The Force and Field of life is the energy of love that surrounds you. This Quantum Field surrounds all things animate and inanimate; all things present and unseen, all things that have not yet come into being, and all things that have transformed.

This Dynamic Field of Original Consciousness gave birth to us. We are child-sparks of that Consciousness and so hold Its original blueprint. This extraordinary blueprint can be activated by us in whole or in part. Most of us only activate a tiny portion, just enough to ensure our survival and to move ahead in life. And, we activate only that portion that addresses what we see immediately in front of us, and what we think we need to do to survive. But what we see is only a shadow of a much, much larger multi-dimensional reality that we exist in at all times. The multi-dimension is really where we reside, but the habit of relying on the limitations of our physical senses to give us the big picture of what’s going on and to tell us what’s real, has tricked us into not being able to perceive beyond third dimensionality, and to believe that what we see is what we get, what we can ever hope to get, and nothing more.

This is the illusion that many of us sit inside of, and which limits our capacity to access and activate the more profound aspects of our consciousness. We have the ability to heal ourselves. We have the ability to create a world that loves justice and honors life. We have the ability to express our dharma to its fullest, allowing our souls to unleash their gifts in all their beauty and magnificence. We have not yet seen anything quite like this. We don’t know what we are truly capable of. We have been treated to concepts, images, and tiny tastes of this possibility, but we have not gone where we can go. Not anywhere near that. Perhaps because we have not known we could.

You have access to a powerful, transcendent consciousness that exists outside of space and time, and from which anything that has ever been created has been created, good and bad. It is an illusion that our ability to create is subject to the limitations of the physical plane. On the contrary, the physical plane is simply an expression of how we have chosen to limit ourselves. There is so much more we can do to create the world that our hearts are yearning to manifest. A world where justice shines like the sun on all beings, where everyone’s needs are met such that they are able to come into the fullness of their gifts and do what they came here to do. When everyone is doing and being who they are, the capacity of this world to create love, beauty, and energy will leap exponentially. I can only personally begin to imagine what that could look like.

The truth: here, at the level of transcendent consciousness – which perpetually swirls in a ceaseless dynamic of the potential of everything – we have the capacity to create beyond our wildest dreams. We can create everything we need, because everything we need exists here.

Close your eyes, and see yourself stepping into the quantum field of what’s possible, where creativity and imagination know no bounds. Open your heart and allow pure desire to spread deep into this field. Wrap your desire around each and every component you need to create the stories, the poems, the health, the courage, the gardens, homes, schools, and communities that will take your life to a completely different level. This rich and full life has eluded you because you have forgotten your Self. You have forgotten you can unleash your heart’s desires from the farthest reaches of your imagination and your deepest need to connect. You have forgotten that Source never left because you are Source! You came from the Quantum Field of Life, and you are still immersed in it, indivisible and inseparable, always and forever. Everything you need is here. Here, everything is love.

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