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Your Life Between Lives Session Is A Journey Into Your Afterlife — Learn Who You Are & Who You Are Truly Meant To Be

A Life Between Lives session, also known as a Between Lives Regression, takes approximately 4 hours. Because of the amount of time involved, it is better to do these in person. They can be done over the phone, but it is important that you are able to maintain a position of physical comfort, preferably lying down, while still being able to speak into the phone and be guided by my comments and instructions. Given national recognition by author, Michael Newton, the components of a Life Between Lives regression include a long guided meditation, a short visit to your childhood (this life), and a journey to a past life. We do not know which past life will emerge, but it will likely be related to the themes you are currently exploring, or to questions you are currently seeking answers to. You will spend most of your time past the Gateway, exploring the deep rich realms of the Spirit World through your Council of Elders. You will come away with an appreciation of your larger self and a greater understanding of what’s possible for your life. All Life Between Lives sessions include an audio file.

Specifically, we’ll begin with a conversation (pre-session interview) on your goals for the session; that is, what you want to explore and discover. We’ll briefly look at your current relationships and your health, the goals you have for your life, your spiritual beliefs, etc.

Then we’ll do a long guided meditation (induction) that will first take you to your childhood of this life (briefly), and then we will do a past life regression. This journey to a past life, important in and of itself, is also the means by which you get to the Gateway. This is where we find ourselves at the end of any life. Here you will be met by your guide or guides – those that currently work with you. We can talk with them about the life just visited to get their insights and commentary. From there, we will meet your soul group and then your meet with very high-level guides, your own Council of Elders. Here we have entered the between-lives realm and can start accessing more and deeper information about your larger soul self. This includes (among many other items of information) who you are as a soul, what activities you are engaged in between lives, what your overall trajectory as a soul has been, and what your soul intentions are for the current life.

The Council of Elders

Have a set of questions ready that you will give to me before we begin which I can then use to guide your interaction with your Council. Also, you will want to prepare your “cast of characters”, those persons and pets that have been significant for you. We can ask your Council of Elders about your connection to them. Include up to 10 people (includes pets), though we may not get to them all. It’s possible that once you meet with them they will take things in a different direction and give you information that you hadn’t planned on asking, but which is valuable and pertinent for this time. We can ask your questions, of course. Then we will want to make sure we have enough time to end with a post-session conversation about what you experienced.

Here are some sample questions that others have submitted:

• What do I primarily do when I’m between lives?
• Am I part of any specialty groups?
• What were my soul intentions for this life? How have I done so far?
• Why have I had so many past lives?
• At this stage, is it possible to turn my health issues around?
• Do you have insights or information on how I can be healed?
• Do I have food allergies that need to be addressed?
• Should I pursue my interest in ______?
• What are my connections to (subject matter)?
• Do I have any talents that I’m largely ignoring?
• What past life connections have I had with (various persons), and elaborate on the current connection if you’d like.
• Do you have any suggestions concerning making more money?
• Do I have underlying beliefs about money that get in the way of being balanced, comfortable, and happy, including judgments about money?
• What do my guides wish to say to me at this time?

We will take some time afterwards to discuss your impressions and experience. During your session you are encouraged by your Guides and Council Elders to ask them questions about any thing that you are truly curious about and for which you are really seeking additional insight and information. 

Before you purchase, let’s have a conversation to find out if this type of reading is the one that will best meet your current needs.


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