Using the Michael Teachings system, we can explore the type of soul you are. The type of soul, or essence role, is the big picture of self, and indicates your primary way of expressing yourself in the world and how you must express, and what kinds of experiences you need to continue your development, including what you require to be fulfilled.

There are seven soul types:

  • Priests and Servers are roles that dedicate themselves to the service and spiritual evolution of the soul, and to the physical needs of the people on the planet.
  • Sages and Artisans are devoted to expression; the artisan through creation, and the sage via communication.
  • Warriors and Kings are the great mobilizers in society, and they express their nature by “taking action.”
  • Scholars are the assimilators of knowledge. Profoundly curious, they seek to document all experience.

Feel free to use the Personality Profile Quiz to begin the process of identifying your essence role. If you want to investigate this further, we can access your complete soul profile through a reputable Michael channel. There is an extra charge for the profile.

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