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How your Human Design Works

Human Design is an extraordinary guidance mechanism. It recognizes five energy types.  Your Design is a unique blueprint of how YOU are intended to live your life. It can tell you how to create a life that fulfills.  Knowing your energy type will reveal and validate how and why you are you.

Your Human Design is based on the moment of your birth. Just as in astrology, the chart is calculated from the day, month, year, time, and location of your birth. All of us are born into a moment in time that is potent with many layers and expressions of energy — multiple aspects of consciousness — all of which are held in potential within us, waiting to be given shape and form as we live out our lives. There are patterns in how energy moves through time, and these affect who you are and how your life unfolds. When you were born you were imprinted with the unique patterns that existed at that moment. 

Human Design won’t tell you your level of consciousness or awareness.  It will not describe your moral compass, your values, or where you stand on the political discourse.  It will show you what motivates you. It will point you to the themes and that are consistent in your life, the superpowers you have access to, and the places you are compelled to explore.  And why are you compelled to explore certain places vs. others? Because these are the places that resonate with your gifts and your agreements. These are the places that match your soul  contract. Your soul contract and your magnetic monopole will pull you to them. 

The Origins of Human Design

Human Design was founded by Ra Uru Hu, formerly known as Robert Alan Krakower. From January 3 – 11 in 1987, Ra Uru Hu received a voluminous download of information, (a synthesis of astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu chakra system), from a discarnate source. He transcribed what he was given, understanding that this system was a critical piece for the ongoing evolution of humankind, revealing as it does the nature of being, the nature of the cosmos, and the mechanics of how things work. He became its messenger, and teacher to thousands. Since then, many have studied this system, and many now carry on Ra Uru Hu’s legacy as teachers, counselors, and students.

How Human Design Reveals Who You Are

The Human Design System is rich and complex.  It is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu Chakra System.  Human Design recognizes five energy types. They are known as “energy” types because each has its own way of experiencing and managing energy.  Each type has a unique way of being and expressing. They are the Manifestor, the Generator, the Manifesting Generator, the Projector, and the Reflector. Your type is the key to navigating your life, and remains constant throughout your life. Your type is intimately connected to a specific strategy, or way of interacting with the world, that will guide you to make the right decisions for yourself.

Sometimes we struggle because we have forgotten who we are. Often, it’s because we don’t actually know! Knowing who you are, e.g., knowing how you are designed and meant to operate in this world, is the most critical piece of information you can have about yourself. Knowing who you are is what really matters because everything – the unfolding of your right path, the ability to exercise right discernment in decision-making – in short, your access to clarity – hinges on being yourself.

It is true that life will always have its challenges. There is no such thing as an oasis that is free of all worries. This is why it matters that your way of being in the world is sourced directly from your internal wisdom. When you let go of what you are not, you are no longer interfering with your path. 

What you are doing right now will affect how the rest of your life will play out. If you are disengaged now, how will that change in the future? If you are unsuccessful and uninspired now, how will that change in the future? If you are stressed out and worried about whether you have enough now, how will that change in the future? Nothing will change as long as you continue to operate from the same routines that have created your current situation.

What Human Design Teaches

Human Design will help you find your right path for a better, more fulfilling life. Pursuing fulfillment your way rather than the conventional way will not only free up your energy, but cause it to be many times more efficient.  But before you can create your right life, you need to know who you are.

This is because your Human Design chart is a blueprint of how you are intended to function. This multi-dimensional map of your soul is intentional, and tracking it leads to self-empowerment. Your Human Design can tell you how to create a life that aligns with your dharma, one that will result in living with far more confidence and joy. You will be able to let go of the false belief that you have to be and do the status quo in order to be “successful” and accepted.

A reading from me will give you information on not just your type, but your correct strategy and more! Using the strategy that is correct for your energy type is what will allow you to approach decisions with clarity and certainty. When you actively engage your type and strategy, you will live much more in alignment with how you are designed.  That is because your “wiring” is very specific.  Knowing your type is the beginning of wisdom.

More About Human Design

It isn’t just your Type that sets you apart from others.  Because there are only five energy types, there isn’t a lot of differentiation — at that level. Five energy types alone are not going to account for the extraordinary range of temperament and talent we see among humans. What really makes your Human Design unique?  Let’s look further into the chart.  We see that there are Centers, Gates, Channels, Circuits and Lines.  There is also a Profile and Incarnation Cross.  Each of these elements tells a story, and when woven together, produce your Unique Story. Each of these elements is a theme in its own right, and imbues you with very specific attributes, tools, and yearnings that if followed, will become your very reliable life compass.  It is all choice, and these attributes are available to be expressed in a variety of ways. You are not limited or restricted in how you follow and manifest your destiny.

Be aware that no system or modality, regardless of its insights, can give a complete picture of who you are meant to be. Each system offers its own map and tools. These can help you identify your yearnings and desires, but they can’t tell you if you should grow up to be a doctor, a nurse, a lawyer, or a teacher.  You are the one who determines that! Your passions and talents are your clue. It is your Soul that gives direction to your Human Design Chart.  How do we know what our Soul is telling us?

What do you care about? What have you fallen in love with? What did you love to do when you were very young? Look there for your purpose. What are you compelled to bear witness to? What is it that loosens your tongue to speak the truth? What will cause you to leap out of bed? Look there for your purpose. The activities you are naturally drawn to, what you long to learn about or explore, will point you to your purpose. Follow what calls you. Your life’s purpose will be made manifest as you follow what calls you.  Your life purpose is given specific focus and meaning from your Soul. Your Soul is the driver of your life purpose. Ask yourself often: What does my Soul want? Your Soul is ready to use the map of your Design! 

Why I Recommend a Session That Includes Both Your Human Design and Astrology

Every modality offers its own unique lens and insights.  Human Design is amazing for assisting you with how to make decisions that are correct for your Type, in describing the energy and purpose of your Type as well as the specific strengths indicated by your unique Design.  However, the Human Design chart itself does not tell you what position your natal chart planets occupy inside your astrology chart. More to the point, it does not tell you whether that planet is in a Gauquelin power zone, is stationary, retrograde, or speeding, or what its quadrant placement is.  It does not tell you if you were born with Mercury or Mars aphelion or perihelion.  All of these placements have significant meanings attached to them which are not defined per se in Human Design.  These factors add to your knowledge about who you are. 


Gloria is a certified Transformative Coach. She is also certified in Human Design and The Quantum Alignment System™ and holds a Certificate of Completion in the Quantum Human DesignTM Coach Mastermind Program.

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