This Report is 80+ pages and is included free with your live session, or can be purchased separately here for $97.  In addition to my interpretation of your chart, this Report also includes the Quantum Human Design language developed by Karen Curry Parker.


  • Why I’m Qualified to Write this Report
  • How Knowing Your Human Design Helps You
  • What is Human Design?
  • Things your Human Design Chart Won’t Tell You
  • Things your Human Design Chart Can Tell You
  • Key Things Your Human Design Reveals About You
  • The Most Common Cause of Burnout
  • How the Planets Function in Human Design
  • Rich Content Description of Your Human Design Type, Including Key Words and Phrases
  • Your Strategy and How to Apply it
  • Your Authority and How to Apply it
  • Your Profile and What it Means
  • Your Incarnation Cross and What it Means
  • The Common Challenges for your Type
  • Business Strategy for your Type
  • Your Unique Design: your Circuits, Gates, Channels, and Centers
  • The Gestalt of Your Unique Human Design
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • How Human Design Reveals Your Purpose
  • Putting it All Together
  • If you have a specific question about your chart that you’d like to have answered, include that in your communication with me.

After you’ve made your purchase, send an email to with your name, birth date, time, location, and two recent photos with your order.  Allow up to two weeks for delivery.  $97

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