Scroll down for information on the different sessions I offer, and their prices. Services include Human Design, Astrology, Human Design with Astrology, Mentoring, Human Design with EFT, Life Cycle Readings (Solar Returns, Saturn Returns, Uranus Opposition and Chiron Returns), Relationship Readings,  Astrocartography and Coaching.  You do not need a PayPal account of your own to make a payment.

IN MOST CASES YOU WILL WANT TO START WITH a Human Design or Astrology reading, or better yet, a Human Design with Astrology Reading. The depth information you gain from this will support the other services.  There are some exceptions. Contact Me with your questions.

Experience: I’ve been studying astrology since the mid-1980’s, and these studies include traditional astrology as well as Michel Gauquelin’s research.  I’ve been working with Human Design for ten years and coaching for over 20. I’ve offered readings for over 30 years.  To stay current, I continue to take classes in astrology, human design, coaching, and related areas.

How To Set Up An Appointment

Please purchase your service prior to your session. I will contact you to set up a time and to learn what you are looking for.  You may, of course, contact me prior to a purchase and I will answer any questions you have. Appointments are a few weeks out. Need a discount? Let me know.


All live sessions are recorded on Zoom and links to the files are sent to you.

A JUST HUMAN DESIGN SESSION is $247 for a 90-minute reading.We will dive deep into your Human Design chart. Reading includes a highly detailed multi-page customized report that you can always refer to!  



Customized Written Human Design Report $97. This Report is 80+ pages.  In addition to my interpretation of your chart, this Report also includes the Quantum Human Design language developed by Karen Curry Parker.

If you want a session to discuss your Report, I will discount the regular price ($247) of a live session. Contact Me


A JUST ASTROLOGY READING is $247 for a 90-minute reading. We will dive deep into your natal astrology chart. Traditional astrology and astrology from the findings of Michel Gauquelin. Reading includes a highly detailed multi-page customized report that you can always refer to!  


Customized Written Astrology Report $97. This Report of 50+ pages includes the unique data-driven and duplicatable research pioneered by Michel Gauquelin, as well as traditional Western astrology interpretations of the natal chart. 

If you want a session to discuss your Report, I will discount the regular price ($247) of a live session. Contact Me


COMBINATION READING. Astrology + Human Design.  Reading is for two hours. Fee: $297. We will discuss your Human Design and Astrology charts charts in depth and answer your questions.  This Reading does not include the detailed customized reports that you can purchase separately for Human Design and Astrology or that are free with the $397 Combination Reading (see below) or with readings for Human Design or Astrology.




COMBINATION READING, includes two sessions. Astrology + Human Design.  Reading is for two ninety-minute sessions, or a total of three hours. Fee: $397. You will make two appointments.  At your first scheduled session we will discuss your Human Design chart in depth and answer your questions.  At your second session, we will discuss your natal chart in depth and apply the insights of traditional astrology as well as the astrology findings of Michel Gauquelin, and answer your questions. We will compare and contrast the information from each chart.

This Reading includes two FREE highly detailed multi-page customized reports: one for Human Design and one for Astrology that you can always refer to! When you order a Combination Reading, you save $97 as opposed to purchasing a Human Design and Astrology session separately.  Check the links above to see what’s covered in your free Reports.

Extra: If you have your Michael Chart, I will include that in your reading. We will look at correspondence and resonance with your Human Design and astrology. You can order a Michael Chart here Order a Michael Chart or here Shepherd Hoodwin. For more information, see Your Soul Role Profile



This service includes a customized written report. See: Customized Astrocartography Report.  We will look at locations of personal interest to you and the areas of your life that you’d like to focus on, for example, friendship, career, love, creativity, spirituality, and more.  A total of 10 locations per person is offered with this Service.

Session is two hours. Purchase price: $297. We will meet on Zoom and you will receive a recording of the session.



These sessions, conducted in a safe, non-judgmental space, integrate your Human Design with EFT to support you to clear the conditioning, trauma, unhealthy meanings and stories that have kept you from living in alignment with your authentic self. This work is designed to enhance your resiliency and realign your energies in powerful ways. QAS INITIAL SESSION: $197 for 90 minutes. Go to Quantum Alignment Sessions for more information and to purchase.  



These sessions are your opportunity to talk about what you are experiencing and to work through your concerns in a safe, non-judgmental space. And to pick up where we left off, as you  wish. We will use your Human Design and Astrology (if your initial session included astrology) to support you to keep making aligned decisions which lead to your right actions. Go to Human Design Coaching Conversations for more information and to purchase.


RELATIONSHIP READING: $297.  90-minute session if only one of the parties is present; two-hour session with both parties present.  Learn about the dynamics of your connection. Readings are for any type of relationship: business, partnerships, marriages, family members, friendships, and so on.  For this reading, I look at the Human Design composite chart, Synastry in the astrology charts, and the composite astrology chart. 

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment.  



Life Cycle Readings:  Solar Returns, Saturn Returns, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, and Uranus Return.

A Life Cycle (Planetary Return) reading is $297 for 90 minutes.  We will look at your natal Human Design and astrology charts as well as the return charts in each modality.  Life cycles bring us rites of passage.  A planetary return is a significant threshold where we review where we’ve been, and whether we should continue on our current path.  Each return is each rich with the opportunity to find your resilience and renew your commitment to your purpose and mission. 

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment.  


________________________________________________________________________________Also see page for: Human Design Mentoring

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While we can cover a lot of ground in a single session, no session is meant to be, nor can it be, all-inclusive. I encourage you to schedule more time with me.  

Need help or have a question? Contact Me