Spiritual Counseling & Guidance

As Your Spiritual Counselor, I’m Here To Listen To You From A Non-Judgmental, Emotionally Safe Space.  This service includes a reading of your Human Design chart.

Sometimes you just need to talk things out.  When someone listens to you without judgment it allows the often muddled and convoluted cauldron of thoughts and feelings to come to the surface where they can be seen and clearly articulated.

Confusion about making a decision or the next right step is often rooted in lack of self-knowledge, self-confidence, and honesty with yourself about what you really want.  Or perhaps you think that if you don’t behave a certain way, you will meet with disapproval and alienate your friends, family, and co-workers.  And you might.  But whose life is it, anyway?

Spiritual Counseling Can Help

You may be stuck because you believe that you don’t deserve to make the adjustments in your life that you really, really want.  When you don’t believe you deserve what you want and need, you are unable to give yourself permission to have, and that will block you from creating the strategies that will get you to your goal.

Or maybe you believe that it’s simply not practical or possible to make the changes you know would give your life a major lift and open you to new opportunities. Or perhaps you simply don’t know how.

Or perhaps you’re too tired, or too jaded after having tried again and again, and feel you are out of ideas and out of options.  Perhaps your heart is broken, and you are barely able to breathe through your grief. I am here to be present to your stories of remembrance and loss. I’m here to help with your spiritual healing.

Perhaps you believe that where you are now is the best you can hope for and it’s only downhill from there.  It’s not true.  Don’t you believe it!

Spiritual Mentoring 

I’m here to give you all the encouragement you need. The truth is that if you’re not living your life in the way that resonates with your deepest desires, if you’re living a life where you’re always short of your goals, or feel that you have to live in the shadows to be safe and accepted, you will be unhappy and permanently unfulfilled. You will feel that you have “missed the boat” and you will never be able to get back on.  You will live with an undercurrent of resentment, despair, and lack of self-respect. This is where a spiritual therapist is needed. 

Living the life that would fulfill you (and I’m not talking about conventional success) is living a life that is truly in alignment with who you are. It is living a life where you are not afraid to follow your soul’s calling.  Living the life you came to live is your personal “Great Work” and highest mandate. This is where your focus needs to be — permanently.  I can help you get that focus back.  My spiritual guidance will cheer you on to take back your life.

Let’s move you out of the blahs, the blues, and the what-could-have-been-if-only.

How To Set Up An Appointment

Appointments are currently four weeks out. Please feel free to purchase a service and I will contact you to set up a time and to learn what you are looking for in a session and I will let you know what information I need from you. You may, of course, contact me prior to a purchase and I will answer any questions you have. 

You can have as many sessions as you want and need! While we can cover a lot in an initial session, there’s always more to explore.  Please feel free to sign up for additional sessions.  

SESSION is $197 for a 90-minute reading.  This includes time spent prior to your session for review of your Human Design chart as well as reviewing your questions.  Sessions are available via phone or Zoom.  All sessions are recorded and sent to you.

ADDITIONAL SESSIONS ARE $137, for 90 minutes.  Exceptions: If your first session covered your Human Design only (i.e., did not include astrology), and you want to do a subsequent session that includes astrology, those are at full price. 

I am available for mentoring/counseling on an on-going basis — for as long  as you want to have conversations. Treating yourself to more than one conversation will give you additional support, and allow for continued insights. If you are interested in on-going conversations, let’s create a package that works  for you. 

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