Be grateful for your life! Be grateful for your skills, gifts, talents, and opportunities, and what you have been able to do with them, and what creative and exciting things you will be doing with them! How fun is that?

Make peace with your current situation. Accepting what is will allow movement. There is magic between the moments of your life, but don’t take my word for it. Look inside and see for yourself.

Realize that your situation is an EVOLVING one. Everything is temporary, and even if it doesn’t feel like it, the energy is still moving, and moving you to your next place.  Every time we get stuck or something unpleasant or unexpected happens, we tend to believe it’s forever.  There goes all our hard work! Then we go into flight and fight, creating disarray, with the possibility of losing the connection to our original inspiration.

When the unexpected happens, your job is to stay open and curious and follow the energy rather than attempting to get in front of it and try to make it go in a certain direction. There is a higher Intelligence at play here.

You are inside of a much bigger picture. Always. Allow yourself to step out of reaction and connect with the flow of life force energy that is emanating directly from you. It is very powerful, and will guide you to your next steps.

Your ego is not in charge, though it will try to convince you. Your Soul is. Surrender to its promptings, and then apply (and unleash) all your glorious abilities in service to your purpose.

When we’re feeling pressure about a situation, we want to take immediate action to address it. When we anticipate what we perceive to be the logical outcome for a current situation, we problem-solve in anticipation of that particular outcome. For example: I don’t have enough money coming in, and that means that I am eventually going to lose my house. Therefore, I have to make lots of money NOW to prevent that horrible thing from happening! Therefore, I will work harder to get clients (and ignore my exhaustion and maybe even come off as desperate or repulsive) or throw myself into a job situation that is going to suck me dry and hope that my recovery time is negligible and I will still be able to keep going until the breakthrough happens.

Ask yourself: Is it really an EMERGENCY? Perceiving an emergency where one doesn’t actually exist will cause us to behave in ways that will stop the natural unfolding of possibilities. We get in FRONT of events and corral them, pushing them in certain directions instead of allowing the situation to play out. How do you know that things are going to turn out the way you think? That’s your panic talking. Taking action when there is no definitive need in the moment can cause an outcome that is undesirable and create real loss that could have been avoided.

Our standard approaches to problem-solving are both logical and masculine, and even patriarchal. It doesn’t recognize that there are many pieces at play in any situation. There are multiple strands of causation moving at any one time, with potential multiple outcomes and expressions. The masculine approach to problem-solving has no idea that many strands are involved, and doesn’t really trust intuition or recognize that there is a natural flow to creativity. It doesn’t KNOW that there is an actively yin fertile process that needs time to grow. The feminine way of problem-solving is open and adaptive, and has its own timing.

The important thing is to not get caught up in anticipating outcomes that are truly not yet known or definitive, and instead — imagine other possibilities. Accept that you have no idea how you’re going to get through this, and you don’t have to have all the facts or tools in hand at any step of the way. The creative process involves continuous adaptation, calling for different things at different moments. If you have been following your heart’s calling, you know this is true, and that you can trust that process.

If something is really an emergency, taking action will be obvious and automatic. But when it’s not, that beautiful thing that wants to be born requires your patience and trust. It’s when we’re in seeming limbo that it’s time to relax into not-knowing. It’s time to let go of the need to know, and the need to make something happen. Although we are the instruments that our creations and manifestations come through, they are entities in their own right and have their own process and timing.  And when you honor and support that process, everyone is nurtured into success.


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