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COMBINATION READING: Astrology + Human Design. Reading is for two ninety-minute sessions, or a total of three hours. Fee: $397. 

You will make two appointments.  At your first scheduled session we will discuss your Human Design chart in depth and answer your questions.  At your second session, we will discuss your natal chart in depth and apply the insights of traditional astrology as well as the astrology findings of Michel Gauquelin, and answer your questions.

Reading includes a highly detailed multi-page customized report for each modality that you can always refer to! 

See what is covered for astrology here: Customized Written Astrology Report 

See what is covered for Human Design here: Customized Written Human Design Report

Readings are done on Zoom, and are recorded. You will receive the recorded file of your session.

Extra: If you have your Michael Chart, I will include that in your reading. We will look at correspondence and resonance with your Human Design and astrology. You can order a Michael Chart here Order a Michael Chart or here Shepherd Hoodwin. For more information see Your Soul Role Profile



For an extraordinary article on Dr. Michel Gauquelin, see: GAUQUELIN, THE SKEPTICS, AND THE ASTROLOGERS

Gauquelin Astrology, Human Design, and How They Work Together

This approach combines Human Design with the findings of Michel Gauquelin’s[1] astrology research on how cosmic influences affect human temperament. Even if you’ve previously enjoyed readings of your natal astrology chart, this reading will give you new information based on the finding of Michel Gauquelin. Mr. Gauquelin (1928-1991) was a French psychologist and astrologer, who together with his wife Francoise, also a psychologist, conducted rigorous research over thirty years.  This research demonstrated that certain astrological phenomena held true to a high degree of statistical validity.

This approach also includes the research of Patrick Jerome[2] who spent several decades reviewing Mr. Gauquelin’s data.  Mr. Jerome not only corroborated the data, but his own independent research revealed new information in the natal astrology chart not available through a traditional Western interpretation.

Gauquelin Astrology[3] offers insights into your interests, style, and temperament.  Although the astrological meaning and nature of the commonly accepted astrological understanding of the planets do not change, when you look through the lens of Gauquelin astrology, it will be like seeing your astrology chart for the first time. This is because the Gauquelin planets are powerful, and their power does not come from the traditional interpretation of planet in sign in house.

Michel Gauquelin discovered statistically meaningful placements for the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn[4].  Subsequently, research astrologer Patrick Jerome discovered that Neptune[4] also has power zone placements.  In addition, Mr. Jerome discovered significance for the quadrant placements of Sun and Venus — each quadrant is like a different season — and more.  These and other placements in your natal chart describe your temperament and what motivates you. While most traditional Western astrological practices emphasize the placement of planets in signs in houses, and the aspects (or mathematical relationship) natal planets and other points in the chart (i.e., a planet to a node or an angle) have to each other, Gauquelin Astrology does not look at sign or house placements, and it does not consider aspects between planets. Gauquelin Astrology tells another story of the meaning of the planets in your chart.

You will not have all of the Gauquelin planets. You may not have any planets in a Gauquelin Zone, per se. When inside a Gauquelin Zone, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune express most intensely, dramatically, and powerfully.  The farther they get from the Zone,  the less intense they are, and they become more pragmatic and introverted in their expression, allowing other factors in your chart to take center stage. All energy expressions, Gauquelin or not, are chosen by you to assist you with your purpose.  These will be reflected in your temperament, how you interact with others, and how you “do” life.  That is because each planet has a focus and unique energy wherever they are located in your chart and their meaning is referenced from their Gauquelin Zones.   

Other placements of significance that may occur in your natal chart are stationing planets, and whether Mercury or Mars have an aphelion or perihelion placement.  You may have none of these.

Another factor that I look at is the quadrant placement of Sun and Venus. Each quadrant has a different focus, ranging from feeling at home and seeking  success in the workaday world to feeling more adventurous and even critical of the workaday world, or  wanting to focus on your independence and creativity, or needing a close connection to your home, hearth, and community. We all have each quadrant, but the Sun-Venus placements will identify what we need to feel  fulfilled and where we feel most at home.

Gauquelin Astrology looks at ALL of the above to help you to identify your purpose through identifying the predispositions described by your unique planetary placements. Your predispositions, if honestly acknowledged, will compel you to find your appropriate direction because they are hungry for specific experiences.

The Human Design System is rich and complex.  It is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu Chakra System. Your Human Design is based on the moment of your birth. Just as in astrology, the chart is calculated from the day, month, year, time, and location of your birth.  

Human Design recognizes five energy types. They are known as “energy” types because each has its own way of experiencing and managing energy. Each type has a unique strategy which is the key to making decisions that are correct for that type. The energy types are the Manifestor, the Generator, the Manifesting Generator, the Projector, and the Reflector. Your type is the key to navigating your life and remains constant throughout your life. Your type, strategy, authority, gates, channels, circuits, and centers create the unique design of your BodyGraph. They endow you with specific themes inherent to specific energies. These are your gifts and signposts to interacting with the world as your authentic self. This is because your Human Design shows you how to  follow and work with the unique flow of your energy. Following that flow is not how we are traditionally taught to engage with the world.  Instead, we are told to go out and “make it happen.” 

Combining the information contained in your Gauquelin Astrology with your Human Design chart will augment its insights, and further illuminate why you act as you do. This is because Gauquelin Astrology takes into account configurations and factors that are not identified in Human Design, and these will add richness to the information contained in your Human Design.


I want to begin by stating what a reading of your Gauquelin Astrology or your Human Design chart can’t tell you. Neither chart will tell you anything about the extent of your talents or how those talents will manifest. Your charts won’t tell you how good looking you are, how tall, how fat, how intelligent, how good at math, art, writing, acting, running, where you grew up, what your parents are like, what racial group you come from, what your level of education is, or how much money you have.  These are things you bring to the chart.

They won’t tell you if you come from the city, the country, or the suburbs. They won’t tell you if you grew up in a high crime or a low crime area. They won’t tell you if you are a member of a racial minority. They won’t tell you if you were born into wealth or poverty, nor will they tell you how much anxiety your parents had about wealth. They won’t tell you if your mother was depressed, if your father was violent, or if he had a retarded brother. They won’t tell you if you love baseball. They won’t tell you if you have a clubbed foot. They won’t tell you if you were ever struck by lightning or trapped in a storm, how honest you are, how much integrity you have, or what your level of spiritual evolution is. These are things you bring to the chart.


What your charts can tell you is that you are intrinsically designed with certain energy predispositions.  It reveals the themes you are here explore.  It tells you what traits are consistently yours. Human Design describes how your energy is meant to flow. Human Design will tell you how to know what choices are right for you and when to make them. Gauquelin astrology, along with Human Design, will show you where you are curious so that you can understand why you are compelled to seek out specific kinds of experiences. The experiences that you are drawn to are driven by your unique nature: it’s how you’re put together! Experiences you intentionally seek are those that resonate with your authentic way of being.  They will, if you follow your curiosity, lead you to where you are supposed to be, and what you are to do!  This leads to fulfilling your purpose, or dharma.

Your Design is not your soul, but it is the map your Soul needs to follow. This fascinating map is also your personal set of tools that will help you identify and focus on those tasks and experiences you need to unfold your life’s agenda.  With this Map you can see what you are naturally suited for!  This opens the way for you to have a meaningful and purpose-driven life.  Your Design also acts as a compass, so you never need to lose your way.

Take a deeper look at how Gauquelin Astrology expands your understanding of your Human Design chart.

Let’s keep it simple and look at only the influences of Moon, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune when they have a Gauquelin placement in your natal astrology chart. When looking at your Human Design, these planets will show up in a gate in a line. The gate and line give the context for how that planet will express (besides giving you a consistent life theme for that gate), but it will not identify if that planet has a Gauquelin placement. That additional piece of information will help you understand why a Gauquelin Mars in the same gate and line is far more dynamic in one Human Design chart compared to another Human Design chart in the same gate and line where it does not have that placement.

Because there are so many cultural and socioeconomic factors and other dynamic influences in a person’s life, we don’t know how exactly how an individual’s charts will play out, but we can see their intended function. We can see what that individual is equipped with, and how he or she can move through life with the least resistance and greatest happiness.

Let’s consider the charts of two Manifesting Generators, both with similar design and with the same profile. Manifesting Generators are highly energetic and creative and require simultaneous multiple projects to meet that energy and their need to create. They move quickly and are driven to move their energy, so they need to stay busy. They are self-aware and have sustainable energy. A Manifesting Generator must first to respond to opportunities and then inform those in their impact field before they act.

As noted, the Human Design for each is similar and has the same profile. The individuals, each male, also have similar backgrounds. The main differences are that one has the Gauquelin placements of Mars and Saturn, and the other has Gauquelin Moon and Neptune. Because these are very different influences, they will have different impacts on the Manifesting Generator in each of them. Before you read the anecdotes below, I want you keep in mind that they are based on probable ways these planetary energies can express, but they will not necessarily show up exactly in the manner described, and there will be variations and different emphases from one person to another. Human beings are complex and there are many influences — cultural, generational, upbringing, and gender — to name a few, that support or undermine how a trait will express.

The Mars-Saturn Manifesting Generator

This person needs to be in control — of himself and other people. He needs to feel he has control of his environment. He believes in the adage “mind over matter” and drives himself very hard. A lot of his energy is focused on his work. He works through sickness and he works through depression. And this is good because he’s a high achiever, but it is also not so good because he has a tendency to stuff his feelings. He tries to deal with fear and depression by willing them away and this works in the short run, but eventually it catches up to him. He pushes himself so hard he tends to ignore warning signs and he could end up having heart attacks, strokes, or nervous breakdowns at a higher rate than if he did not have a Gauquelin Mars and Saturn. It usually also means that he doesn’t have much time for relationship. Granted, he’s the kind of person who dutifully schedules periods of fun and makes a conscious effort to spend “quality time” with his loved ones, but he doesn’t usually put in as much time as his loved ones want, and there isn’t much space for spontaneity. He has a “thick” skin. And yet, if you’re in trouble, as busy as he is, he always has the time to change a tire or pull someone out of a ditch. His sense of duty and responsibility is very strong.

The Moon-Neptune Manifesting Generator

This individual is very sensitive, and sometimes he shows that sensitivity in ways that are gentle, sweet, and tender, but he is touchy about being thought of as a softie, and sometimes he leans over backwards to prove how tough he is. He’s good at projecting an image. He can be extremely sensitive, intuitive and empathetic, and he’s hungry for meaning and significance. He can be a healer or a champion of the downtrodden. He has an affinity for children and animals. He’s quirky and unpredictable. He is affected by his surroundings. Even when he fears his own sensitivity, you get glimpses of it in the way he responds to music. He knows the words to many songs, and when he hears one, he’ll sing along with a tremendous amount of feeling. This person has a lot of heart and he shows it.

These Manifesting Generators will both show the same Manifesting Generator traits, but the marked differences in their planetary archetypes, Mars-Saturn and Moon-Neptune, which are essentially opposite influences, will compel one to be far more inclined to make his “mark” in the world and the other to seek out vocations and experiences where he can feel close to the meaning of life, where he has opportunities to seek meaning and significance, where there are opportunities to connect with insight and healing. Both will, as Manifesting Generators, express the traits of moving quickly, taking shortcuts, juggling various projects and commitments, and they will also have the sustainable energy to support their activities and unique interests. [Note: when a chart has a combination of Gauquelin planets that are not complementary, each will express, but not at the same time. As an example, Mars and Neptune in the same chart have very different agendas and would be considered “enemies.” There will be a “see-saw” effect with one influence tending to dominate the other. This presents a complex (and irritating) conundrum that calls for resolution through Mastery of each one of the contradictory influences. One has obtained Mastery when one is able to express the highest — meaning the most evolved — qualities of these influences, and when  their gifts are applied appropriately.]

Increasing the complexity: Consider the lives of two Manifesting Generators with similar Human Designs and Gauquelin astrology, but with completely different backgrounds.

One chart belongs to an illiterate, poor black man who lives on a tobacco farm in South Carolina, and one belongs to the son of a United States Senator who also has a law degree from Harvard, and because of his dad’s connections, will have no problems landing a high-paying job with an exclusive law firm. It is clear that the latter individual will have a lot more “wiggle” room in his life. Different life issues will be raised. Despite the chart similarities between the two men, entirely different dramas will be played out.

Both of these charts have the same the Gauquelin astrology, Mars and Jupiter. This combination will tend to express in the following way: This person is dynamic. He’s a leader. He’s a go-getter. He gets bored easily, needs a lot of stimulation, and thrives on challenges. He likes travel, sports, and adventure. He likes things that involve risk. He wants to be a winner, with the money and status that go with it, but he’s full of the devil, and he does many things just for the hell of it. Some of them are serious, some playful, some profitable, and some expensive, but the key thing is, he keeps moving, he keeps striving. At his worst, he’s too restless and too unsettled. He’s got to be doing something every second, and he doesn’t stop long enough to think. At his best, he’s a ball of fire. He’s a hero. He operates within the world, and makes a mark for himself there, but he doesn’t rest on his laurels and continues to test his mettle and push the boundaries of experience.


Although the themes of these charts are the same, they will be expressed on vastly different terrains. The impact of the lawyer who is also the son of a Senator will be much greater and will access much larger arenas and many more people. The combination of his chart and his far more privileged circumstances pretty much ensure that he will have job opportunities with tremendous earning capacity. The illiterate black man will impact his immediate environment, and his impact will not extend much past his family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers — if he has a job. Because of his external realities, he will likely remain impoverished. You can accurately state that their destinies are completely different despite the similarities of their charts, but the themes in their lives and what they are compelled to seek out are the same.

The reality is that we are all impacted by multiple influences besides our astrology and Human Design. Psychology, sociology, genetics, common sense and upbringing are just some of the additional things you bring to your astrology chart and human design. And beyond that, we are each individuals who have a unique soul history.  That history describes the overarching trajectory of our consciousness, and also informs the focus of each individual life.

Some of us have had a lot of power which has not always been used well. Who we have been and what we have done affects the purpose and direction of our current lives, as all past actions will be brought to balance. In addition, we come in with many agreements, including agreements for traditional success or normal, “ordinary” lives (success and status or their lack is a difficult sticking point for many), and those will influence how the attributes of our charts get expressed. This is not to say that achieving fulfillment through living a non-famous life is not possible, or that it is somehow lesser than conventional success, or less satisfying.

All lives belong to a much larger universal complex and they are woven into larger intentions for evolution from the personal to the collective. These are writ, so to speak, on a giant “canvas” or, if you prefer, nurtured inside the boundless consciousness of the Universe, and can never be fully captured by any one interpretative modality or combination of modalities.

That’s why it’s best to forget what we’ve been conditioned to think we should want, and to move away from comparing our lives to others and from criticizing ourselves for not being more than who we are. Our purpose and direction, while not set in stone as to how exactly it must or will unfold, was planned before our birth, and is contextual to a soul history that we are mostly ignorant of. These days, everywhere you turn it seems everyone is talking about how to arrive at your six or seven figure business. Of course, I’m not knocking that. If it’s your dharma (in your soul contract) to do that, then you need to put your attention there. Your dharma will compel you to pay attention to specific areas. But because we come in with different degrees of opportunities, different frequencies, limitations, and karmas, it’s far better to identify your unique soul’s agenda and be on track with that rather than engage an uphill battle to attain a goal that doesn’t fit you and isn’t right for you. The truth is, a lot of people begin their lives in humble circumstances and remain in humble circumstances for the duration of their lives. This was intended. Even so, it is still possible to live happy and meaningful lives regardless of your level of fame, financial status, or worldly power — because within, you have all the tools you need to live the life you came to live, both as external expression as well as inner satisfaction. Living the life you came to live is your personal “Great Work” — and mandate. This is where your focus needs to be, on carrying out your soul intentions. The tools, gifts, and passions you came in with, and which can be largely determined from your Human Design and Gauquelin Astrology, give you the ability to discern your correct steps and overall path, and instinctively move you towards what feels good so that you can more deeply merge into who you are and how to live your life.

This is why I invite you to experience the combination reading of your Gauquelin Astrology and Human Design. The insights and validations into your tools, gifts, and passions can help you to get clear on who you are and what will best fulfill you. And that is because these will point you straight to your life purpose, i.e., your reason for being here.


While we can cover a lot of ground in a single session, it is not meant to be, nor can it be, all-inclusive. After you have had one session, you may want to consider having additional sessions, especially as you face more challenges and more questions come up for you.  See PACKAGES

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Gloria is a certified Transformative Coach. She is also certified in Human Design and The Quantum Alignment System™ and holds a Certificate of Completion in the Quantum Human DesignTM Coach Mastermind Program.

Finding your authentic way of being requires that you bear in mind this caveat: we cannot come into our own in isolation. To activate the power of our purpose, it is necessary to connect with others.

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[1] Michel Gauquelin (1928-1991) was a French psychologist and astrologer, who together with his wife Francoise, also a psychologist, conducted rigorous research over a period of thirty years that demonstrated that certain astrological phenomena held true to a high degree of statistical validity.

[2] Patrick Jerome has studied causation in astrology for decades. He set out to review the scientific basis for conventional astrology and used over 200,000 charts to obtain solid data. Michel Gauquelin’s research, which Mr. Jerome purchased from his widow, was the platform from which he launched his own investigation. Mr. Jerome calls the body of his work skyTotems.

[3] I use the term Gauquelin Astrology to describe a system that includes identifying Gauquelin planetary placements in the natal astrology chart, and more. Gauquelin Astrology explores the connection between the cosmos and human consciousness. See article at QUANTUM ASTROLOGY: THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE COSMOS AND HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS The Gauquelin zones reveal a definitive correlation between the planets and who we are. This interpretative system is largely derived from the results of Michel Gauquelin’s work and Patrick Jerome’s research. Mr. Jerome calls the body of his work skyTotems.

[4] Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, when placed in certain sectors of the natal astrology chart, exert powerful influences in that chart. Those influences are characteristic of how these planets are traditionally understood to express, but their placement in these particular sectors can dominate the chart. An accurate birth time is necessary to calculate a Gauquelin placement.

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