is there from the people around them. Being with your trusted people is very important to you, because you need to bask in positive, uplifting, life-affirming energy, and you also need to have many conversations in order to arrive at your truth.

        As a Reflector, you have the ability to inspire others with your presence and energy. When you are living true to who you are, you reflect what is possible for others to experience. Yes, you are a mirror and a barometer, but I also believe that Reflectors have the ability to transcend identification with the energies around them, transmute them, and reflect back a higher consciousness.


      • gloria says:

        Hi, Diane. Thank you for your enthusiasm! This is a comment page, and most of the time the people that post comments do not return. If you want to connect with a Reflector-only community, there are a number of them on Facebook. I suggest you go there to see what they have to offer.


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Brightly. Thank you so much for your intelligent and penetrating comments.

      My bad for not responding sooner to your brilliance.

      It has not been sufficiently stated that Reflectors have the ability to transmute the energy they take in and bring it to a higher level. In this way, they reflect back to their community what is possible, and can move them out and through where they are stuck in their assumptions and beliefs. Reflectors are energetic healers and can demonstrate that it is possible to shift current states of consciousness. This is taking mirroring to a new level. It’s not just about holding the mirror so we can see the truth, but also holding the mirror that reflects back what’s possible. Human beings have the ability to rebuild civilization so that it serves the interests of justice, but we need someone to show us what that can look like.


    • gloria says:

      Hi, Diane. Again, this is a comment page, and most of the time the people that post comments do not return. If you want to connect with a Reflector-only community, there are a number of them on Facebook. I suggest you go there to see what they have to offer.


  3. Michael Smith says:

    Yes, best one I’ve found so far (Reflector)

  4. Donalee says:

    Thank you so much for the article. It is very helpful. I do have a question that was not really addressed. I am a 4/6 Reflector and wonder how I might best manage my focus and direction in my work day. I seem to bounce from one idea to another so quickly without ever having finished the first. Sometime I can be so focused and directed I am UNSTOPPABLE, and then another day I feel like my head is in the clouds and I can’t seem to muster up any focus. Hours pass and nothing was accomplished. Looking for ways to work with my natural essence and master my days with progress and forward motion. I tend to tune inward, to anchor into spirit or external energies, not necessarily people, as I have a home based office. thanks so much

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Donalee. Thanks for writing.

      As the Moon travels through your chart, over the course of 28 days it passes through each of the 64 gates. This pattern repeats itself every month, and every day in the month is different for you. You can chart your unique pattern so that you can know ahead of time which days you will be on and productive, and which days you will not be as externally productive. Your pattern will repeat. It is consistent, and something you can actually rely on. Take out your calendar and make note of what you experience each day at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Also include in your charting the degree to which you feel inspired and creative, or not. Do this for at least 4 months. You do not need to wait until the 1st of the month to start. Start where you are. The pattern will reveal itself.

      Charting your pattern of days on and days off will be truly helpful to you. You will not only be able to anticipate the energy field you will be inside of, but if you take some time to really feel into the pattern, once you are aware of it, you can gain control over it by working with it appropriately. You don’t need to be pulled out to sea or batted back to shore by changing tides. You do not need to be surprised by the changes in your day to day. You can, by knowing what’s coming, exert creative control. If you know that you are approaching a period when your focus will downshift and become seemingly more diffuse, use that time to become aware of what you are truly feeling and needing. It is important that you are honest here, and give yourself what you need. When you are nourished emotionally and physically, your creativity will flow better. You can still be productive, but like all things, productive energy expresses on a spectrum from passive and inward to outward and aggressive. Productivity is the result of creativity that was born from the inner worlds of inspiration, imagination, and thought. Each point on the spectrum offers its own insights. The thing is to be patient with all the phases of your natural creative flow. It is not in alignment with your Reflector Design to have the outward appearance of a Generator each day.

      Something to be aware of — your unstoppable days may be taking too much of your energy. You don’t have a defined Sacral, so the tendency is to not know when enough is enough and to keep pushing past your need for rest. When this happens, you won’t be as available to dream of new approaches or be as open to inspiration. Fatigue interferes with the flow of creative energy. See if you can identify those days when you actually need rest because you’ve overdone it. If you are truly tired, then resting is your first order of business. When you get your natural flow of energy back, you will be able to work with your lunar pattern most effectively.


      • Sky says:

        Thank you for this. So intriguing to be able to feel so close to this message. The relation to my life is completely on point. Wow.

  5. Sky says:

    I am so happy to have read all of this during my morning. This is helping me so much to understand what I was told when I was little. Its quite nice to realize I am NOT alone with being a reflector. Thank you, Thank you beautiful humans. Would love to speak more to you. Are any of you part of a Facebook group? I’d love to involve myself with others alike.


  6. gloria says:

    You are invited to join my Facebook community page, Living From Your Essence Community. The Living From Your Essence Community is designed to give you feedback and reflection on all your questions, on your experiences, your Human Design and astrology charts, and to assist you with your own journey. Don’t be shy — all questions and concerns are welcome.


  7. Lo says:

    This is fascinating stuff! I just found out I’m a reflector! I’m going into the field of psychotherapy; sounds like this can help! I have often felt I don’t belong, even when I have friends I don’t always feel “seen” or understood. It feels like I’m managing ppl and conversations but not connecting as intimately as I’d hope. My environment as a child and now has been depressive and judgmental. It never felt like me, but it’s very hard to not internalize and reflect that as my own stuff. I would love to learn more about how to enforce my own aura and not take in other ppl’s crap w/o co-opting it for myself. To distinguish myself from others, and be ok with whoever I choose to be has always been a goal. I’ve never known who that person could be though once given permission.

    • gloria says:

      Hi, Losaro. Thanks for your comment. Here are some suggestions for working with your situation. These suggestions are excerpted from Inside the Body of God, 13 Strategies for Thriving in the New World by Karen Curry Parker

      Release That Which No Longer Serves You
      When your hands are full, you can’t open them to receive something more unless you let something go. We are conditioned to make do with “less than” and to compromise. Everything you see, hear, smell, touch, and taste in your outer world is simply a metaphorical representation of where you are with your Alchemy and consciousness. Your outer world is always talking to you.

      If we consciously settle for “less than,” then “less than” will show up everywhere in our lives including our bank accounts, our businesses, and our relationships. Now is the time to let go of old habits, patterns, thoughts, actions, relationships, jobs, and situations that are no longer in alignment with what you intend to create.

      Let Go of Your Past
      The past is over. If you allow the stories and excuses from your past to keep you from courageously creating what you want, you are no different than an elephant that is conditioned by the feeling of having a chain around his leg, yet is free to roam. Do not define yourself by what you have survived. Surviving is less than thriving. Intend to thrive regardless of what has come in your past. Where you put your focus right now is the template for what is to come.

      Stay Out of Doubt
      Evolution is happening whether we believe it or not. Think about this. What would people have said in the year 1900 about what is taking place on the planet right now?

      Change is happening. More people are waking up and remembering their Divine Magnificence. You can doubt change and evolution. The truth is that it’s going to happen with or without your consciousness. It is Law. We create by thinking and feeling, with a difference between choosing to be a conscious part of the process or choosing to create by default.

      Use Fear as Leverage
      It’s easy to get caught in the sticky web of fear, which can create paralysis and feelings of being “stuck.” Physiologically, we see that the experience of fear can shut down thinking and create a survival reaction.

      We mistakenly believe that we are experiencing fear in response to change and respond with conditioned paralysis. Most of us are not really experiencing fear. We are instead experiencing resistance. Real fear protects us. Real fear is your intuition telling you not to do something because it might be life-threatening. For example, your fear might tell you to not go into a dark alley at night. This is intuitive and reasonable.

      When you are choosing to not make a change because you are afraid, you are not really experiencing fear. You are experiencing resistance or a split in your energy. This kind of “fear” is simply your inner, directional compass letting you know that something in the application of your alchemical process is out of alignment.

      If you are feeling resistance it is crucial that you ask yourself these two very important questions:

      1. Am I really intending what I truly want or am I intending what I think I should want, what others want me to want, or what I think is possible for me?

      2. Do I have beliefs that are keeping me from allowing myself to know that I can have exactly what I intend? (For example, consider if you believe that you must work hard to make money or that for you to get what you want, you might hurt the people you love.)

      When you courageously go for what you want with total honesty, complete authenticity, no holds barred, no limits, and you believe without a doubt that you can have it, then your resistance magically melts away, and you move forward with enthusiasm and great speed.

      Tend to Your Vibration
      Your mind is an abundant garden. A garden needs good light, soil, and water to reach its full potential. Tend to the garden of your mind. Give yourself Light and nourishment to help you maximize the potentials of your dreams. Educate yourself. Surround yourself with people who support your creative process. Celebrate your successes. Nurture yourself and allow yourself to receive. Delight in your magnificence. Align yourself with your Divinity. The more you practice, the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the easier it gets.

      Remember Who You Are and Why You Are Here
      You are here for a reason. You intended to be here at this time to co-create the future of this world. You are an extremely powerful, fully supported Light Being. You have an important role to play in the evolution of this planet. In this incarnation, you chose a specific energetic blueprint, your Human Design, to help you fulfill your life’s mission and purpose. It is crucial that you understand yourself and who you are so that you can continue to create in alignment with the magnificence of who you intended yourself to be.

      Ask for What You Really Want
      You WILL get what you ask, but only if it is what you really want. If you are not courageously asking for exactly what you want, your vibration and intentions won’t line up behind it, and it won’t happen. So many of us right now are walking around frustrated because this “manifesting” thing doesn’t seem to be working. If what you are intending isn’t really what you are wanting—if your seeming desire is a compromise, an obligation, or even if it isn’t big enough— you will struggle to get enough energy rolling to create the momentum for creation. Part of the experience here on the planet right now is not so much about creating the things we desire as much as it is about creating a vibration of joy and delight!

      Be Honest and Authentic
      You cannot create from a dishonest intention. Your underlying belief and motive for your dishonesty will somehow manifest, usually as chaos. You are either going to get caught in your dishonesty because you are afraid of being caught and you focus on it, or you will get caught because your underlying desire is to be authentic.

      If your actions and words are not authentic, and if you are not fully intending what you are saying, there will be no manifestation. Your ultimate responsibility is to live true to yourself and your desires, with the understanding that when you live true to yourself, you live in alignment with God and your motivations will be to harm no others.

      You cannot be responsible for other people’s reactions to your truth. You cannot deny who you are or your purpose because of your fear that you may hurt others. You will ultimately hurt them more with your dishonesty. You cannot control the feelings or reactions of others, although you can control your experience with others.

      You are perfectly created to assume a role in the evolution of the planet. When you step away from the authentic calling of your soul, you walk away from your potential points of contact that will allow you to create destinies with integrity.

      Let Go of the Ropes
      For lifetimes we have been conditioned to be prepared, just in case. In the evolving times to come, the cataclysmic nature of potential events may be so unexpected that there will be no preparing. You can always use intention and your vibrational alignment to know how to navigate through unpredictable situations. Let go and trust that when you are in alignment with your Life Purpose and your Divine Blueprint, you will be fully supported.

      There is not a single moment when you do not have control over your experience even though you may not be able to change actual events. There are some events that have been scripted into your journey since before you got here. You do have control over how you will experience all circumstances.

      If you choose to focus on what you do like and what is good about a situation (as difficult as it may be), you will ultimately have a deeply different experience than if you are resisting and pushing against situations. When the heat is high, and your experience seems too challenging and difficult, stop, and redirect your focus on what you want to be experiencing, what you desire to feel in the situation. Hold your attention and emotions in that place to the best of your ability.

      That on which you focus grows. If you want to change your experience, you must change your focus. Look at the good in your situation and keep your focus on your desired outcome. It’s up to you.


    • Mae Azeez says:


  8. Jeremy says:

    Wow!! This is outstanding!! Thank you so much!

    Ever since discovering I’m a 1/3 reflector, I’ve felt like I’ve found a huge missing piece to the puzzle of who I am. My life & journey makes a lot more sense. I can empathize with many of the other shares posted here in feeling like an outsider or not seen or heard, even amongst close friends. I’ve also noticed so much how my environment & who I’m with has such a huge impact on who I show up as. I definitely become who I’m with for the most part. Finding, creating, & defining who I am is a really fun mission I’m grateful to be exploring now!

    A few things I’d like to share as “reflections” for me are becoming aware of when something doesn’t feel good; choosing to remove myself from that conversation, arrangement, or situation. Others auras & energies play such a role within my own space that I have to have fierce strong courageous boundaries to keep my well-being at its highest. I’ve also discovered that people aren’t always open or ready to receive their own reflection. I ask lots of questions: Why do you feel this? Where did this come from? Is that really your truth? It feels natural to get to the bottom core of who people are by moving through stories & asking questions to weed through conditioning. I have a lot of really conscious aware people in my sphere & it’s still challenging for them. So sometimes I feel myself holding back, which is me not honoring my truth or living/being in my highest. For me this is when I feel deepest my theme of disappointment. Seeing & feeling the clear highest version of my loved ones & seeing them trudge through the challenge of rising above & breaking through their stories & conditioning. Balancing this with looking at myself to question & ensure I’m not projecting my stuff into them.

    I’m learning & practicing how to use the 28 day cycle. Asking for help, support & feedback during these times of bigger decision making. Using the moon chart is becoming a daily tool for me that is super helpful to understand who’ll “I’ll be” for the day.

    Thanks for letting me share & for sharing yourselves. It’s great to hear I’m not alone. Sending us all lots of love & good vibes on our missions to be the best, clearest, brightest versions of ourselves to shine back to the world!!

  9. Jo says:

    Hi ! This is beautifully amazing. I am completely new to all of this but am a reflector and like others mentioned i feel as though this was exactly what i needed to hear to feel comforted in why i have felt the way i have felt since a child.

    Can anyone please expand on how to read the 28 day cycle. I am quite lost and can really use some guidance or potential resources to assist me! Thanks in advance!!

  10. gloria says:

    Hi, Jo. Thank you for your comment.

    The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is 28 days. Over the course of one orbit (cycle) the Moon will have moved through all 64 gates of your Human Design chart. This is known as one lunar cycle, and it is the Reflector strategy for making decisions.

    This pattern of the movement of the Moon through all of your gates repeats itself every month. You can chart your unique pattern so that you know ahead of time which days you will be on and productive, and which days you will not be as externally productive. Your pattern is unique and consistent for you. You can begin charting your 28 day cycle on ANY day. The point is for you to see that there is a pattern that you can rely on. As a Reflector, you will need to wait through at least one lunar cycle to know how you truly feel before you make a decision on something that will you will need to integrate into your life such that your current routine is changed.

    If you really want to understand how the lunar cycle influences your moods and perspective, create a journal for your lunar cycles. Each section is for a 28-day period, and you can write down how you experienced each one of those 28 days at the end of each day. You will need to do this for more than one cycle to identify your personal pattern.


  11. Ketty says:

    Dear Gloria,
    Thank you so much for this, so helpful and wonderful article! It has cleared many doubts and answered to many questions I made to myself (for years!) which concerned me terribly about my feelings, reactions, and comfort preferences. My daughters told me about Human Design not so long ago, and because of them, I am here.

    I have one question. How can I manage the moon cycles? I have never thought about considering the moon for any other purpose than inspiration! Thanks again for your blessed help.

  12. gloria says:

    Hi, Ketty. Thank you very much for commenting on my page.

    Regarding the Reflector Moon cycles – please see my above comments to Donalee and Jo.

    You can learn to manage or work with your unique lunar cycles by being aware of where the Moon is each day in your Human Design chart. It is extremely helpful to have a Human Design ephemeris to see where the Moon is on any day. You can write down how you feel on each day – physically, emotionally, and so on. You can purchase an ephemeris here: Note that all the planets will be listed. Even if you don’t have an ephemeris, you can still keep track on a regular calendar. You just need to see the pattern over the course of several months.

    I am happy to send you your lunar chart for several months so that you can see what gate or gates the Moon is transiting, and if any channels are created as a result. Please send your request to

  13. patty says:

    I love every single word of this! I am a Reflector with a 6/2 profile. It’s so interesting to me that once I discovered at a deeper level who I am meant to be in the world, I stopped thinking there was something wrong with me. Most would tell me I am a weirdo, and I never fit in really anywhere, yet have had some great impact in the world. Still, it never felt like I was reaching anyone. If I’m honest, I felt more like Kali-Ma slaying demons, and now I kind of understand why. I want everyone to see what’s possible, and not everyone wants to get into my little red wagon!

  14. Nayeli says:

    I was wondering if any fellow Reflectors were aware of their rarity from early on?

    I find that in all my personality labels I always wanted to be different. Intp and 4/5 enneagram confirmed my need and strive to be different from the mainstream. I would even take the mbti test over and over altering my answers ever so slightly to my “current mood” to find that I continued to get the same results.

    Anyone else who had known or strived to be different ?

    • Bec says:

      Hi! Have you looked into your astrological birth chart? I have found the same, especially having an Aquarius moon, as Aquarius is known to be unique and a little bit odd…would be interesting to see what type of placements you have?

      I’ve found that after learning about astrology and being a Reflector, being unique or a lil bit different is a bit of a running theme. Have you mostly agreed with the tests you’ve done and the results?

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