To read about the Human Design Types, visit: the Manifestor, the Generator, the Manifesting Generator, the Projector, and the ReflectorTo read questions submitted by readers and my answers, and to submit a question, scroll past the Type description.  

Human Design is an extraordinary tool that offers a comprehensive journey through your personality. It also recognizes five energy types, all of which are wired to function uniquely. Your Design is your blueprint of how YOU are intended to live your life. It can tell you how to create a life that fulfills.  Knowing your energy type will free you to be you. Your Human Design is based on the moment of your birth.  Just as in astrology, the chart is calculated from the day, month, year, time, and location of your birth.

I offer various types of sessions, including Life Cycle (Planetary Returns), Relationship Readings, Human Design, Human Design with Astrology, Coaching, and Human Design with EFT. Keep scrolling for more information on sessions and prices. 

Your conversation with me does not need to end with one session. You can do an Additional Session (see below) as you need, or you can purchase PACKAGES

Why have a Human Design session with me?  

  • Because I have personally worked with questions of purpose for years.
  • Because I have devoted myself to the study of systems that point to purpose.
  • Because I can help you identify your gifts and your purpose.
  • Because I can help you identify how you can actively express your purpose.
  • Because I can help you get clear on how to make choices that empower you.
  • Because I can counsel you on how to live your most fulfilled life.
  • Because it is my passion to be your Soul’s Mentor.

Why I Recommend a Session That Includes Both Your Human Design and Astrology

Every modality offers its own unique lens and insights.  Human Design is amazing for assisting you with how to make decisions that are correct for your Type, in describing the energy and psychology of your Type as well as the specific strengths indicated by your unique Design.  However, the Human Design chart itself does not tell you what position your natal chart planets occupy inside your astrology chart. More to the point, it does not tell you whether that planet is in a Gauquelin zone, is stationary, retrograde, or speeding, or what its quadrant placement is.  It does not tell you if you were born with Mercury or Mars aphelion or perihelion.  All of these placements have significant meanings attached to them which are not defined per se in Human Design.  These factors add to your knowledge about who you are. 

Appointments are a few weeks out.

How To Set Up An Appointment

Please feel free to purchase a service and I will contact you to set up a time and to learn what you are looking for in a session and I will let you know what information I need from you. You may, of course, contact me prior to a purchase and I will answer any questions you have. 

My Services Are Priced at least $100 Below Market

Why? My reasoning is simple:  I do this to make it easier for you to have a session.  Also, many Human Design Readings do not include the insights of other systems. As a result, my readings are more comprehensive.

Contact me with any questions and to set an appointment.


A JUST HUMAN DESIGN SESSION is $197 for a 90-minute reading. We will dive deep into your Human Design chart. This reading does not include interpreting your natal astrology chart or transits to that chart.

Order a JUST HUMAN DESIGN reading:


COMBINATION READING: Quantum Astrology with Human Design (Quantum Design) is $297 for the ultimate Human Design package, Human Design Deluxe Plus. This is a two-hour session. Gauquelin Astrology and Human Design, a combination service not found anywhere else, offers new insights into the gifts you brought in to support your life purpose. When you look through the lens of Gauquelin astrology, it will be like seeing your natal astrology chart for the first time. Transits and progressions for the year ahead are included! Readings are done over the phone or Zoom, and are recorded. You will receive the recorded file of your session.  

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment.  




These sessions, conducted in a safe, non-judgmental space, integrate your Human Design with EFT to support you to clear the conditioning, trauma, unhealthy meanings and stories that have kept you from living in alignment with your authentic self. This work is designed to enhance your resiliency and realign your energies in powerful ways. QAS INITIAL SESSION: $197 for 90 minutes. Go to Quantum Alignment Sessions for more information and to purchase.  


These sessions are your opportunity to talk about what you are experiencing and to work through your concerns in a safe, non-judgmental space. And to pick up where we left off, as you  wish. We will use your Human Design and Astrology (if your initial session included astrology) to support you to keep making aligned decisions which lead to your right actions. Go to Human Design Coaching Conversations for more information and to purchase..

RELATIONSHIP READING: $267 for a 90-minute session. Learn about the dynamics of your connection. Readings are for any type of relationship: business, partnerships, marriages, family members, friendships, and so on.  For this reading, I look at the Human Design and Astrology composite charts.  Readings are done over the phone or Zoom, and are recorded. You will receive the recorded file of your session.  

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment.  


Life Cycle Readings: Solar Returns, Saturn Returns (any), Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return, Uranus Return.

A Life Cycle (Planetary Return) reading is $267 for 90 minutes.  We will look at your natal Human Design and astrology charts as well as the return charts in each modality.  Life cycles bring us rites of passage.  A planetary return is a significant threshold where we review where we’ve been, and whether we should continue on our current path.  Each return is each rich with the opportunity to find your resilience and renew your commitment to your purpose and mission. To read more about each life cycle/ astrological cycle, see Astrological Cycles

Contact Me with any questions and to set an appointment.  



ADDITIONAL SESSIONS: $150.  Session is 90 minutes.  Exceptions: If your first session covered your Human Design only (i.e., did not include astrology), and you want to do a subsequent session that includes astrology, that session will be at the regular price.  OR you can go purchase PACKAGES


Become a Member of the Understanding Human Design Online Community – only $35 a month!

In this community you will learn a great deal about living your Quantum Human Design. There are four live calls a month with Karen which are recorded for you to view at any time, even if you can’t attend live. There is also a place for you to submit your questions which will be answered on the calls even if you can’t make the call.  In addition, as of this writing, there are THIRTY-FOUR different and fun courses that you can access at your leisure, and more are added all the time!  Really, this is your best place for becoming immersed and knowledgeable in Human Design.  You will have plenty of information from this school to decide your next steps for your life.  HUMAN DESIGN COMMUNITY

And any time you want to have a personal conversation about what’s going on for you, and you want make your decisions correctly according to your Design and the current transits, you can always check in with me! Take a look at Human Design Coaching Conversations and/ or Quantum Alignment Sessions might interest you for further conversations with me. 

While we can cover a lot of ground in a single session, no session is meant to be, nor can it be, all-inclusive. I encourage you to schedule more time with me.  

Need help or have a question? Contact Me