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When I was a very little girl, I would look in the mirror and think about the person I saw there. I just had a knowing that the reflection I saw wasn’t me. That is, it didn’t capture all of who I was or had been, and did not hint at who I would become. As I looked into the mirror, I asked: Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here? Asking these questions made me dizzy and frightened. I would experience a feeling of being encased inside enormous timelessness, and that eventually became too overwhelming for my four-year-old self. I stopped looking into the mirror but I never forgot my questions or the driving need to have them answered. 

Thus began my exploration of who I am, why I’m here, or – my purpose. At an early age, I consciously undertook the study of the journey of the soul.

Michael Teachings

I am a long-time Michael student, and knowing my Soul Profile – my essence role, soul age, and other “overleaves” – gave me a solid foundation for understanding why I’m drawn to certain experiences and tend to express in certain ways.  Knowing that I am a late-level Sage added that much more to my understanding of how I express my Projector Human Design type.

These Teachings explore the spiritual philosophy of the mid-causal plane entity Michael, who was introduced through the best-selling book, Messages from Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. These Teachings provide a set of tools not described anywhere else which, when applied, will help you spiritually progress, and reveal how your soul journeys from your first incarnation to your last. The Michael Teachings  show us how we develop via the reincarnational cycle, illuminate where we are on the path, and why we are here. We learn about the unique qualities we bring to the world, and why people are the way they are.

Why Having Your Soul Profile Chart is Important

The Essence Role your soul has chosen to take on – Sage, Artisan, Priest, Server, Warrior, King, or Scholar, is going to strongly influence how you express yourself, and what you are drawn to study and experience. Sages seek wisdom and insight, and then communicate what they’ve learned, usually in an attention-getting way. Sages can be very comfortable on center stage and usually love a large audience. Artisans seek creativity and need to understand the structures of how things are put together. They tend towards introversion while they quietly pursue their crafts, which can range from painting, sculpting, computer tech wizardry, engineering, surgery, and more. Priests seek to serve the highest good – as they see it. They see the potential in everyone, and strive to bring it out by inspiring others to do their best. Servers seek to serve the common good. They want to alleviate suffering and bear the burdens of humankind. Warriors seek a challenge, and are very grounded, focused, and truly enjoy being in body. They can be rowdy and earthy, and their sense of humor is often based on physicality. Kings seek mastery and are natural leaders with a commanding presence. They can see the big picture of what needs to be done, and  are excellent at delegating the work. They exude authority and tend to gather entourages. The King role is also earthy. Scholars seek knowledge, have great curiosity, and can be very experimental. They are the “librarians of the Universe,” and will specialize in great depth in usually one or two areas.

For more information on the Essence roles, visit The Seven Roles (Soul Types).

Soul Age

Your Soul Age – Infant, Baby, Young, Mature, or Old, provides you with significant information about your life path. The reason for this is that each soul age has very specific terrain that it is here to explore and master before it can move on to the next level (there are seven levels in each soul age) of that age, and ultimately on to the next soul age. Your soul age ultimately determines what drives you and how you will show up in the world. Your soul age will directly affect how you express your Human Design and Gauquelin Astrology.This is because each age and level in that age has distinctive lessons or areas of exploration that need to be mastered before the next level (and ultimately next soul age) can be undertaken.

By the time you have reached the old soul phase, you will have had a lot of life experience under your belt, so to speak. Old souls tend to be big-picture oriented, often have a detached way of being in the world, and are philosophical in their outlook and expression. They are excellent teachers, but they tend to do depth work with just a few individuals. They can sometimes come  off as jaded, having “been there and done that” many times throughout the course of their incarnations. They have pretty much lost their interest in playing the “game,” preferring instead to pursue their interests, regardless of status, and even income. Old souls often come off as eccentric as they tend not to adhere to convention in personal style or choice of vocation. However, given the critical status of so many aspects of our planet, many old souls are dusting off their skills and engaging life with greater passion.  Although they may feel they personally don’t have that much left to do or experience, there is much to be done to bring healing and harmony to humanity and our planet.

Mature souls are deep into relationships. Life partnerships are especially important, and being without a partner often causes great angst and a sense of being incomplete, and even lost. Family is of paramount importance. Inharmonious family relationships are the source of much grief and soul-searching. Mature souls tend to experience the gamut when it comes to emotions, and are often quite dramatic in their expression. Mature souls are also the movers and shakers and pioneers of cutting-edge concepts, and are big into teaching the many. They are characterized by their high passion and determination. The Mature soul age is when we realize that our actions affect others, and that we are all in this together.

Young souls are very achievement-oriented, and driven to succeed according to their culture’s definition of success. They are here to master the physical plane and it is in this stage that we develop mastery in the manipulation of resources, especially money, sometimes in a self-serving, even exploitative way. Young souls often seek personal physical beauty and are drawn to becoming high achievers in every conventional arena. It is at this age that we truly master materiality and the “game.”

For the Baby soul, the world is very black and white. You are either for or against something; nuances, subtleties, and shades of gray are not part of the psychology of the Baby soul. Baby souls need clear rules to know how to act and what to do with their lives. They look to authoritarian figures to guide them, to give them a sense of belonging, and most importantly, a solid sense of personal and tribal (which community am I part of?) identity.

Infant souls are rare. Our planet is no longer a viable place for them to begin their cycle of incarnations as they need as much physical support as possible. This includes temperate climates and plenty of available food such as plants, and animals that are easy to hunt. They are primarily driven by instinct, and often have undeveloped consciences. They are not here to work in the conventional sense. It is very difficult for an Infant soul to make their way in the overwhelm of a metropolitan setting. 

For more information on the soul ages, including the seven levels within each soul age, visit  Soul Ages.

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