Life Between Lives Regression Session

Notes from a life between lives regression session conducted by Gloria Constantin and used by permission. 

Edmund was an extremely talented musician who had planned to spend his life composing epic works for orchestra and piano. However, that goal was short-circuited when family business matters unexpectedly demanded that he take the lead in running them, effectively thwarting his intentions. The past life as Edmund, a wealthy man in 1800’s New York City, seems (for both Client and Edmund) to have been a pointless acquisition/ accumulation of wealth.  Edmund is happy to be done with this life. The pursuits led nowhere; he feels he could have been better served doing something else. This was a lifetime devoted to maintaining the status quo and keeping up with the Joneses.  There was so much time spent on pointless acquisition of wealth and status. This life did not nurture his soul, and he knew this, but he engaged in these pursuits because everyone else did.  He felt removed from his family and other close connections because they were mere props in his play – a play that he did not really have much interest in.  Edmund’s only thought at dying, as a member of the wealthy elite, was “Well, that was a hash.” He sees himself walking in another world (having already left the body) with much impatience – as if he is trying to slough off the debris of the old life as fast as he can.

Client as the current personality feels the residuals of the Edmund personality – these residuals include boredom, and some degree of revulsion at the life.  It seems to both Client and Edmund to have been a pursuit of nothing.  Edmund asks, “There. I’ve done that.  Are you happy now? Can we move on, for Chrisakes?”

Moving on to another realm…away from the frustrated pacing.

Client’s guides are keeping a safe distance from him.  He is angry, and wants to know whose dumb idea it was for the Edmund life.  There are three elderly gentlemen in white robes who left his immediate area because he chased them with Edmund’s cane. Client/ Edmund is stuck in feeling anger and cynicism.  He doesn’t feel that this is the result of anything that was done to him; he is unhappy that he wasted his time.

I encourage him to connect with his guides to get their reflections on Edmund’s life.  I let him know that his guides are respectful of his wishes for them to stay away – that they are only interested in being of assistance.  Client now sees that his guides are at a table, and he has been invited to join them.  They seem to be dressed in the clothing of ancient Greece.  The guides’ names are Thor, Lazarus and Joshua.  The guides are white in color, as are their gowns.  They are wearing bowl-shaped haircuts.  Their skin is sagging and lined, and their foreheads are lined.

We ask the guides for Client’s soul name.  It is something like Rueben or Romulus.  We ask for Client’s core soul color. It seems to be white.

(Note from the Client: This was confusing. I never really saw my soul color, but just guessed. I really don’t have a picture in my mind of what it was. Not that it matters that much. But to clarify, the guides’ robes were white, but their skin was flesh-colored, not white. When I described colors, I was usually referring to the clothes. )

We ask if Thor, Lazarus and Joshua are Client’s original spirit guides as Client is at odds with them at times.  He is not in agreement with the prescribed coursework.  He’d rather do his own thing. Some of the assigned work seems unnecessary or redundant.  He’d rather skip ahead.  How do his guides feel about that?  Client says it seems as if they feel that if Client is to be well-rounded, he needs to take a more comprehensive approach.  That includes all facets of human experience. Client would rather pursue what interests him.

(Note from the Client: Although left unsaid, the general feeling was that my self-interests are geared toward experiences that feed the soul, rather than the body.)

We ask if Client’s many past lives reflect the need to be comprehensive in his studies as well as time spent pursuing his interests. Client’s guides indicate to him at this time that Client tends to be combative with them.  He is not always willing to do what everyone else is doing. Client constantly wants to rewrite the rules, and teach them a thing or two.

Do Client’s past lives reflect his need for independent study and/or his obedience to the request from his guides that he experience all facets of human life?

The guides indicate that Client has been a difficult student in that he’s wanted to tailor his travels in a way that suits personal interests that don’t necessarily reflect the interests of those that he has agreed to work with.  Client is an independent party that came into this system as an equal, but once involved, Client has been hesitant to follow the course or suggested course, of his peers. He wants to do his own thing his own way.  They only make suggestions that they feel are in his best interests, but it has often been felt that Client’s interests were solely his, and not at all theirs. So, there’s been some conflict between what Client feels is best vs the guide’s directives.

(Note from the Client: The feeling I had here was that I’ve wanted to avoid painful experiences that I believed served no useful purpose. I’m sure most would want to do the same thing, but it felt like a sticking point with me to be defiant regarding the heavily karmic stuff. Obviously it doesn’t work and my guides think I’m difficult. 😉

On behalf of Client, I address Client’s guides, requesting information regarding the main objectives (goals) and lessons for the current incarnation, and to what extent he completed these.  And if he is falling short of his goals, please comment on that. 

Guides: All goes as planned. Client rarely falls short of anything he attempts to do. As he pieces together the parts of his life in a piecemeal fashion, similar to putting together the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle, the pieces not found in one lifetime may be found in another and then properly positioned in that lifetime. He doesn’t care about what’s left undone because it will all get done eventually. The big picture is the only concern.

We are now looking to see if Edmund also achieved his goals in that life.

Guides: They were lessons he did not wish to receive.  There are certain elements of physical existence that have little bearing on Client’s objectives, and perhaps rather stubbornly he would like to avoid them altogether. (Note from the Client: This is all about avoiding experiences that don’t feed the soul. The feeling I had was that I’ve tried to fight against this. I didn’t always agree with my guides that being comprehensive was in my best interests. Although they were probably right. ) But he agreed to participate in this journey even though it was foreign to him in many ways.  It was a grand experiment that he undertook, coming from a background that didn’t necessarily warrant needing to have this experience in the first place.

Facilitator: Are we referring to the life as Edmund or Client’s incarnations, generally?

Guides: In general. 

Facilitator asks the guides if there is any residual energy of Edmund’s remaining with Client that can be cleared.

Guides: There is a residual of cynicism from that life having to do with the futility and the terrible monotony of it all.  It was a largely pointless existence in Client’s opinion, because although the endeavors were ultimately prolific from a societal point of view, the rewards were few.  (Lazarus has offered this observation.)  Client has a compelling fear of living a lifetime like that again.  It simply did not feed the soul.  It was senseless posturing and maneuvering, and he could just as well have skipped the entire experience.  He does not feel that anything was gained or learned.

Facilitator: Thank you, Lazarus.  I am wondering if this would be a good place to give Client healing energies to cleanse him of the residual debris of the life as Edmund.

Client comments that these guides seem to be rather expressionless and intellectually severe. Facilitator senses that they are sending him cleansing energies.

Facilitator asks if there are other guides that Client can dialogue with.

Client says there is another person that seems to be in the room now.  This is an enormously tall individual, perhaps 100′ feet tall.  The person seems to be only a huge robe. This robe being is a dark shade of gold, with patches of very dark blue inside of which are gold patches.  He seems to be wearing a glowing hood or crown which appears to be gold in color. Client says he seems to recall this figure from a previous past life regression.

Facilitator asks for this being to identify itself in relation to Client.

Client says this being describes himself as Client’s Emissary. He bridges the gap between this world and the world from which Client originally came.

Facilitator asks if the Emissary is referring to the world of 3rd density in both places.

Client says: No, this is a different system of experience.

Facilitator asks: What is the world that Client originally came from?

Guide: It is a place of existence that doesn’t require physical expression.

Facilitator asks if it is a spiritual or physical world.

Guide says there is no physical at all in this world.

Facilitator asks if this world would be a place for incarnation, for the purposes of soul continuing to develop.

Guide says it is a place where there was evolution based on the accumulation of knowledge and that it can’t be easily compared to the experiences we have in this locale.

Facilitator asks if this is Client’s original home (after being cast from the Tao.)

We are told by the Emissary that this is one of Client’s original homes, and it is also the place that he favors.

Does this favorite place have a name?

Emissary Guide: It does not have a name that can be readily defined in terms we would understand.

Facilitator asks if it is hard to give a sound to; if it is conveyed through telepathy.

Emissary Guide: It cannot be understood in our (Earth) terms.

Facilitator asks the Emissary – when you say that this is one of Client’s original places, are you suggesting that Client spent many periods of existence in evolution on other realms prior to the Earth experience?

Emissary Guide: Client’s experience in physical terms was never a requirement.  He was invited.

Facilitator: Who invited him?

Emissary Guide: Other Elders who felt that Client’s grasp of universal knowledge would be limited by not fully experiencing everything it (the universe?) had to offer.

Facilitator: Before we move on, is there other commentary or observations that Client’s Guides or the Emissary would be interested in putting forth?

No answer.

Facilitator asks if this is a good time for Client to meet with his Council

Response is yes.

Facilitator asks who will volunteer to take Client to the Council.

Lazarus responds: I, Lazarus.

Client is getting an image of about 30 or 40 people. He wonders about the number.

Facilitator says that Council of Elders can be few or many.  Facilitator asks Client to identify his current surroundings.

Client says the Council is sitting in a forum of benches that are connected in a circle. 

Facilitator asks if there is a table.

Client says it reminds him of the Greek Senate, where benches wrapped around.  Client is standing in their center.

Client says the Council was singing, and he interrupted them by showing up.  One being was sitting at what looks like a pipe organ, playing.  This person seemed to be in charge. They are sitting.

Facilitator wants an acknowledgement from the group that they are in fact Client’s Council of Elders.

The Council (through Client) says that Client doesn’t always listen, but yes, we are here on his behalf.

Facilitator asks what they look like.

Client is describing the Council.  They are all wearing robes that appear to be dark purple. They are also wearing short haircuts, bowl-shaped.  They all appear to be male.

(Note from the Client: Once again, the color pertains to the clothes. Their faces were flesh-colored. Thinking about this further, I felt like something of an outcast around most of these guides. If there’s any truth to favoring a different system of existence, maybe I really don’t fit in here. )

Facilitator asks the Council what percentage of soul energy Client brought into this life.

Answers: 2%, 9%, 20%.

Facilitator comments that 2 and 9 percent are very low.

Facilitator asks if they can make a decision – or are they all correct.

Answer: 20%

Facilitator asks if Client has some of his soul energy in other contemporaneous incarnations?

Council: Don’t you know that Client is all over the place.  He is quite the ubiquitous soul.

Facilitator asks if this means he has other incarnations that are current with Client?

Guide: Client had 9 incarnations.  Two have already died. These are not 9 full incarnations; rather, a few are partial.  They involve teaming up with other fragments.

Facilitator says it sounds like they are mixing soul energies from different fragments in one incarnation.

Client is not sure what they mean.

Facilitator asks if they want to say more or move on.  We have other questions.

Move on.

Facilitator: As you are his Council, on Client’s behalf we would like to know how Client’s soul spends his time between lives, and if he is part of any specialty groups?

Council: Client works as an Ambassador to help connect other dimensional life forms that normally would not find themselves interacting with this plane of experience.

Facilitator: Or perhaps with each other?


Facilitator asks if Client is an emissary that becomes acquainted with these persons of other-dimensional existences and is able to introduce them to each other – by describing perceptions and environments?

Does he also bring them physically together or is this done telepathically, or both?

Council: Client was an other-dimensional being to start with, and he has no formal ties with this world. He is here (on Earth) by invitation. He has normally not sought out this experience, but given the nature of his work it was thought that becoming more acquainted, first-hand, with the nature of this realm would give him a greater understanding of the experience of the group with which he was attempting to connect.

Facilitator: When you say the nature of Client’s work, you are referring to his work as Ambassador?


Facilitator: Would it be correct to say that Client is an interplanetary Ambassador as well as an intergalactic Ambassador?

Council: This is not correct. Client helps bridge the gap between interplanetary worlds and worlds not based on traditional planetary systems – worlds that have no physical dimension, that is, worlds that exist through the process of pure thought.  These are worlds that cannot be readily defined with physical terms.

Facilitator says that this is quite an endeavor to bridge the gap between physical worlds and worlds that exist only as thought.  What are the means by which Client is able to bridge this gap? Does it, for example, have anything to do with music?

Council: The mere existence of being is all that is required in some systems of experience. What you are requesting cannot be translated into physical terms unless most of the physical is experienced by those who have never been physical before. 

Facilitator: And Client is one such being?


Facilitator: And this is why he can bridge the gap?

Council: He is attempting to be a pioneer in this regard.

Facilitator: And how is he doing?

Council: He is doing this with some reluctance but understands that it is necessary to be thorough.

Facilitator: Regarding the percentage of soul energy Client has – it is sufficient for the current life?

Council: He keeps his demands low for that reason.

Facilitator: May I ask if Client’s current health issues are related to the low percentage of soul energy?

Council: His health issues are the result of poor choices by the personality.

Facilitator: What better choices can Client make?

Council: By actively engaging the reality that the body is finite.  Individual choices can ultimately be a factor in the quality of life experience in the future.

Facilitator: So if Client makes better choices, his quality of life will be enhanced.


Facilitator: And speaking of other health issues, does Client have allergies to certain foods?

Council: Not that we can see, but Client’s hypersensitivities tend to make him allergic to life in general.

Facilitator: Understandable.  What can Client do to lower his sensitivities?

Council: By being more aware of the signals that his body is sending, keeping a log of these reactions, and then try to correlate them to choices in the lifestyle and make the corrections as needed.

Thank you.

Facilitator: Is Client able to continue this session?  Is his body holding up?

Council: There is some mental fatigue.

Facilitator: I understand.  Client, do you wish to proceed or end here?

Client: Let’s end the session.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

More Notes from another Client’s Life Between Lives Session with Gloria Constantin as Facilitator

Client opens his past life door into the option of two lives – one as Edmund, seen in the last regression, and one as Luann, a woman who lived in Kansas in the early 1900’s.  Client sees Edmund walking the Victorian era streets on the way to a performance of the philharmonic orchestra, and Luann is driving a buggy that is pulled by a single horse.  He chooses to enter the life as Luann. A summary of that life follows.

Luann, about 31 and petite, is driving the buggy along a dirt road in the country. She is wearing a plain black dress and a white scarf.  The horse is a dark chestnut with red tones. She passes an old fence, which trails parallel to the road. The landscape is flat, but there are fields about with growing crops.  She is in a hurry as a storm is coming.  The sky is dark with rain clouds. She is carrying a small bottle of medicine that she obtained from a doctor.  It is for her elderly father who is ill.  She drives past a round barn to the house, and is greeted by a young teenager, her son, Eli.  Apparently he takes care of the horse and buggy, and she enters her home.  Her father, Elijah, is ill and in bed.  She gives him several spoonfuls of the medicine.

Luann finds herself at her father’s burial, out on the farm.  Several farmhands are assisting with lowering the casket into the ground.  It is raining out, and the grave and ground are extremely muddy.  The farmhands’ clothes are soiled and worn.   Eli is weeping.  Luann does not seem to feel much of anything.

In the next scene, Luann finds herself outside the home talking with a tall, gaunt man who appears to be a caricature of someone in the legal profession. He is formally dressed, and Luann is arguing with him about being forced out of her home.  Apparently, it has been arranged for her to be displaced, and even though this seems inevitable, Luann is arguing with confidence and holding her own, and not showing much emotion.

In the next scene, Luann is living in a boarding house where she works to earn her keep, and her son’s.  She works long hours, washing, cooking, and cleaning.  It is hard work, and though she is only 33, she is physically wearing down.  Her son attends a one-room school where she wishes she could teach.  Luann has an inventive mind, and enjoys reading and keeping a journal. Some of her journal entries comment on the lack of opportunities for women.  Luann was also experimental with chicken farming, and her methods caused her unsophisticated neighbors to look upon her with suspicion. Luann had an interest in astronomy and owned a telescope. She and her father were not well-liked and seemed quite self-sufficient in a number of ways. They did not entertain the company of their neighbors, as they did not resonate with the community.  She and her father were kindred spirits, and threatening to the others because they were different. 

When Luann went into town on errands for the boarding house she moved quickly. The town was essentially lawless, and filled with danger.  Men ogled her as she walked by, but they were base and ill-intentioned – an appropriate husband was not to be found among them, but then, she never sought to find another.  She kept to herself and her interests, and her primary concern was caring for her son.

In the next scene she watched her son being hung in public for a crime he did not commit.  It was a terrible and brutal act, deeply difficult to witness.  The hostility of that community was not surprising, given that she and her son were never accepted, being seen as too eccentric.  Shortly after, Client sees Luann’s body, fully dressed in a bath tub filled with water – and blood.  It appears that Luann has killed herself. 

As Luann leaves her body, no guides are seen.  She is about 100 feet up, and is seeing her son’s dead body receive additional insults by being dragged on the ground by a horse his corpse has been tied to.  The townspeople are jeering at him. She sees them as insects she could squash.  The spirit of her son is not around.

Client comments: Another bad lifetime; more things to be angry about.

Facilitator: Perhaps Luann’s guides will be able to shed some insights on why that particular life was chosen, and if the life turned out according to the original plan.  They can also assist her with releasing the negative residual energy from that life.

Luann is not yet ready to leave.  She is angry, and wants to set the town on fire.  She is “stomping” on the townspeople.  She is still above the town, but she is getting a great deal of satisfaction from it.  Her form is much larger than it was in life.  For the first time in her life, she is expressing intense emotion.

Luann has progressed to a gateway area.  There are three elderly guides waiting – Thor, Lazarus and Joshua.  She has taken on the form of a large male, and he is, as Edmund was, pacing back and forth angrily.  He is very angry with the life just lived.  It was harsh and brutal.  He is having a heated exchange with the guides, and is throwing balls of fire at their faces.  The guides are intimidated.  The soul comments that these guides are useless.

Facilitator: Perhaps this would be a good time to summon a Guide who would be helpful. On Client’s soul’s behalf, the facilitator requests that a more powerful Guide appear.  The “Robe” appears.  This is the same Guide that was the Emissary in the first Between Lives Regression. 

Client is observing that Client’s soul is more attuned to this Guide.  The soul is calming down.  The Guide is showering the soul with light.  It is likely a healing shower to remove the negative debris of the life as Luann.  The soul is telling the Guide that he is extremely frustrated and wants to quit this perpetual game of pain and suffering. The Guide continues to shower him with light.

The Guide tells him: You are almost there; you don’t have much farther to go.

There is reflection between the Facilitator and Client regarding the value of the three guides.  The comment is made that perhaps these guides are not from the same spiritual realm that Client is from, but rather from the spiritual realm associated with earth plane incarnations.  Since Client’s soul is not from this realm, there may be some misalignment with the guides.  However, these are the guides who seem to be needed to supervise the life in Client’s earth incarnations.

Client: There’s a feeling of being encouraged to try experiences that don’t turn out the way they had been planned. 

Facilitator: Did Luann’s life go according to plan?  Emissary Guide is asked for insights on the life of Luann.

Emissary Guide: Luann was to have an unusually active mind. One that was naturally geared towards the invention of things that could have positive impact on society, but the three guides thought that a greater challenge could be had if this task was undertaken in the body of a woman. There was frustration on the part of Luann that she had been given bad advice, that she had incarnated into an area where there was no chance of supporting the creative offspring of her soul [Note: Edmund’s life review had similar complaints], and no chance of finding loving connections that would nurture her ambitions.

Facilitator:  Were any agreements made prior to the life to provide support to Luann for her interests?

Emissary Guide:  The father and son were of similar wavelengths as Luann. There was also a husband who was meant to have more impact in Luann’s life, but he died in a war.  The father, son and husband were the primary agreements for Luann’s life.  There were others, but they were not in the immediate area.

Facilitator: Had the husband lived and been able to provide Luann with his protection, would Luann have had an opportunity to meet those others?

Emissary Guide: It was a poorly conceived, ill-advised undertaking.

Facilitator: Whose advice was responsible for this?  Did the soul desire this experience, or was he encouraged?

Emissary Guide: The guides played their role, but the soul made this choice.

Facilitator: Does this suggest that Client’s soul is particularly adventurous?

Emissary Guide:  He was willing to cooperate against his better judgment.

Facilitator: Who encouraged him?

Emissary Guide:  The three guides (Thor, Lazarus and Joshua).

Facilitator:  Is it valid (a good idea) for Client’s soul to be advised by these three guides?

Emissary Guide: There are a gamut of experiences that are considered as essential on this plane, and part of the challenge of life is for the soul to forge a path through these obstacles and find a way to navigate a course for the most positive outcome. We are encouraged to never fear the unpredictability of the way a life can unfold.  Much growth and wisdom may be gained when the life is not as heavily bland.  (Note from Facilitator: I wonder if this is a reference to Edmund’s life.)  It is true that this soul has had more painful experiences than others, but this [his experience] is more about the unpredictable nature of this planet and the choices of the souls he has encountered, rather than the overall intention of his life plans.

Facilitator, commenting: The observations from the Emissary seem to indicate that, even though a better structure was planned for Luann so that she could pursue the interests of her active mind, the overall value of the life as Luann was essentially found in its challenges and unpredictability. 

Facilitator: Is Client’s soul in agreement with the unpredictability and difficulties?

 Emissary Guide: Begrudgingly.

Facilitator, observing: It is almost as if this soul is taking on these experiences not so much for its own development as for the development of the collective.  The Council stated in an earlier session that this soul was invited to do this experience in order to acquire a deeply comprehensive experience of physical plane life so that he could do his work of creating a bridge of communication between non-physical and physical experiences of sentience.  It was not a requirement for him to incarnate here, so it seems that this information-gathering by the soul is also being done on behalf of many others.

Client commenting on his soul in the life as Luann:  He just never realized it would entail so much suffering.

Facilitator: Was Edmund’s life a disappointment because it was so bland?

Emissary Guide: Edmund’s was a life ruled by responsibilities to his family.  There was a lineage or dynasty that he was obligated to.  Edmund had no interest in supporting this, but did so out of loyalty to his family.

Facilitator:  What was the primary goal for the life as Edmund? 

Emissary Guide: The goal was to create magnificent musical compositions.  Edmund played piano and he had studied with some of the best piano teachers that money could buy.  The life was chosen to provide the freedom an ordinary survival life could not have supported.  Therefore, Edmund’s creative pursuits would have been enabled.  The life became stifled by the demands and expectations of running the family business.

Facilitator: In addition to the demands of running the family business, did Edmund’s soul bring into that life any beliefs that could have created impediments to realizing his initial plan to create music?

Emissary Guide: Edmund’s loyalty to the expectations of his family was perhaps over-exceeded. But he did what was expected of him and did not really see there was another course of action available to him without hurting those that he loved.  He accepted his obligations rather stoically on the outside but often was dying on the inside.

Facilitator: Because he could not do his music?

Emissary Guide: Because he felt obligated to do those things in life that did not feed the soul.

Facilitator: Thank you for these insights.  They are much appreciated. We would now like to invite Client’s Council to be present to assist Client with further exploration and understanding of his soul purpose.

(Council appears.  Client observes that there seem to be more than 40 in number – similar to last time.)

Facilitator: On behalf of Client, I’d like to address the Council.  We were just looking at the life of Edmund and how his obligations to his family diminished his ability to become the composer.  It seems he very vigorously took on the role of family business supervisor.  We are wondering if, in the current life, Client is also playing a caretaker role for his parents by previous agreement.

Council: We thank you for your concern and openness in asking for guidance on this soul’s behalf. In this lifetime, Client specifically sought to shelter himself from the pain and suffering that he had experienced in so many lifetimes before. There has been some reluctance on his part to even engage in normal experiences for fear that things would all go bad again.  This is primarily a lifetime of rest, and also a way to regain his footing in a world that has so frequently kept him off balance.

Facilitator:  So Client does not have an official caretaker agreement with his parents.

Council: The agreement with his parents was for them to provide him with a safe harbor.

Facilitator: Thank you.  I very much appreciate your assistance.  It is helpful for Client’s continued journey. Client has some questions regarding his loyalty to and involvement with the Michael Teachings. His first question is what is the nature of his involvement with these Teachings?

Council: The Michael Teachings are much in alignment with the inner directives of Client’s soul to better understand the often quirky and unpredictable nature of the human condition.  The Teachings have provided Client with a shortcut to his understanding of why people are the way that they are.  For that reason, Client has actively sought to help others find the Teachings – so that they too can enjoy the benefits that he has derived from their study.

Facilitator: So the study of the Michael Teachings for Client is very much in alignment with his pioneering of physical plane existence with regard to achieving a more comprehensive understanding of it?

Council: It has provided him with an easier template to sort out the often difficult incongruities in the human personality.

Facilitator: Are these conflicting incongruities of the human personality experienced in the world where Client is from? 

Council: No.

Facilitator: How can Client establish a greater rapport with the community of Michael Teachings students?

Council: One obstacle that has presented a conflict in achieving a greater rapport has been his own protective need to shelter himself from those that he feels will hurt him. There is some justification here in that Client has experienced an unusually long series of lifetimes that have been more unpleasant than most souls usually encounter.

Facilitator: Despite this, is there a way that Client can increase his rapport with the other students?

Council:  Client can come to an understanding that opening himself to trusting another individual does not automatically mean that he will be maimed or killed. Client feels strongly justified in protecting himself from further suffering.

Facilitator: I understand.  Would you comment on the past lives or [between life] soul connections that he has with the soul currently embodied as Facilitator Constantin? 

Council: These two souls are from similar origins. They share many commonalities and pursuits, although the work that they do is different. 

Facilitator: I assume that by work you mean the work that Client does with [connecting] the physical and non-physical worlds and that soul that is now Facilitator does not do the same work.

Council: The work that Facilitator does largely involves healing, whereas Client is more focused on creating new avenues of communication between different systems of existence.

Facilitator: Is Facilitator’s healing work for the soul rather than the body, or both?

Council: Facilitator often heals on a case-by-case basis, but primarily works with the healing of larger groups.

Due to Client’s fatigue, we end the session here.

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