Believe in yourself.  Believe that you have a right to be here. You have as much right as anyone to be here, and to find your right place in this world. When your world collapses around you, ironic as it seems, it is even more important that you believe you have a right to be here. It will not help you to think of yourself as a victim, and neither will it help anyone else. Although you may be required to be even more dexterous than you were, and to leap scary chasms, this does not mean your life has no value and has lost its purpose. On the contrary, it is even more valid.

In times of change and uncertainty, your skills and insights are needed more than ever. In times of change and uncertainty, your skills and insights are being called to upgrade. Hard and challenging times, both personally and collectively, are when we have the opportunity to leap out of ourselves and become stronger and smarter than we were. The little caveat is that we have to be willing to face our fears so that we can expand beyond who we know ourselves to be, and expand past what we believed were the limits of our abilities. It is time to deepen our knowledge and develop new skills. There is more to you than you know! 

Many are feeling the call to draw from their souls a much deeper and richer understanding of who they are, and of their world. They realize they must become someone other than who they have been. When we have been initiated into the depths of an unexpected situation that goes much beyond the ordinary course of our lives we know that business as usual is over. It is in these times that the soul of life itself is asking us to let go of who we were and to be willing to discover the new identity that will be formed as we respond with care and awareness to what life now asks of us. This requires a great deal of courage, and you will see what you are really made of. This is also your opportunity to move towards the life you have been seeking.  There is nothing to lose in leaving behind what is no longer you.

Push through your fears. Muster the courage to imagine your new story, your new life. Notice with tenderness and acceptance your grief and fear about letting go of those parts of you that no longer serve you. When you are ready, open the door.

Cultivate a higher state of consciousness. Cultivating a higher state of consciousness is about realizing the impact of your values and your lifestyle on your world. It is really important to understand this because what you believe (your values) and how you behave creates the legacy you will leave behind. A higher state of consciousness includes awareness of your connection to all things — past, present, and future. Here you are aware of your greater responsibility to those who come after you. From this place you can find the courage to embrace what is calling you now.

Get with your tribe. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being with people who see who you really are, and who love and respect you for that. It is too easy when we are alone to rationalize that we have no value and nothing to offer. Those who see your gifts, especially those who have benefited from them, will be the ones to pick you back up and remind you how much you are needed.

Focus on creating happy experiences. We need humor, friendship, play, self-care, and rest. Indulge in activities that bring you joy. Play with your family. Play with your pets. Write poems and stories. Share them. Write plays and produce them. Make paintings. Put a band together. Be in a choir. Sing robustly. Contribute your gifts for the well-being of others. Have fun in everything you do. Put your life force energy out there, in a big way. It will give you a big boost. And in between don’t forget to rest as much as you need.

Never forget that Love is on your side.  The following quote from a higher plane teacher is a reminder of what is possible when we believe in ourselves and remember the power of love:

There is no life in which human beings cannot give expression to unconditional love. There are no conditions, no matter how restrictive, that render love impossible. There is no factor in life that can destroy love. There is no fear so great that it can defeat love. Human beings can choose to deny love and to distort it. Human beings can choose to manipulate other human beings instead of loving without expectation. Human beings can choose to despise love, or hold it in contempt. But nothing in the universe is stronger than love, or more enduring. Love has outlasted fear of every sort, everywhere in the physical universe. Love has endured in the face of every sort of criminality, catastrophe, annihilation, or other comprehensive disaster known anywhere on the physical plane. The Tao is evolved and evolving perfect love from which all things come, and to which all things return. 

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