H U M A N  D E S I G N  W I T H  E F T

These sessions, conducted in a safe, non-judgmental space, integrate your Human Design with EFT to support you to clear the conditioning, trauma, unhealthy meanings and stories that have kept you from living in alignment with your authentic self. This work is designed to enhance your resiliency and realign your energies in powerful ways.

Human Design with EFT can cause deep changes that result in a more fulfilling life.  This coaching process will assist you with breaking though challenges in any area of your life.  This program does not include a reading of your Human Design chart or astrology, but I will use those as a primary reference.   

The Quantum Alignment System™ is a system of integrated coaching developed by Karen Curry Parker that synthesizes Human Design with energy psychology (EFT tapping), subtle body therapies, and traditional coaching.  A session can:

  • help you name and identify the beliefs and old stories you’ve been responding to life from and that may be keeping you stuck
  • help you to challenge those false beliefs by asserting the deeper truth about who you really are and who you came here to be
  • help you identify what you’re really feeling
  • help you work through feelings of loss, betrayal, anger, depression,  and guilt
  • help you take responsibility for the patterns of your life – for how your life has been occurring (this is how you take back your power)
  • help you look at what you need to give up and what you need to cultivate in order to start living the life you were born to live
  • help you see how you show up and how you have generated the patterns of the past in an unconscious way
  • help you get conscious of internal conflicts in any area of your life so that these can be challenged and changed
  • help you take radical self-responsibility to make real changes
  • help you live your life from the future backwards – by seeing and feeling the future you’re committed to creating, as though it’s happening right now
  • realign you more deeply with your authentic Design and your capacity for resiliency
  • help you write new meanings for your new story so that you can overcome old patterns and start creating more powerfully than ever before.

(Level 3 is the highest level)

QAS INITIAL SESSION: $197 for 90 minutes.

ONE ADDITIONAL SESSION: $175.  Session is 90 minutes.  Exceptions: If your first session covered your Human Design only (i.e., did not include astrology), and you want to do a subsequent session that includes astrology, those are at full price.

TWO-SESSION PACKAGE:  $270.  Each session is 90 minutes.  

THREE-SESSION PACKAGE:  $375.  Each session is 90 minutes.  

FIVE-SESSION PACKAGE:  $600.  Each session is 90 minutes. 


TEN-SESSION PACKAGE: $1,000.  Each session is 90 minutes.  

Need a more customized package?   Contact Me and let me know what you need.

I have certificates in and am a graduate of the Human Design and The Quantum Alignment System™  programs. I also have a Certificate of Completion in the Quantum Human DesignTM Coach Mastermind Program.  More information on my training and background can be found here:  About Gloria